Petrol in Saudi Arabia – Which one to go 91 or 95 ?

petrol in SaudiThere are two types of petrol fuel that are available at petrol stations in Saudi Arabia.

1. Premium 91 which is indicated by Green color on pumps and also color of the liquid is green-blue. It has a Research Octane Number, RON = 91. It costs SR o.45 per liter.

2.  Super Premium 95 which is indicated by Red color on pumps and also color of liquid is red. It has a Research Octane Number, RON = 95. It costs SR. 0.60 per liter.

Earlier to 2006, only Super Premium 95 was available at petrol pumps though majority of the people did not know about the rating. However a study was conducted and it was found that 85 % of the cars could run on a lower grade Petrol RON = 91 and thus give saving to customers and to the nation. So Saudi Aramco started producing two grades of petrol.

So, which one should you use for your car?

Though most car can run on Premium 91, it best to check your car manual for what is suitable for your car.

Happy and safe driving.



  • Naser S.

    can anyone tell me which fuel to be used in KIA Sorento model 2007 pls.