Overtime as per Saudi Labor Law

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In continuation of our series on creating awareness about Saudi Labor Law, in this article we present you the relevant portion of Saudi labor law regarding Overtime:


Article (107):

(1) The employer shall pay the worker for overtime working hours an additional amount equal to the hourly wage plus 50% of his basic wage.

(2) If the firm is operated on the basis of weekly working hours, the hours in excess of the hours taken as the criterion shall be deemed overtime hours.

(3) All working hours performed during holidays and Eids shall be deemed overtime hours.


Article (108):

The provisions of Articles (98) and (101) of this Law shall not apply to the following cases:

(1) Persons occupying high positions of authority in management and policy, if such positions grant the persons occupying them authority over workers.

(2) Preparatory or supplemental works which must be completed before or after commencement of work.

(3) Work that is intermittent by necessity.

(4) Guards and janitors, excluding civil security guards.

The Regulations shall specify the jobs listed under paragraphs (2), (3) and (4) of this Article and their maximum working hours.

  • jeffrey wy

    good day i have a prob about my company we came here in saudi arabia knowing our working hours is only 8 hours per day and the succeeding hours will be overtime i work 10 hours a day but i didnt get my overtime pay since oct 2012 to present and my employer said it is free food but they didnt give water transportation we all provide in our onw pocket we need help or conduct and inspection to our company our company name is AL MASAR AL HADEETH CO.LTD.

  • bogs a

    Sir, why did the government stop paying overtime here at O and M,its almost two years now that we are not receiving overtime pay .thank you…

  • syed

    Dear Sir.

    I Agree with your rules and regulation that you mentioned in labor law.But i wanted to know why this rules and regulation not following by employer. i did over time last year-2013 ramdan i still not get that payment after i did in middle again this time my employer promise they give over time again nothing happen i have records of my overtime hours.if i ask they harassing me to say like this they will give me to police and file complaint against me that am taking money from shop.please help me in this case am very scared when they give toucher to me.My compay name Drive-7.

  • mohammed

    My complain again Markaz Fanun Yanbu, here poor woker’s are working for 10 – 11 hours per day in hot sun, no water nothing, even on friday he is not giving extra time for friday prayer ,even this Pakistani Owner is misbehaving with the Worker, always telling bad language, no ministry people are inspecting this workshop. After all this is cover up business.

  • sahil

    I m working in makka as air condition technican I work everyday more that 12 hours but my sponsored is not paying extra amount he pays me only 1200 or 1300 Saudi royal
    What can I do if I m not getting overtime

  • mohammed ali

    What is the overtime of one hour for the position of mudir

  • mohammed shahnawaz

    Pls somebody help me. Just I don’t want work anymore 12 to 13 hours work in a day. No weekly off even no holiday in eid. No lunchtime here just thay said just do work or otherwise they send in you jail.

  • Shehab Dowaidar

    Overtime hours money = 1.5 x hour rate
    So, for holidays I think It is double, i.e.. if I work in Friday for 8 hours it should be calculated as 16 hours.
    Please confirm that,
    The overtime in work days is not like working in holidays.
    1.5 for normal days, 2 for holidays.

    • John Barrington

      Friday is not a holiday. It would be time and a half.

  • I’m am working 3mos at my company but running 4mos here since the we started up to now we haven’t received overtime pay. Based on the contract we signed it was just 8hrs/day a total of 9 including break, but as agreed we work 12hrs/day with 3hrs overtime. What action is better to do we already sensed formal letter to the company about it but no action yet.

  • amjad

    if i worked in eid holidays how it will be considered

  • Rogelio Virtusio

    My question: how should calculate if the employee work on eid holiday (September 25, 2015) Friday? How much it should be paid intended for that day. Or how many hours they should take? Can we consider to give plus 8 hours = 16 hours on Friday September 25, 2015?

  • Han

    what is the minimum ovetime hours allowed in saudi arabia accdg to labor law?

  • Marie Juan

    I am a nurse and I will be working for 14 hours a day without day off in Ramadan. My basic working hour is 9hours a day. And my overtime pay is only 5 hours a day. And my overtime for my day off is being paid as single day and not double pay. In Ramadan, I will be paid for 5 hours a day as my overtime. Is this applicable or allowed by the law or not?