Saudi Police Officer & Expatriate – Funny Joke !!

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  • Pmp Risk

    My owner given me notice that my last day of work is 29 Feb 2016 and I have 60 days to bring new employer. But not allow me to look for job but I was working as whole month on Feb 29. Then my employer told me to come and work on March too, as there is lot of work remaining. My question is what will happen to termination letter? what is my status how I will be pay. am I legally take the release or not. I found employer but now few of our employees facing issue not getting release.

    Please reply

  • Fayzee

    It may seem a joke, right. And we can laugh as well. But do you feel anything from the Indian’s reply? That worry of the iqama (residence permit) but not the Iqama (salat). Its too hard for us expatriates..