Is Saudi Arabia Ending Sponsorship System ?

Kafeel system is finished. This is the news, expatriates are waiting to hear.

Hopes are running high after announcement by Qatar that it is abolishing the Sponsorship system.No sponsorship

But is this going to happen in Saudi Arabia ? Yes, the trends show that labor reforms in Saudi Arabia are moving in this direction. And for the Saudization program to succeed, it is necessary that labor market gets organized and there is free movement of labor. This will result in rise in salaries for expatriates which become on par with Saudis. The following actions by Labor Ministry reinforce this point:

  1. Transferring from current is possible in the following conditions without the approval of current sponsor:
    • If the salary is not paid on time
    • If the iqama is expired
    • If the company is in Yellow or Red
    • If the company has committed any violation
  2. There are reports that MOL will allow change of sponsor after end of contract without sponsor approval.
  3. Implementation of WPS – Wage Protection System through which MOL closely follows implementation of work contract by the companies.

All these actions show that Saudi Arabia is slowly moving towards creating more labor friendly environment. The next step may be ban on holding on passports by companies and penalization of those who follow such practice. Once withholding passport becomes illegal, the rest of kafeel system will become history by itself.

The million dollar question is – How long will this take to happen ?!

What do you think ?



  • it will be great news if it happends in saudi arabia



  • Pierre

    it will happen in next 200 years

    • SaudiExpert


  • It seems that it will be going to happen very soon.

    • SaudiExpert

      @Yasir, Inshallah

      • Shazeb


  • Shazeb

    QSaudi team, doing a great job. Jazakallah. Keep it up

  • Omer De Omarios

    Some people say earning kafala money is haram as it does not require doing any efforts to earn money and shows mere speculation but I don’t know for sure if it is the case. I am so glad to see Saudis working professionally and competing at International standards and there is absolutely no need to cast a pampering shadow of Saudization anymore. Factually and historically this extra pampering has lead to mere slow down on capability building plan on part of human assets. On the contrary, if the Kafeel system is removed, it will be in compliance with the Islamic laws of human equality as per the last sermon of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). I pray all Muslims unite as one team both at Micro and Macro level so that we are all better off.
    Thanks and prays for all my Muslim brother & sisters around the globe.

  • John Samuel

    My son is on a 3m visit visa. He landed in Saudi on May 7th – please advise me when do I have to apply for renewal of his visa since the new rule is that everyone has to apply for renewal of the visit visas before June 27th.
    Or is it the new rule that his visit visa will not be renewed at all?
    Appreciate your response.

    • Mohsin

      Pls see the relevant topic and the comments.
      You can ask questions in that section.

      • Muhammad uzair

        Dear brother please guide mekafeel give me my passport and the 3 paper but the problem is my status is elect ration for form(mazra) and my kafeel status is red ok now there is no law to transfer my sponsorship bcz the govt stop the transferring of mazra(form)


        Muhammad Uzair

        0551 429694

    • Mohsin
  • MOL is doing good job, have patience, things are going in right direction and Insha-Allah within 2 year Sponsorship System will be abolished.

    • Mohsin


  • Asif

    Salam , I have expired my family visit visa from 9Month .what can I do .pls help

    • Mohsin

      What does that mean ?

  • Happy&awesome

  • Omar

    When will it happen? The right answer at most failed to answer is الله أعلم Allah knows Best! Simple.



  • Isthikar

    Asalamalaikum, my sponer is in free catogary, his problem is he is asking 4000 sr kafala yearly n 5000 sr for iqama renewel, it’s been 13 months am here , July 2 mg iqama will expiry I asked him for transfer bug he I asking 8000 for transfer, is there any way so tat I can transfer my sponsership to other company without letting my kafeel know about my transfer, if possible then wat things to be done n documents required for the process of transfer… Thanks for your kind patience to read the pain of expatriates….

  • Prafulla Sinha

    No, It will not be possible for MOL to do this—-Pls note my words.
    Expatriates , don’t l;ook the day dreams.

    I spend big time of my life in Gulf, Now no one knows me in India and I can be kicked anytime from here….God knows my future. I spoild my best period of my life in Saudi to make this nation better and industrialized but in return……what I got……food for two times……….

    Lord, help the Expatriates, Only you can feel our pain. Please……………..

    • Muhammad

      same here

  • karan

    It will not happen because if Kafeel system will be finished then saudi’s will die.
    90% of Business are under cover of saudi’s and they earn a very high amount

  • karan

    It will not happen because if Kafeel system will be finished then saudi’s will die.
    90% of Business are under cover of saudi’s and they earn a very heavy amount


    my iqama is expired my khafeel is in green category
    how can i change my kafala

  • farrukh

    Asalam aliqum ,

    I heard this news before 2 years back but still so far no change InShaaAllah Prince Salman will bring a huge change to this country and hopefully rules and regulations will be by Shariya law.Ameen

  • fidasamo

    we are listening this story since last many years, but still nothing seems any action.

  • Mohammed Akram Shaikh

    Dear All , Can any one help me if person came to his native palace from saudi arabia through jail , but after checking the status on the MOL website , website is showing a green signal , what its means.

    that person again go to KSA on other visa.

  • Bernie Ballerta

    My company not following saudi labor code. I want to check my company status if red or yellow. The problem is i don’t know how? Pls give some help regarding on this matter thank you.

  • I don’t believe this post. I have been here for over 13 years, and i have seen these kinds of news announcements before. it is meant to relieve the pressure felt by the expats and let them have some steam to blow off. then it will go back to the same regime. i would be VERY surprised if the sponsorship system is removed.

  • URB


  • Indeed, if it happens, it will be the collapse of many industries whose strategies are build on the low wages and low investments. Particularly, the small & medium industries, fake enterprises will have a free fall…

  • Salam

  • redians

    As salamalykum…

    Hello ..I need help i here first time come in saudia arabia and in trouble becoz it happend by agent cheated. He told me that i sending u multinational company where can u find all types facilities but all promis was layer . Sir.. if anything good for me please advice me right way direction for the change of kafil
    Here is no any company he is mosasa office .he delivered to other diffrent diffrent company where needed .he has appoint me as a rentel whereever i go to work all benefit take my kafil and give me benefit as contract sighn. I get tired to work with them .he is using me not giving me sallary at time when i say him about sallary he tell me next month give u all dues still now he is not give 3 month sallary from the date arrival time . How i get new kafil without known privious kafil.please help me..

    Allah haifiz

  • Mercy Mendizabal

    Just follow the rules no harm comes to you