Procedure of retriving your lost Iqama

Residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comes with rulings and things to be very careful of for expatriates like many other states around the globe. The expats of KSA are by now aware of the ID card and the value it holds. Carrying this card is vital for all the people living in Saudi Arabia, in all the cities and districts. Residents have faced troubling times, if they are caught without the ID cards and severe action has been taken against them that results in heavy fines and deportation to some extent.

Now here let’s keep in mind a few points that would help you or people that may have lost their Iqama and are willing to get it back. The procedure explained here can be summed up in a few points, but in general the process can be tedious and hectic for many. Keep in mind the points below, if the Iqama is lost or stolen:

  • If in any case, a resident loses his Iqama in KSA, he has to pay a fine of SR 1000/- for the first time, SR 2000/- for the second time and SR 3000/- for the third time.
  • On the other hand, if the Iqama is stolen then it is necessary for the holder to report the Iqama within 24 hours to avoid penalty that costs around SR 1000/-

Procedure of getting your lost Iqama back:

  • Iqama here in KSA holds an extreme value for the residents, it is the identity card that is an ease for everything around you. Be very sure that you have either lost your Iqama or misplaced it. Try finding the card at every possible place it may be. Ask around and let people know. At times, people attach contact details and mobile numbers so that it can be returned back to the holder.
  • If you still are unable to find the lost Iqama then ask your sponsor (Kafeel) or the GRO (Government Relations Officer) of your office to file a complaint in the police office.
  • Get a letter written in Arabic from your sponsor explaining how and when you lost your Iqama. This formal complaint has to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce and on the company’s letterhead.
  • Note here that if your Iqama is one year or less then you should pay SR 500/- as the fee for one year.
  • If all the above mentioned steps are executed then the final step is to submit all the documents to the Jawazat. You should have the Arabic written letter, 2 passport sized photographs, Copy of your lost Iqama, Payment proof of the paid fine SR 1000/- and the one year Iqama fee SR 500/-
  • When the documents are verified and successfully submitted then you will get your Iqama Card on the same day or later on the next day.

Once you have your new ID card, take extra care so you may not lose it again in the future.