Saudi Arabia changes Salary Calendar

Govt employee to lose 11 days salary
Government shifts from Hijri calendar to Gregorian calendar.
Starting this month, Saudi Arabia is shifting from Hijri calendar (Arabic calendar based on moon) to Gregorian calendar (based on sun). With the result of this shift, the government employees will now get salary as per Gregorian calendar.
The Hijri calendar is 354 days (approx) whereas the as the Gregorian calendar is 11 days longer, that is 365 days. So, now government employees will have to work 11 days more to get the same 12 months salary every year.
With cuts in government spending by reducing salaries and allowances other measures, the government is trying overcome the budget deficit brought about by the decrease in oil prices.
Simulataneously, the governement is trying to increase the revenue by increasing the government fees like exit re-entry visa fee, multiple entry visa fee, visit visa fee etc.
This can expect to continue till the oil prices recover.


  • Ali

    Saudi Arabia is not only declining but changing the other way. It is high time expatriates should start thinking of moving to other countries or back home in order to avoid the Tremor to-be that would leave them Broke, Helpless, and Desperate. Most people I heard are moving to Japan, Dubai, UK, USA, Canada, etc. We can’t blame Saudi Govt. as it’s going through a rough time.

    • Abdullah Hajar

      The problem is the whole world seems to be challenged with something. We look on the globe East to West and North to South and find pandemics killing masses, unnecessary wars, abuse of authority by the powers that be, and natural disasters wiping out multitudes in a matter of seconds.

      May Allah forgive us our shortcomings and not punish us and or put us to test for our wrongs.

  • Ms. Kelly Aisha Cureton

    I will remain in Ksa in good times and struggling times! I’m not here for the money but for other good reasons. And I will pray Allah to bless and protect this beautiful land. Like any country in the world, it will face changes but it will rebound in time …. It’s still one of the few safess and best countries in the world !!!!!

    • Dr. RQ


      • Abdullah Hajar

        Respect for ourselves guides our morals,
        Respect for others guides our manners.
        – Laurence Sterne
        1713 – 1768

  • Abdullah Hajar

    No doubt Saudi Arabia is comparatively safer than most countries but many people have not come for safety. They were looking for a country where they could earn a living and save money. For Muslims, Saudi Arabia being the home of the Haramain made it all the better.

    Westerner Muslims, who often times don’t come for money, are ignorant to the hardships that lots of Asian and African expatriates undergo in order to provide for their families. Many are disrespected, degraded and humiliated while they continue to proudly serve with a smile. To my dismay, I have even witnessed and heard countless incidences which I will not enumerate of those same workers not being paid or having to wait for months for any form of compensation. When they wage a complaint or request to return to their countries, they are told to pay an exorbitant amount that crushes all hopes of returning to their countries of origin with dignity.

    There are very few good times or memories here for these expatriates. They live a life of struggle on a daily basis. For some, who came from poverty stricken families and war torn countries, they feel where they came from is better than being broken for coming from what’s perceived as a ‘3rd World’ country.

    I pray Allah guides those arrogant people who look down upon others due to their color and nationality. I pray Allah makes us of those that live by His Book and not only recite it.


      sir , almost 30 worker’s in a company have pending 9 month salary and
      this company is ow by a Saudi if register any complaint he will take
      them to exit without salary. and all the worker’s passport has been
      taken in their custody the police and and almost everyone is known by
      Saudi because of that no one can register a complaint

  • Abdul Rahaman

    If all dates on Gregorian Calendar then we wouldn’t stand on Separate Queue for Saudi Visa Validity Checking in our Home Country.

  • qamar

    Payments of house rents to Land Lords, electricity bills and STC bills etc. should also be be adjusted according to Gregorian Calendar

    • S.M.Khurram Quaseem

      I cannot agree more (100% agreed). Logically, it should be the next step and should be applied within weeks. Thinking and hoping positively.