How to Pay Dependent Fees Online Through Bank SADAD

Pay Dependent Fees Online – Procedure

From 1st July 2017, the Saudi Arabian government has implemented the payment of Dependent Fee for all dependents under expatriate sponsorship.

To know all related rules and exemptions about Dependent Fees, visit

In this article we will give below the procedure to pay dependent fees online through bank account using SADAD facility.

  1. First logon to your bank account
  2. Go to SADAD >> Government Payments
  3. For MOI Service select “Alien Control”
  4. For Transaction Type select “Payment”
  5. For Service Type select  “Associate fee for all registered associate on HEAD of household”
  6. For Iqama ID – Enter id of the Head of the household
  7. For Fees Duration End Date (Hijri) – Enter the last date of expiry of iqama
  8. Press Request
  9. You will get the Dependent fee for the duration which is entered.

You can check the Dependent Fees in your case by using our dependent fees calculator to get idea. This sheet will work best on Desktop. See Dependent Fees Calculator


We give below detailed procedure how the pay the dependent fees before iqama renewal process  or issue of Exit Re-Entry process with photos:


  1. First logon to your bank account
  2. Then Go to SADAD as shown below


3. Click Government Payments


4. Select Alien control in MOI services as shown below



5. For Transaction Type select “Payment”

6. For Service Type select  “Associate fee for all registered associate on HEAD of household” as shown below.


Note: You can select “Associate Fees for a Specific Associate” if want to pay for specific dependent only. This usually is the case when you want issue Exit re-entry visa or Exit Visa for that dependent.


7. For Iqama ID – Enter id of the Head of the household

8. For Fees Duration End Date (Hijri) – Enter the last date of expiry of iqama

9.Press Request

10. You will be shown the total amount due. You can pay it by clicking pay button. The procedure for other banks will be similar.


To know all about Dependent fees – Payment, procedures, conditions & rumors see FAQ – Dependent Fees





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  • Dear All,

    Please let me know if Sales Representative profession
    will get the family visa being the degree of Bachelor in Business
    Management(BBM), my current profession is stock controller which i would
    like to change .
    I tried before with stock Controller but they rejected in Riyadh & Dammam.

    So need your advice should i change or no?

    I heard that in recent days they are very lenient in issuing family visa, is it true?

    Please advice.

    • Anees Almas

      no thats not true dear, i have the same degree and i got it recently

      • Which professions mentioned in your eqama?

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  • Ahmed

    Till what date should i enter for dependent fees, iqama expiry day as absher or till end of year?

  • Moahmed Imran

    Hi, I have 650 riyal unused balance for Passport Deposit. now I want to pay dependent fee for my wife. how can I use these amount? please Help.

    • musthaq harun

      My iqama expires on January 2018 I have to extend my wife visit visa for other three months..90 days over. …if I don’t renew now and I renew in January will my wife visit visa be extended on December 4

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Is it my Iqama expiry date or my wifes iqama?

  • Mathews Mathew

    End date as the current expiry date or expiry date after renewal? I Mean should we pay for the next year or till today?

  • asim zulfiqar

    Can we pay levy charges to moi by using sabb credit card?
    If yes please share the procedure?

  • Arsalan Yousuf

    Hi, my Iqama expires every year on 28th Shawwal. For the first year, I paid expat fee for my wife and kids until 28-10-1439 and everything went normal. This year when I try to pay the expat fee till 28-10-1440, the internet banking shows “Unused balance” as well. I inquired from some people and I was told that the system calculates fee from 1st July 2017 irrespective if it was paid before or not. There is no way to adjust the amount to be paid for this year, what to do?

    Like, the system shows SAR 3,644 in unused balance and total amount to be paid til 28-10-1440 as SAR 17,004. There is no option on the banking platform to deduct 3,644 and pay the amount for this year only. I need help!

    • Truly Success

      Try to refund the unused balance…then repay the dependent fees.

  • Mohammed Imdad

    If you have a balance to pay for Expat levy you can pay by as Exit Re entry in employee iqama number (not dependent) and balance you can make refund with same exit re entry
    Eg: you have to pay another 350 riyals , you can pay reentry for 4 months 400 riyals and balance make refund from re entry 50 riyals.

  • Siaan Dihaan

    i have one wife + 2children(10 years old).my iqama expire date is 24/12/ much dependent fee.pls