New Traffic Fine – Maximum SR.6000, Minimum SR.3000


New Traffic Fines

Maximum – SR 6,000 – Minimum – SR 3,000

Breaking The Signal
Using Other Plate No
No Stopping At Check Post
Device Used Which Is Not Meant For Them Like Red Light On The Car
Overtaking School Bus
Damaging Sign Of Traffic Signal




    It is implemented????

  • Shabbir Awan

    i got 3000 sr gharama a week ago by mistake my foot sliped from clutch my car drove forward and got 3000 penality 🙁

    • Johnson Vettuvelil

      After how many days did you get the violation sms ?

  • Edmon Agron

    Aside from incurring penalties you have to be aware as well that every violation has a corresponding points to be registered on your driver’s license record. Certain number of points lead to another sanctions such as suspension to drive or total revoke of your license. Check the KSA traffic violation point system on the following link