Sick leave – Rules & Regulations




Human being is not a machine and it is possible that a person falls sick due to various reasons.

The Saudi Labor Law has provision for paid sick leave for such employees for 30 days.

After that the sick person can get another 60 days medical leave for 75% of the salary.

Then another 30 days leave without pay.

All this can be taken once in a year which starts from the day first sick leave is taken.

You need to have a medical certificate from your doctor to prove your sickness and need for rest.

We print the text from Saudi Law Law (English version) below:

“A worker whose illness has been proven shall be eligible for a paid sick leave for the first thirty days, three quarters of the wage for the next sixty days and without pay for the following thirty days, during a single year, whether such leaves are continuous or intermittent.
A single year shall mean the year which begins from the date of the first sick leave.”

(Article 117, Saudi Labor Law)

Take care and don’t fall sick.

They say: Prevention is better than cure.   🙂




  • Mohammad Salaheldin

    Suppose the worker has a report from Doctor that he has to stay in leave for 2 months and he decided to spend this leave in his own country, Could you please advise in that case if this rule still applies? If yes, can he ask company to pay in advance, or he shall wait till he report back to company?

  • Basit Mursaleen

    This is the great decision by Saudi Govt. I need to know that if any company do not follow these rules than what should the employee do? OR where he go for complaint ?
    Furthermore, Is there any relaxation for purchase medicine for a victim employee ?

  • Yousug

    Its really good news for People, Long leave Govt of Saudi Arabia

  • mohammad mashkoor

    and if suppose the dependent of the employee get sick the he is entitled to get sick leave

  • Mohammad Elbagh

    about accident leave without a medical result campany said absent no salary, accident is not normal to do other people fighting the victim is critical situation no medical result same campany still secret the crime.

  • Mohammad Elbagh

    the same nationality Filipina fighting,one is critical situation to go philippines,the women killer still working campany no cancel deportation,Iqama name Ann ann Alcoba may be i dont know campany name..

  • C.K.Singh

    Having Piles problem Doctor prescribe operation & 10 days Leave but company owner rudely not consider sick leave application & doctor advice . Wanted to get operated at back home applied for 15 days medical leave.what to do?