Online Visa Procedure for Bahrain from Saudi Arabia

Bahrain eVisaResiding in Saudi Arabia, many expatriates want to take a chance to visit Bahrain. Many Saudis and Expats want to take their holidays there because of the open culture and ease of living. Bahrain is just like any other European city where you don’t have to care for dress code, alcohol and the rest. The land itself is beautiful with sandy beaches and a stable climate during the day.

The following post describes the online procedure to apply for a visit visa to Bahrain for expats.

Requirements for 3-7 days eVisa for expatriates

  • The visit visa pricing is BD 10 for 3 days, BD 15 for 7 days. While the application charges are BD 2. During the whole process a total amount that has to be paid is till BD 12 or BD 17, depending on the number of days and visa applicants.
  • Payment of the visa doesn’t guarantee the visa and the amount is refundable. Holding the eVisa doesn’t guarantee that you will be allowed in Bahrain. It is necessary that you meet all the conditions and terms of the state, before you are allowed to go in. The eVisa is issued and paid over the internet and doesn’t come with a receipt.
  • The passport has to be valid till the time you will reside in Bahrain. It is wise that you travel to Bahrain when you have atleast 6 months of passport validity remaining to expire.
  • Applicants must hold an Iqama that has to be both legal and valid. In Saudi Arabia the Iqama is also known as the Residence Permit so it is important that you bring that with you on the trip.
  • Bahrain Visa for GCC residents is visa on arrival for 30 days meaning that you have to use the visa up within 30 days after the visa has been issued. If it expires, then you have to reapply again for the online Visa for Bahrain.
  • It is allowed for the online visa holders to enter the city through the airport.
  • Working in Bahrain on a visit visa is not allowed. You should be able to support yourself and should have a return ticket to the GCC state where you came from.

Procedure to apply for an eVisa from KSA to Bahrain

  • The procedure for application is the same for all the GCC states. Open the official site for the application for eVisa for Bahrain
  • Enter the details accurately and apply for the type of Visa that you want.
  • Fill out the contact details and then click on the ‘Pay Now’ button.
  • Complete the payment procedure online and wait for the visa to arrive.

Make sure that you complete the terms and conditions after the application procedure for a smooth arrival process.




  • Valid information

    Dear Sir,

    It’s not like this as you describe above..Many times i visit Bahrain & also recently I visit Bahrain, if you have Saudi Iqama you don’t need Visa, just go to Bahrain airport or by road on Dammam border, you will get free visa for 2 weeks just they took money for car insurance 20 SR.
    Meaning you will get free visit visa for 2 weeks but you have to pay for car insurance 20 Riyal.
    but off course you need exit re-entry paper, Iqama & valid passport all these documents they will ask on the border.

    • AzizHamid Farooqi

      Now sar 25/-

      • samk

        dear i am planning to travel with my personal car from dammam. how much i have to pay on the border any documents to be filled. Pls .reply.

    • mohomad mifaz

      Thanks for the valuable information. I have a query on this. I have my iqama , passport all with me. Can I take a flight from Bahrain to my home country ? Without the exit visa from Saudi will it be a problem.?

  • Vipin

    What is this exit re-entry paper? Where should I apply for this?

  • carla

    good day!

    I am philippine nationality and I am working as a housekeeper for a polyclinic here in riyadh. I am planning to travel in bahrain through causeway. My concern is my profession in iqama is house worker and sponsored by our CEO, am i eligible for an Bahrain visit visa?, And please tell me about the process and requirements for applying for a tourist Bahrain visa.

    • Kashif

      Yes you can go

  • ALI

    Hi, I am planning to go to Bahrain during Eid Holidays but I’m not sure about my iqama profession which is “KHARBAYI TARKEEB MOHTAAT TEHWEEL/AAM” in english I think it is “ELECTRIC STATION INSTALLATION”. Could someone please inform whether I will be allowed entry in Bahrain or not? Or what could be the other way to enter. Please guide. Thanks alot guys.

  • Mohammed Abdul Moin

    i applied and got family visit visa multiple entry for 1 Year but duration of stay is 90 days. I heard i have to send my family back after 90 days for Exit/Reentry and again they can stay in Saudi Arabia for more 90 days after reentry. This process i need to follow till 1 year till visa expires. Also please let me know i need to apply separately for multiple Exit / Reentry visa for every visit which will cost me additional.

    If conditions are same as mentioned above,can i do Exit / Reentry from Saudi Immigration thru causeway which is on Bahrain bridge and take U-turn without going to Bahrain or do i need to send my family to Bahrain after purchasing single exit / reentry family visit visa for stamping exit / reentry from saudi.

    Please help me for correct procedure for family visit visa multiple entry for 1 year and solutions.


    • Bilal Ahmed

      Can you share your experience, what actually happened?

    • Manikin

      Hi Can you update on this ? For one i know you can extend the visa online for additional 90 days after the first 90 days to make 180 days after which your family will need to exit and re-enter. You do not need to apply for a re-entry visa…the visa they have is already a multiple visa.

      What I need to confirm from you is if you were able to do the U-turn on the causeway without entering Bahrain and if Saudi Immigration gave any problem while trying to re-enter Saudi.

  • Yusuf Ona

    I do have a Residence Permit while my wife has 2-years Multi-Entry Family Visit Visa. We plan to go together to Bahrain in few days. How should I apply visa for her? Can I apply for her visa along with my own visa application as my dependent?

    • Ali Raza

      I have the same case, can you please let me know that did you visit Bahrain with your family? What process you followed?

      • Yusuf Ona

        I brought with me my passport with attached Exit/Re-entry Visa along with my iqama. We took SAPTCO Bus via VIP Express/SAPTCO Bus Stop of Al Khobar @7:25am then entered through KSA-Bahrain Causeway. After passing KSA Immigration along the Causeway I paid SAR50 and SAR70 for our Visa Upon Arrival in Bahrain Immigration along the way. We returned immediately at 5pm on same day (with our round trip ticket).

        Better keep your wife’s passport with you except in every time she need to enter the rooms provided for ladies for their identities, both upon exiting and re-entry in KSA.

        • Ali Raza

          Thanks for your detailed response. Just for clarification, your wife got visa on arrival? No need to apply for visa before leaving to Bahrain?

          • Yusuf Ona


        • Satheesh R

          have the same case. Thanks for posting! Useful info!! For clarification, should i travel only by saptco..Shall i travel by my own car ?

    • Kashif

      Hi Mr.Yusuf,

      i want to take info about bahrain visit

  • Kashif

    hi Guys,
    Can explain anyone how to apply bahrain visit visa?