Online Expat Dependent Fees Calculator

Dependent Fees Calculator

We provide below dependent fees. You have to just select two things:

  1. Number of dependent under your sponsorship
  2. Date when your iqama is expiring

You will get the dependent fees which you have to pay online in the bank.

Note, irrespective if you are renewing your iqama or issuing Exit Re-entry visa, you have to pay the fee till the date of expiry of iqama. However, for issue of exit re-entry visa, the fees can be paid for individual dependent for whom your are issue the visa and not the rest of the family if they are not going out of the country. But the fees for the rest of the family will have be paid later.

This calculator works on Desktop and may NOT give correct results on mobile.

To know complete information about Dependent fee – Process, Payment procedure, iqama linking and Exit Visa issue see qSaudi – Dependent Fees Q & A



  • Althaf Palakkal

    My iqama renewal data is 1440/07/02. I brought my family here with permanent visa. Now medical process is going on. i want to know that whether i have to pay dependent fee while making iqama for them

    • محمد عامر اظہر

      Yes, you have to pay the dependent fees.

      • Althaf Palakkal

        So, if i put exit my family before completing one year, i will lose my money or they will refund the amount

        • محمد عامر اظہر

          Well, once the fees is paid and Iqama is issued, complete fees gets consumed so its not possible to refund until and unless if the MOI reverts the amount back to you which is pretty unlikely.

    • Javeed Ahmed

      Iqama for family will be given free of cost when they first arrive on permanent visa.
      After arrival you will have to pay the entire dependent fee during your iqama renewal i.e from the date of your family arrival to the next iqama expiry date 1441/07/02

      • Karthi Keyan

        My iqama renewal data is 1440/04/14. I brought my family here with permanent visa on1439/05/06. Now medical process is going on. i want to know that whether how much have to pay dependent fee while making iqama for them. as per your answer my next iqama expiry date was 1441/04/14. so i need to pay from date of arrival to next expiry date of my iqama 1439/05/06 to 1441/04/14???.please explain me please. i’m confused.

        • Javeed Ahmed

          Yes, you have to pay until 1441/04/14

          • Ali Khan

            Hello javeed. I got my family insurance today and tomorrow I will be getting their Iqamas from jawazat. Are u sure that there is no fee while getting first time Iqama until Iqama renewal? Did u experience it by yourself?

          • Haji117

            Hello! Im planning to apply visa n call my family next month. Plz tell me how much fees have u paid on total for the visa per person?

          • Ali Khan

            The fee for family visa is 2000 sar which u have to pay while applying for family visa. The fee for wife and all the kids is 2000 SAR as a whole.

          • Haji117

            2000sr for whole family?? ???? u mean wife n two kids including only 2000sr??

          • Ali Khan

            Yeah… the whole family is counted as 1 and it is 2000 SAR only if they are coming for the first time on a new visa. You can confirm it yourself after making a payment through online banking.

          • Haji117

            Ok thanku.
            As u mentioned u were going to get ur family’s, aqama did u pay dependent fees??

          • Ali Khan

            Yeah I did….. Once I gave my papers to the jawazat employee, he wrote the total amount to be paid for each dependant. Once I paid the fees, I got the Iqamas issued in few minutes.

          • Haji117

            Thanku for the information

          • Ali Khan

            U r welcome

          • Syed Zabiulla

            Hi Ali,

            Yesterday I had been to jawazat office to apply for my wife’s iqama, when i presented my papers to officer he wrote that total amount of 1840 SR to be paid( my iqama is valid till 21/3/2019). Could you please help me out how you paid the fees online through banking channel.

            I contacted few private offices outside the jawazat building they are charging 10% i.e.184 SR of total fees to be paid to make the payment on my behalf

          • Ali Khan

            Hello syed..

            There’s no need to pay extra 200 for nothing. In your banking account, go to sadad/MOI .. In services click alien control and and in category you will find an option of associate fees for a specific associate. In the next window enter your Iqama number and then your wife’s border number and your Iqama expiry date as per abshar(not the expiry on Iqama). Once you fill all 3 fields and click inquiry the bank will show u da same amount that da jawazat officer wrote for u. If the amount is same… Then proceed with payment and while going to jawazat again just double check the funds in MOI under your Iqama. It must show 1840 SAR. That’s it, da officer will issue da Iqama in minutes.

          • Syed Zabiulla

            Hello Ali,

            Thank you so much for providing the useful payment information. I followed your above mentioned procedure in my banking channel. It is showing the exact amount to be paid which was told by jawazat officer to pay for the issuance of iqama.

          • Ali Khan

            U r welcome… Glad it worked for u…. Remember me in ur prayers.

          • Syed Zabiulla

            In sha allah I’ll and you too!

          • abnan

            Salam alaikum syed zabi
            My family is coming next month and I want to a discussion regarding your experience ..

            Could you please ping me or send me your number

            [email protected]
            Thank u

          • Javeed Ahmed

            Yes, it’s from my experience. It got their Iqama in September 2017

          • Haji117

            Hello! Im planning to bring my family next month i.e.april. my aqama expires in july. Plz tell me when i have to pay their dependent fees? In july while i renew my aqama?? Or now?? And also please tell mw how much will i be asked to pay per person??



  • Firoze

    Hi ,
    My Iqama is Valid till 12 Ramadan 1439. Before i proceeds vacation i have already paid for my wife SAR 1104 as Levy and have come back with my new born son to KSA by Nov 14(Safar 1438). While i was paying dependent levy to my son Bank system was showing as SAR 1754 for 7 months(1439 Ramadan).
    The interesting thing is even after I proceeds with SAR 1754 payment, while I was rechecking in the Bank system for my Dependent levy fee it is showing as SAR 2858 .
    Can someone guide me on this.
    Best Regards,

  • mohmmed mogep

    Dear Bro

    I paid dependent fees through riyad bank up to next iqama expiry date (03/07/1440) but my iqama still not renew.please kindly some one guide me what should I do.

  • Fyaaz Khan

    my company paid my family dependent fee and deducted unexpected amount… how can I check that how much actually paid to government for my family dependents. also, I want to know if I paid tax for my 2 dependents for full year and they did not complete full year and left kingdom on final exit visa after 6 months… shall i get this money reimbursed for this period?

  • Wensey Audrey

    hi goodevening, im planning to bring my husband here in Saudi Arabia. im working as a Nurse in ministry of health.. What Visa should i Apply to him.. pls help me..need your reply pls..Thank you And Godblees U.

  • Muhammed Owais


    Need help or advice regarging dependent fees I paid.

    My Iqama expiry is till 15-03-1441, my family (wife and daughter) came on 28 June 2018 to saudi.

    For their iqama i paid depedent fees through alinma bank, for each person it was 3204 SR, total 6408 for 2 persons. Their iqama is now done and validity showing same as my iqama (15-03-1441 – dd-mm-yyyy).

    Now the doubt which I have is , when I am calculating the dependent fees as per the fees structure ( 200 per person from 1 july 2018 – 30 june 2019, 300 per person from 1 july 2019 – 30 june 2020 and so on) its coming around 7500 SR for 2 persons for me, but when i paid the fees it only came 6408.

    So can anyone help or explain me, the fees i paid is it paid fully till their iqama validity?

    or upto what time the fees has been paid?