Re-scheduling / Rebooking / Changing your reservation for Saudia Airlines by Phone

Saudia In the dynamic world of ours, we often need to change our travelling date.

Saudi Arabian Airlines – Saudia  offer easy way of changing the reservation from the comfort of your home by phone.

But before you call up, have the following things ready:

1. Credit card (for cancellation charges for previous reservation / upgrade of ticket to new class)

2. Your previous reservation number

3. Your new reservation reference number for the new date of travel. If you have not created one, then you can go online on

Once you have all the above ready, just call up Saudia on 9200 22222. Sometimes, the waiting is long, so just be patience. At least, this is better than waiting in the Saudia Airlines sales office lounge.

Rebooking is permitted upto 24 hours before the flight departure time for domestic travel. However, for international travel, you can change anytime before the flight travel. Rules may change later, so you may want to check with Saudia for the latest regulations.

You can however do the rebooking by visiting the Saudia Sales office in your city.  Kindly note that rebooking is not done on Thursdays and Fridays but is available on other days at the Sales office.  Find out Sales office nearest to you here.

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  1. Lucky Soni says:

    Rescheduling airline ticket for Saudi Arabia by mobile very much convenient idea. Even method of doing this is very simple also. This is very informative thank you so much for sharing this information. keep it up

  2. Marrygrace Dizon says:

    i would like to re-book my flight on saudi… how can i change my flight schedule via online..? i’m from manila, philippines.. thank you…

    • SaudiExpert
      SaudiXpert says:

      I am not aware of any online method to change flight booking.
      Kindly visit Saudia office nearest to you.
      Or you can do it on phone as indicated above.

  3. jonah says:

    plz help me, i called your reference telephone number but the conversation wasn’t clear..plz help me re-book my return ticket on saudiarabian airlines this is my E-ticket document: 065-2434819290…booking reference: 4Q9I4N-042609180423…i would like to change my return ticket from January 11, 2014 to January 20,2014..thank you

  4. jonah says:


    pliz help me out..i tried to call the numbers given on the contact list but the conversation with the operator wasn’t so clear..pliz help me out..i want to rebook my return ticket and reserve one more ticket for my dad of the same date as mine though i reserved more advance than him

  5. Gideon says:


    I would like to know if Saudia Airlines accepts re-booking of tickets thru a representative?
    My friend is in the Philippines and I am here in KSA. I would like to re-book his ticket for him.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. ren says:

    I need help, I was off-load from my flight last January 6,2014 from manila to riyadh, riyadh to kuwait; because of health reason.Now I want to know what should I do to get a new flight schedule.Is there any difference if I got the ticket from the airline’s promotion?I hope someone can help me.Thank you in advance..

  7. Tahir says:

    Saudi Ailines
    I want to know, today 26th March 2014 wednesday….I have booked and paid (online) my reservation for USA to Karachi (via Riyadh stay for 5 days) now I found info online ….there is no tourist or arrival visa (having US Passport)
    …..and I dont have any invitation from no one. . . I just bought the ticket unknowingly. Now I only have couple choices
    …1. Cancel the ticket or remove the 5 days stay from the travel. Continue the flight karachi instead 5 days issue because of no visa. Please guide what to do….. whats the cancellation charges and editing charges?

  8. g. joshi says:

    i’m flying to NY from New Delhi via Saudi on June 28th. I want to know how much generally is the change fees? Thx, g.

    • SaudiExpert
      admin says:

      Normally its SR50+ the ticket charges of the said date.
      Still it might be different depending on your route.
      You can check with them on phone.

  9. Atif says:

    I maked a reservation in saudi airlineS and purchased as well , And after 10 Days
    Saudi Airlines changed my schedule to after 2 Days , But I needed to Travel on Same dayS as I Reserved,
    Now what actions I can take? .
    Do I have to Pay extra money? , However it is their mistake .
    Can I reroute my Destination on same Ticket and same dates as I reserved .?

    For example , my booking was RIYADH – ISB – RUH

    • SaudiExpert
      admin says:

      Ofcourse its their mistake, but unfortunately you will have to bear it.
      Yes you can re-route your destination but you will have to pay additional charges.

  10. vinodkumar says:

    I would like to know about issued tickets to change dates how about charging and what to do rebooking same rout


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