How to register for Abshir – MOI services

moi services

Now you can issue exit re-entry visa online from the comfort of your home for your dependents. No need to go and stand in long queues in jawazat.

To do this you have to register with Abshir service provided by Ministry of Interior (MOI), Saudi Arabia.

We provide you step by step procedure on how to register for Abshir service below.

Those who have already register with MOI for Abshir service can go directly to this page to get step by step procedure to make exit re-entry visa.

The steps for registration are as follows:

Step 1

Go to Ministry of Interior page –

moi 000


Step 2

Change language to English as shown below.

Abshir 1


Step 3

Click “New User” on top right corner – see picture below

Abshir 2


Step 4

Enter the information as indicated below.

When entering the mobile number, remove the first “zero” from the number.

So if your  number is “0501234567″ then you will type only “501234567”.

Abshir 3

Step 5

You will receive an activation code through sms on the mobile number which you mention above. Enter the activation code and iqama number as illustrated below.

Abshir 4

Step 6

Now choose a User Id and password as per the conditions stated on right hand side (see blue box below).

You may need to do 2-3 attempts to get a user Id which not already used.

Also you can see on the right hand side small green ticks and red crosses to indicate if your password is meeting all the conditions.

Abshir 5

Step 7

Click “Print” to take a print out of the form.

Abshir 6

Step 8 – Confirm you identity

It can done in the following 3 ways

Option 1 – Abshir registration through Jawazat offices

Sign and date the form (see here) at the bottom left and submit to jawazat office nearest to you. The officer will take the form and make entry into the computer. Your account will be activated within 5 minutes to 1 day. If not, visit the office again. See List of Jawazat office where you can take the form

Option 2 – Abshir registration through Kiosks

Alternately you can register on jawazat kiosks available in various locations. For list of kiosks see here.

Option 3 – Abshir registration through bank

Various banks provide Abshir registration facility as follows:

Riyad Bank

To activate your account for MOI electronic services through Riyad Bank, visit the Bank’s website. The service is listed among government services provided by the bank’s website. First, your identity will be   authenticated, and an SMS containing registration information will be sent to your mobile phone, to enable you perform the final step, register at the Ministry’s portal, and enjoy the e-services.

For more details of registration. See complete step by step for registration here.

Rajhi Bank

To activate your account in MOI portal through Al-Rajhi Bank, please follow these steps:

First: Phone banking: 

  • Call phone number 920003344
  • After entering customer number, and PIN, select No. 5
  • Select No. 4 in the next step to complete the activation process

Second: Al-Rajhi ATM:

  • Enter your card at an ATM and select “other operations” from the main menu
  • Select “portal of the Ministry of Interior” from the submenu
  • Make sure of your personal info and contact number, and then continued the steps to complete the registration process

Your identity will be checked, and registration information will be sent to your cellphone via SMS to enable you finish registration in MOI portal and enjoy the electronic services.


NCB  – National Commercial Bank – AlAhli 

Alahli ATM:

Select: (Activate MOI online e-service)
Read term and conditions, then select “Agree”.

  • Confirm  you mobile number then select “correct” or follow the instructions if your number is incorrect.
  • After selecting “correct”  you will receive a SMS confirms activation of your MOI online e-services.


Bank Albilad

After you login to your account in Bank Albilad’s Website:

  • Select “Ministry of Interior Portal – Absher Service”
  • Follow the steps; an SMS containing registration information will be sent to your mobile phone if you have already registered in the MOI Portal, and you need account activation; otherwise, you will receive an SMS that an account with a temporary password has been created for you.
  • Thus, you enjoy the MOI’s e-services through your account in the Portal.

For enquiries and more information please call 8007490000

Samba Bank:

  • Sign in bank’s e-services on
  • Choose service “Governmental notifications” on left side.
  • Choose “fulfill option” after reading service explanation.
  • Choose “agree” after reading conditions and rules of the service.
  • Confirm personal data, then press “OK”.
  • You will receive SMS with your registration on MOI eservices.
  • Next step: to register in MOI website to utilize e-services on
  • You can begin with the last step first via and then activate in bank.

Bank AlJazira

Activation through Bank AlJazira via phone banking:
  • Call phone number 800 244 0404

  • Select number “1” to enter the list of phone banking services

  • Select service number “6”, “MOI e-Services”, from the menu

  • Select number “1” to listen to the Terms and Conditions, or select number “2” if you are familiar with the terms and conditions

  • Select number “1” to agree to the terms and conditions, and continue the activation of your account for the e-services

  • An SMS containing Registration Info will be sent to your mobile number registered in Bank AlJazira

  • The last step: login to your account in MOI e-portal, to take advantage of e-services available, through the “log in” option; enter your ID number in the “Username” field, and the activation code in the password field

Activation through Bank AlJazira via ATM

  •  From the main Menu screen select (Activate MOI online e-service)
  • Select preferred language for the SMS
  • To access the terms and conditions you can scan the QR code using your cellphone or enter the web address manually once you agree to the terms you can continue to the next step
  • Enter your mobile number  (05 * * * * * * * *)
  • You will receive an SMS with your temporary username & password

Activation through Bank AlJazira online

  • Select Government Services, then Register in MOI e-Services; ID number and mobile number will appear, and this requires that the user shall choose a language (English or Arabic), then click on continue.
  • After reading the service terms and conditions, click on Confirm.
  • Verification code will be sent; enter the code and click on Continue.
  • You will receive a message that the registration has been completed.

For more information, see MOI website



Once you register, you can login and use Abshir services provided by Ministry of Interior.







  • riyaz

    Aslama alykoom,

    because of my careless mistake i did not print the form & thought i will print this form later. After weeks when i checked to print the form, unable to find this page on the web after login… and now recently i log its giving me invalid username & password then i tried to recover my password by using reset password option but can not.. asking my passport number, afcrs i gave my correct passport no. but it says wrong passport no. pls help me


    • admin

      Try resetting the password. If it ask for the passport, then try putting the passport without any alphabet; for example if your passport no. is F987123, then try entering your passport with and without “F”.
      All the best. Do let us know if it helps 🙂

      • Riyaz

        Aslam alykoom,

        Thank you for your reply,
        not working With or without alphabet or even space between alphabet & number

        • admin

          Wa alaikum as salam.
          If you are having problem with passport number, then any one of your Dependent’s iqama number.
          Hope this resolves the issue.
          Let us know if it works.

          • Riya

            no.. dependent iqama number also not working

          • Waqar Iqbal

            Sir, I am facing the same problem. I tried to log-in to the e-services and it gave me invalid password. I tried to reset the password, but at the security question page, it says that the passport number i have entered is invalid. As i dont have any dependents registered to my name, i cannot reset my password. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

            Thank you

          • Riyaz

            Aslam alykoom,

            i can login.. because my Passport was not registered with my Iqama (NaqalMalumat), anyway now i have changed my passowrd.. Thank you for your help.

            But i cant print the form after login, please help me to solve this problem.

            With regards,

    • Mohammad

      Dear Riyaz,

      Please write atleast salam correctly as Assalamu Alaikum. The website and e-functions/ e-services are yet to mature in Saudi. So you have to bear with it till then. But it is a very good move by the Government to make such services people friendly.

  • syed k basha

    I have been registered and created my password. When I went to zawzat for index finger scanning, it is not accepting, I tried many times and also I have been went repeated but not accepting my finger scan. What Shall I do to complete this. Please suggest me.

    • Roderic D. Fortin

      I have been into it, i went to STC King Fahd Road, tried several times it didn’t work just like what happened to you. i even went to jawazat near Lulu, but the machine did not work, i tried to search other areas and went to KKIA this evening, Alhamdulillah, it was successful, just tried 3x on the right finger and 2x on the left until the machine accepted my request,, follow other instructions, bring with you your cp for validation code. good luck…it will state the success of your Abshir registration.

  • Assalam alaikum,

    I enroll myself for ABSHIR service on, i created my user name and password successfully. Same time i gave print the application form unfortunately our office printer did not print the application form. How can i print the same application form to visit jawazat for activation of my account. Please reply.
    I can login with the same user name and password following day. But no print option available.

    • Faisal

      Dear Kaleem …

      I am also facing the same problem … Did you find the solution to print the form when we login again next time. ??

      • abdul

        i have done registration but because of internet dis-connectivity i am not able to take print out of my form.
        please suggest how to take print out of the registration form .
        Also please mention any options to do it without having registration form

  • bandarfalah

    im forget my password how can i recive my password

  • Faisal

    Dear Admin !

    Will you help me and other brothers and let us know how we can print this form when we login again next time … I myself could not print this form in first attempt and now I have to login again but where I can find this form ???

    • admin

      Dear Faisal,
      We have just prepared an for your query. Hope it is helpful
      Kindly see

      • shafeeek

        Dear Admin,

        The post you are reffering to is for exit re-entry. can you please tell us how we can print the electronic services registration & activation form if it failed to print once. next time we log in it is not there to print? So can we activate our account even if we do not have this form printout?

    • shafeeek

      Dear faisal,

      Did you manage to take the printout again? I am also facing same problem. Tell me if you managed to solve the issue..please

    • Mohammed

      I have also face the same problem, as I could not print the form at the registration time, when I logged in next time it says :
      Account with specified Identification ID have been already created and I did not get any SMS code confirmation

      I need to print this form and take to jawazat to activate my account
      Please help

  • Saleem

    I am trying to register thru Abshir online but not getting message for the code on the mobile therefore I am unable to get in the next stage of request verification. I have tried more than five times but all in vain. I can not find any mistake in providing all required information

    • mohamed


      did you resolve this issue? How? I am having the very same problem. It gets to the stage where I get the code on my mobile and then when I input the coe and my iqama number, it does nothing to progress to the next stage.

  • Shahid Ul Islam

    Thanks For Useful Information.
    Jazakallah Khair

  • Mario

    I am wondering if I can convert my single entry work visit visa to KSA to multiple visa. Kindly advise your comment(s) / suggestion(s) to [email protected], thanks.

  • mr.jeddah

    i have registered but missing the information of my dependents.depents livivng with me and have calid family visa.please guide me how to make correction .

  • sadiq

    Dear Friends Assalawalekum,

    No Need for the Printed form. Just Go to any Kiosk Machine (mostly available in passport offices). Login in with Iqama number – Scan Right Index finger-Scan Left index finger-Activation code received on Mobile at that time. Account gets activated. You can use same old password and username.

    I have done last week.

  • shariq

    i got activation code but cant go to account creation page pls help

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  • Irfan

    Dear Admin,
    I tried to register myself. I filled Step 1 details and proceed to step 2, where i have to enter the activation code sent on my mobile and iqama no details, i entered both details, but when i am trying to click ok and proceed to step 3, its not moving, same page is coming. Please help me out with your kind advice. Thanks in advance.

    • Assalamualikum,

      Mr. Irfan, I am also facing the same problem. I have entered the code and id but not moving to next page. Did you overcome with this issue. Kindly let me know.

      Others also kindly help us.


      • aris

        Hello mr. Irfan and mr. khaleellulah.

        I have also the same problem during my registration. Have you found the solution for that problem. If you do so, can you please email me about it. I appreciate for your help. Thank you

  • Mohamed Irfan Abdul Razak

    Dear Admin,
    I entered the details and when tried to save the account, I got a JSP exception. Then I presumed the registration failed. Then I tried to register again. I am being informed that I am already registered. Even after resetting the password successfully, I am trying to login inside, but I am unable to. Please suggest. Thanks a lot.

  • Mohammed Majid

    Dear Admin,

    Please help me, I already created account in MOI, after that I visited kiosk machine which is located in Chamber of Commerce Riyadh also tried kiosk machine located in Riyadh Airport to register through fingerprint. But the machine is not accepting my finger prints. Could you please suggest me that any solution.

    • Muhammad Iqbal

      Dear Majid,

      I faced the same issue, I went to different KIOSK machine, none of those accepted my fingerprints, What you did after that. Do you have updated your finger prints?


    I am talking about those who can’t print the abshir form i have also this problem, but you can see at website their is clearly written this form is available at jawazat office lets see…….

  • sarfaraz khan

    Assalamo alaikum
    Sir most respectfully I beg to say that I need family visa
    So please give me family visa by sending me email.
    I will be thankful to u.
    Sarfaraz khan
    Makkah al Mukarrama

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  • Askum,
    I’ve forgotten my password. Someone plz guide.Saying passport no incorrect n e mail id too. Plz help.

  • Went to the Abashir machine and registered myself and got a number on my mobile phone. My query is: Do I have to ENTER THAT NUMBER into that machine? I did not enter that number. Did I complete my registration? I do not know.

    Next day I tried to access my registration on line. After completing the first page and the second page, I get an SMS and get a different number (activation code) which is different from the number I received when registering on Abashir machine.

    I am unable to proceed beyond this point an NOT SURE which activation to enter now (the first one, or the second one?)

    Could someone please guide me. Thank you.

  • Afiat

    i login successfully but at that time i did not print the form. now i do not able to print the form, please help,

  • tauqir

    assalam alykum ,so i am trying to resgister a new id but the website wont proceed after the request verification page. I entered the activation code i received and the iqama number but nothing seems to be happening when i click ok..i tried this multiple times to no avail..anyone else facing this problem? please help!

  • I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This article posted at this web site is genuinely good.

  • Good day Sir. Please help me what to do in filling up the mobile number in registering. I removed the 0 and fill up everything then I press ok and it has a red comment in the upper portion to enter same mobile number in the authentication process……what is this authentication process? Where will I get it?Thank you…

  • upayathulla

    if is saying passport no wrong while reset your password
    you have to type passport no EXAMPLE F588785
    you have to type 000F588785 it will work.
    before F you have to add 000 that is it. sure it will work.

    • tasaduq

      i tried this method also but it is not working. plz guide.

  • R mag

    Good day.
    I’ve tried registering but i couldnt go past the request verification tab. I have received the sms activation code successfuly. Whats wrong with it? Hoping to hear from you.

  • farrukh

    dear sir
    please help me i registered my self by Kiosk now i can log on but when i opening e service it showing the registration form. i can not use this service what should i do.

    • AchmadF

      I face the same problem. Do you have an update?

    • AchmadF

      Hi I found that after filling that form, I can use the services..

  • Kunjumon

    Please add one more thing:

    When you take the filled form with you to Jawasat (Passport office) staple the IQAMA copy along with it. otherwise they will reject the application.

  • mohammed

    I am unable to pass the registration process after entering the activation code and id no.

    Please help

  • Mohammed Khan

    Dear Admin,

    I lost printout, i can login but not yet activate, how can i print again the same for activation


    Mohammed Khan

  • sameer

    Dear Sir,
    How to update my personal information on moi absher because in absher my marital status is showing single actually I am married so please help me.

    • shajeer

      i have also the same problem once u do for you please inform me how to do.

      • for me the same, did anyone manage to do that ? how ? please urgent help

  • Mohammed Yousufuddin

    Assalam Alaikum
    I am facing a problem in my iqama one dependent child is added to my IQama how this happened we do not know could you please advise how to remove it in my iqama. I already paid lot of money to passport expediter but the problem remained as it is in the system.
    Please advise??

  • Kamil

    Dear Admin,

    During the registration I faced a problem at step 5. I entered the activation code which was sent to my mobile, and iqama number and then pressed OK. However, the next step page was not showing. It stuck on the same page, even though it shows that it’s loading after pressing OK.

    Please advise what could be a problem.

    Thank you!

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  • Sam

    Dear Admin & Other Users,

    Can you tell us how can we print the registration form again after we missed the first attempt for a print.
    I have seen so many inquiries about this, is there an answer as yet!!!


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  • Raja Kamran

    Bhai main step#5 tak to ponhach jata hun lekin jab submit karta hun to step#6 nahi aata.
    Please help me regarding this issue.


    hi im trying several time to login in site but still after giving verification code from mobile and iqama num the site not loading , tried in different desktop but problem remain still , please help as needfull thanks

  • Jani


    I am already registered with Abshir service, my dependents wife, daughter & son passports expired. I got these renew, now how i can update the passport number and their expiry date in Abshir system please need your help.


  • Khurram

    At step two, when i enter verification code and ID number, i can not move on step 3, kindly help me what to do.

    • Ishtiaq Khan

      i have also the same problem once u do for you please inform me how to do.

  • Ishtiaq Khan

    i have problem after completing the request verification step the account creation step is not appearing please needs some help why?

  • Assalamualaikum
    i have forget my user name which i have created in MOI.can you help me how can i get my user name or there have any other step to create new user name please tell me.

    • fm

      Can u pls tell me if ur issue is resolved and how did u do it.
      I have the same problem.
      Pls help

    • anwar

      Plzz reply me if already got the solution

  • Khalid Mahmood

    Dear Admin, I want to activate my Eservices from Riyad Bank ATM. For this purpose, it needs APPLICATION CODE but I didn’t received it on my mobile. What should I do now?

    Mr. Khalid Mahmood
    Royal Commission Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah
    Mobile: 0530094603

  • Dear Sir,
    i got SMS for activation but once i write activation code and Iqama no and click OK. NO Change. web site is not moving to next step. please suggest whats wrong. and second can we renew visit visa without registering Abshir.

  • Mehsin Acharath

    Hi all

    Today, in order to register for MOI services, I went to the MOI website and tried to create a user name and password (like you have shown above) but filling in all details it returned a message saying “a username and password exists for this ID no. Well I do not recall creating one for myself. So, I tried to reset password, but the phone number is invalid. Now, is it that someone has already created an account under my Iqama without my knowledge. Anyway, how do I find out my username and password. Please help.

    • fm

      pls mention if ur problem is solved and how ?

  • Abdul Cader

    Third option for activation :(step 08)
    After activation through Riyad Bank account(Abshir service) , can we login and issue exit re-entry visa via online? what about fingerprint ? kindly check and let me know

  • Azeem

    Dear Sir,
    i got SMS for activation but once i write activation code and Iqama no and click OK. NO Change. web site is not moving to next step. please suggest whats wrong.

  • shah

    i forgot my user name i have registered through absher machine can i reset my username or not please help

    • SaudiExpert

      Kindly see this article to retrieve your user id –

      • Shaheed

        Thanks for the link SaudiExpert. However that last step has changed and they create a password for you. Subsequently, you do NOT get the chance to see your user name. Does anyone have a solution to regaining your forgotten user name?

  • muhammad

    Dear Admin,


    I am stuck at step number 5. Could you please help?

  • sanath kumar

    I am not able to access the third step of registration process. Kindly help me.

  • shah

    Please help me. I have registered through Absher machine then I open my account by putting username and password then it shows account creation when i fill the account creation by putting username and password and then mobile no which i put in Absher machine then i click ok it give message that you mobile no is not same which you put in Absher machine for authentication please help

  • i,would like to regested in abbshar

  • shahid

    Asalam alaykum
    dear I need information if a person cancel one visa to go exit and can he come back by other visa?
    your information will be highly appreciated.

  • Zawahir

    I am trying to reset my password, but its not accepting my mobile number. Is there any way i could find the registered mobile # or part of it?

    or is there any other way to reset my password?

  • Riyaskhan

    Dear Admin, Your website is very much useful for the expatriates. I am appreciate your work.
    I read most of the comments here, I understand that most of the people have the problem with the Registration Form, which is they failed to take print out. Even if we are login with user name and password we can’t see the print option. So kindly try to make the answer for the below questions.
    1. How to take print out of the Registration form, if we failed to print at the 1st registration time.
    2. We can go and register to Jawazat office without this Registration form?

    Please answer these, it will helpful for all the people?

  • Babilu

    Dear Admin,
    Please advice me how to get the print. I lost printed form

  • shaikh vasi

    Can we renew the exit-entry visa without the my son arriving here in Jeddah from India.
    As he has his exams. This is for a period of only one month and the Iqama is still valid.
    please help.

  • rehankhan

    i verified my information through Al Rajhi Bank Account, it been from last 1 week, verification for MOI was successful but till now i didn’t receive any confirmation message from MOI. in my case what can i do?

    plz admin reply

    thanks in advance

  • Mohammad Arshad

    Assalam o alaikum,

    Dear Admin,

    I buy new car two months back but still my Vehicle information not updated on my MOI Account. I already register & Activate my Account but still it is showing No Vehicle.

    please guide me or if you can update so please register my vehicle information in my Account.

    thanks for your Co Operation.

    Best Regard’s

    • Don

      If you don’t mind, Mr. Moh’d Ashad, did you pay your car in full? or are you paying for it on monthly basis?
      –Because if you are still paying for it on monthly basis, the car is still not yours, technically. The company, (Toyota-Abdul Latif Jameel as an example), is still the owner of the car until you fully paid the amount and the car registration transferred to you OR the “ENCUMBERED” status of your car is removed.

  • Jeelan

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Dear Admin

    I am trying to reset my password, but its not accepting my mobile number. It always
    show this massage .The mobile number for this account is not trusted , you can reset the password by Kiosk or activation officers.

    Please say me how can i shot out this problem or Is there any way i could find the registered mobile number ?

  • oliver

    Pls. help me to retrieve my username

  • Muhammad Asim ashraf

    Dear Admin,

    How to enrolled dependant finger print in MOI.
    please guide.


  • Kashif

    I have created my account at moi site, now tell me how can i activate by using my riyad bank account.,
    i am successfully log in at moi site, but after next page it says to activate, really need your reply.

  • sathishkumar

    I signed 2 year contract to my company now i finished 13 month. unfortunately now my mother have some medical problem so ask to my company for emergency leave but my company people not allowed. they are not given emergency leave so for this situation what i do? i want go to my country at least 15 days only i don’t know what to do please tell me any option is there?

  • Gul

    I have created my MOI account , i opened it two times with the same username and Password , it was opened but services were not available as giving me message that it is for registered users. I activate my moi account thorugh alrajhi . but didnt receive any info then i called on their helpline but they said our part has done , now when i tried to open my moi account it says invalid username n password and when i tried to reset password , MOI home page is opening again , i tried to create new login there is a msg i am already having account , could some one help me in this regard

  • ikramrao
    • Ikramrao, thank for the info. We have update the article.

  • Muhammad Ayub

    Dear sir,
    I was already activated my abshir account before 5 months ago and I was signed in several time last time 23/02/2015 at morning time I was signed in correctly but now from last 2 days when I am trying to sign in there giving message you are not registere,
    When I am trying to register there is shown system is under maintenance,
    Please give me right suggestions what I will do…??

  • Assalamu alikkum
    Dear Admin,

    I Log my MOI page for making Re-Entry/Exit for my family, but I found my family old visa details still remains and I tried to delete the old visa details but I can’t do this now….(before my family was here and expire the re-entry visa )

    Also I found my current family new visa details…(both old & new visas are included in the page)
    Earlier before applying new family visa I had submitted my family’s old Iqamas to Jawasath to cancelling the old visa, and I had got one copy of cancellation paper, but still remains in the system.

    Please help me to resolve this issue
    Your kind reply will be highly appreciated,
    thanks & rgds

    • mohammed

      dear shamseer , did u get the reply?plz respond on

    • Win John

      Dear shamseer,
      Please advise me if you get any solution….I’m also facing this same issue….

  • Abdul khalaq

    As Salam aliykum

    Brother this is Abdul khalaq am from India

    If you need to fahas your car I can help you an working in. Fahas al dovre near exit 8 if any can need help feel free and call to this number 0598597464

    [email protected]

    Facebook /[email protected]

  • Aamer Abrar

    Dear Sir,
    My brother had come to Saudi Arabia,last year when he was 17 and now he needs to leave KSA but he ia denied the Exit/Re-entry because he has to register Fingerprint as he is 18 years old now,his ticket is on Friday 13 March 2015 now we are i urgent need,please let me know if i could register the Figerprint overnight? Or if there is any way out for this.
    Really need help on this regard.
    Thanks in Advance!

  • Yoonus khan

    How can check my current sponsor

  • IT guy

    I forget to print now how I can print again

    • PrInCe oF Heart

      As salamualaikum,

      I would like to inform you that you don’t need for print the form, you can
      activation through Accredited banks to the Ministry or you can go to the
      activation centers that have been mentioned on the following link and activate
      your account through Self-service Machines : .

    • Please read STEP 8; there are 3 ways to complete registration.

  • Hisham Malick

    During account creation when i click ok with all filled box rightly showing green ticks on the bottom it appears on the top with red color “sorry we cannot help you now”

    • Hisham Malick

      Kindly help if some know how to overcome this problem

  • Azra Arif Hasan

    sir i traveeled to india in that time i got my exit-rentry visa.but now for june vacation my university denied my visa and told me to update my much time it takes to update fingerprint and how much time it takes to appear on syestem.

  • RJ

    I created my Absher account but now I am unable to take a print of that form. Please guide me how to take the print of the form so I can get it activated?

    • Umaiz

      You don’t need a printout really if you are doing it through the machines or banks

    • Kindly read STEP 8; there are 3 ways to complete registration.

  • Libin

    Dear Sir,

    I have almost created account in moi but for the completion my fingerprint not done,I tried many times in the machine.but my fingerprint is not validating.what shall I do,my vehicle registration to be renew within 3 days.Kindly help


    • If you are using Riyadh bank account, there is an option to update there. Alternately, you can take a printout and submit it at Jawazat offices.

      • Libin

        Dear Sir,

        for update this….. Riyad bank account need? or can I use my friend account?

        • No, it has to be your own account.
          If you have account in any other bank, you can use it. Kindly re-read the STEP 8 as it has been updated with more options.

      • Libin

        I have NCB quick pay card…can I use NCB card for update ?

  • Safdar Awan

    I have registration, also activation and using MOI website.
    My registered mobile number has been blocked by mobile service provider during my vacation, now when I try to log in I cannot receive the verification CODE.
    I want to update my new mobile number.
    What is the procedure?
    Is there some one expert to explain .

  • NiMR0D9TIN85

    Salam to All, I just want to ask how can i change my mobile number on MOI, because when I registered long time ago I use my old mobile number, now that old number is not working anymore, and I wanted to activate my MOI but i cannot because I’m not sure if I activated it, it will sent the confirmation code to my old number. Please if someone has knowledge in changing the mobile number, please do reply or sent me message on my email @ “[email protected]” thanks.

  • Mohammad ali

    Dear Admin: Salam Alaikum:
    I had forgot my User name of Absher service, Please help me to retrieve it.
    Waiting for your swift reply.

  • Apollo Laminato

    Sir, i tried to activate my absher account but the Self-Service machine is not accepting. It says “finerpirnt is not verified” Please help me what to do. Thanks

    • Samrah Shaikh

      Hello, When you are unable to activate through kiosk, Either you can activate it through bank account or go to Jawazat to activate the account. Hope this helps!

  • Jans Cat

    Hi, I would like to ask if I can use my SABB ATM card in a non-SABB ATM machine to activate my MOI Abshir account? Thank you in advance for the help.

  • ziaur rahman

    Possible anyone make the account ? No problem after then ? Pls ans

  • abdulrazzaq

    how to change Marital Status in abshar ksa it is showing Single

    • Muhammad Sajid

      I have same problem..what you did?? Did you changed ? can i apply for visit visa of my wife if it is single there??? please replyy

      • younis

        did you chage the status? can you please share the procedure

  • abdulrazzaq

    My current profession is Architect worker,
    If I want to change to Architectural draftsman, should I Submit certificates?
    Please advis

  • Mohammed Mukhtar

    Assalamu alaikum,
    Dear sir/madam,
    I have registered in abshir through self-service machine but when I logged in “my dashboard” was not showing
    please help.

  • Muhammad Siddique

    Dear sir created my Absher account but now I am unable to take a print of that form. and further i had given the finger prints at machine but it replies try again and it has closed the process.Please guide me how to take the print of the form and what the machine is not accepting my finger prints.Also my dash borad is not showing.

  • Mohamed Abdul Kadir

    I had exit from Saudi Arabia 10 days back and processing for a new visa to join a new company in Saudi. Right now I am in India and my travel agent is asking me for the original exit paper for processing new visa. My profession in new visa is General Controller. But my ex-company didn’t give me the original exit paper instead they gave me the paper from Muqeem saying that the option for printing the original exit paper is no more available. Kindly advise whether original exit paper is really required for processing the new visa or how to obtain it as I am now in India. Your kind help in this regard is highly appreciated.


  • Aslam Abdul Shukoor

    Dear Sir,
    I had forgot my User name and password of Absher service, Please help me to retrieve it.
    Waiting for your swift reply.

  • Muhammed Rafeeque

    I had forgot my User name and password of Absher service, Please help me to retrieve it.
    Waiting for your swift reply.

  • Farooq

    i want to change my services labor to any other department because i have BBA degree, so please guide me What Can I Do?

  • Gregory Lewis

    I thought the whole process would be online and was dismayed when I discovered that I still had to take the form to one of the offices. What is the purpose then of online registration?

  • faisal.shafaqat

    dear sir i have registered my account on MOI but now i forgot my user name & password how i can find when am trying to reset my password am receiving the new password on my mobile but i don’t know the user name please help me

  • shras

    i couldnt print the page after entering my details, now how can i activate my account

    • Mansoor Mansoor

      Same to me, what happened to urs now??

  • atique

    i am married but in moi unmarried

    • Muhammad Sajid

      I have same problem..what you did?? Did you changed ? can i apply for visit visa of my wife if it is single there??? please reply

      • Malik

        My marital status in moi is single still i got family visa. i think it does not matter what your marital status is

  • ahmer baig

    Do i need the permission letter from my current company, if i want to change my company through ABSHIR service ?

  • Jasir

    Dear Admin,

    Assalamualaikum, I have registered at a kiosk yesterday before I have done it on the website on, I have not received any sms since and when I try to register online, it does not allow me to login stating that “this iqama is already registered. Please login with the login ID and password”, however, I did not received this.

    Could you please tell me what needs to be done on this case?

    Thank you for your quick response,


    • Muhammad Hassan

      I had the same problem. How you resolved the issue ?

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  • Harshad Kalpetta

    Dear Sir,
    I forget my moi ID..wht I do…?

  • Win John

    Assalamu alaikkum

    Dear Admin,

    I need to apply new family visa, but I found my family old visa details still remains in abshir system, and I can’t delete this info(before my family was here and expire the exit re-entry visa)

    Earlier, while on Iqama renewal I had submitted my family’s old Iqama to my company & they submitted to Jawazath to cancelling the old visa, but still remains in the system.

    Thanks for Your prompt response. Please help me to resolve this issue soon.

    Best regards
    Win John

  • nousheen

    When i went to register my fingerprints for sim in mobile company, the scanning machine did not scan my fingerprints however, when i went jawazat they said it is present/updated. i can’t register sim because they want to scan fingerprints in mobile office. I don’t know where the problem is.Is there any procedure to get rid of this issue.Please help

    • Tcool

      I know that mobile company, they have the worst fingerprint scanner. I will never ever again buy SIM card from that network provider.

  • Emerald Stone

    I have already activated my MOI account..Does it mean my exit re-entry visa is cancelled? Or it is just the first step in cancelling the exit re-entry visa? I did not go any further after the activation. Please answer my question. Thank you!

  • Tommy James Nuneza

    Dear All,

    Are dependents allowed to make MOI account?


  • Syed Naseeruddin

    i forgot to take the print of MOI account activation form
    now how can i get the print of that form

  • shaik Hussain

    can any1 pls tell that how can i create id.. bcoz i entered username but it not support.. so pls any1 can tell example user name and password how to enter on the box??

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