• Naeem Khan

    its seems the fee for exit-re entry not for the visit Visa. So embracing if applied for visit visa too. don’t know what saudi govt want to achieve..

    • Syed

      Saudi govt needs only white skin people’s. They don’t want brown and black skin people’s anymore to work. .

      • Naeem Khan


    • BadurD

      Saudi govt. does not want the asian employees to work in Saudi anymore, better we all find a job home or another country

  • zak

    what bullshit was that

  • Naeem Khan

    Regret to know that it has been implemented in our our countries… we have to pay this fee while stamping the Visa. So its not that easy to bring our families here anymore…

  • Nadeem Rana

    Visa Types and Application Fee Amounts – Sorted by Fee Class
    Fee Amount (in USD) Fee Amount (in INR) Visa Type Description
    $160 11200.00 B Business/Tourist
    $160 11200.00 C-1 Transit
    $160 11200.00 D Ship/Airline Crew
    $160 11200.00 F Student (academic)
    $160 11200.00 I Journalist and Media
    $160 11200.00 J Exchange Visitors
    $160 11200.00 M Student (vocational)
    $160 11200.00 TN/TD NAFTA Professionals
    $190 13300.00 H Temporary/Seasonal Workers and Employment, Trainees
    $190 13300.00 L Intracompany Transferees
    $190 13300.00 O Persons with Extraordinary Ability
    $190 13300.00 P Athletes. Artists & Entertainers
    $190 13300.00 Q International Cultural Exchange
    $190 13300.00 R Religious Worker
    $265 18550.00 K Fiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen
    $205 14350.00 E Treaty Trader/Investor, Australian Professional Specialty

  • Muzammil

    dear can you tell me about how to apply new Visit Visa 2017 because i has go to Chamber of Commerce it say know it online . can you tell me how can i apply online it say go to this website http://www.chamber.sa https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ff38e5a045ab0a7e372036b616134d151c36413006d2ee5e69907cd4218361bd.jpg