How to print Exit re entry visa from Abshir online


One of our readers, asked a few days ago how to print exit re entry visa after you have already booked/issued it earlier.

This is a situation faced by many of us and we provide below step by step process for printing Exit re entry visa from Abshir. For those who has not registered for Abshir can see this page How to register for Abshir

Step 1

Login into your Abshir account using your user name and password.

Once you Login, you will get the below page; click on Dependent Services as show in the below picture:

Print Exit re entry visa 1

Step 2

Click “More Details” for the dependent whose Exit re-entry visa you want to print.

Print Exit re entry visa 2

Step 3

Scroll down half a page until you see “Print Visa” button. Click it as shown below.

Print Exit re entry visa 3

Step 4

You will be shown the Exit re entry. Scroll down and click print. Make sure your printer is connected.

Print Exit re entry visa 4





15 replies
  1. Jilani
    Jilani says:

    1.how you enter leave days for exit re entry visa…..
    2.and how many maximum days we can enter….
    3.can we do it for family only……
    4.exit re entry paper is required at air port or we have to deposit fee and enter leaving time only and activated

  2. Sajid
    Sajid says:

    I am able to register properly as per the process mentioned
    But I cannot get this button under Dependents “Issue Visa” instead I see “Cancel Visa” and “Print Visa”. When I print visa it show the previous expired visa. What to do????

  3. Everlie Maldo Balanay
    Everlie Maldo Balanay says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My question is how to apply visa if we want to visit Jordan? and payment?.
    We are here in Tabuk, K.S.A.

    Thank you very much and more power.

  4. Amjad Ali
    Amjad Ali says:

    Could you please provide me the link where can I check my IQAMA print? Usually if we need the print out of iqama, we are going to the offices near Jawazat (Riyadh) to print out a detailed paper which contains the passport and iqama information.
    I deeply Appreciated the information you shared with us.

  5. Mohamed
    Mohamed says:

    Great site, with so much information and information. Bless you bro whoever you are, giving us expats so much advice and information which is just priceless. More power to you.

    NAJAM US SAQIB says:

    How can we take print exit / re-entry of ourselves and our beloved ones if already issued from jawazat because this paper is no longer required during immigration but when we return from our country we have to show some evidence that our visa is valid to enter into saudi arabia i saw some offices they can print Exit/re-entry paper if visa is valid.


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