SR 1000 Fine For Wrong Parking

SR 1000 fine for wrong parking – This was shared by one of our readers.

The Arabic text says – Parking of vehicle not reserved for parking – basically wrong parking.

Becareful and drive safe.


  • NAs

    Hi All,

    I want to complain to the authorities against those who block parking slots in residential lanes with all sorts of crap. Parking slots are not anyone’s own property. It should be first come first serve. Please let me know how to and where to complain.

    • Arshad Tigadi

      better park your car infront of your house in your residential lane.

      • NAs

        Dear Arshad,

        You might not have read what I have written or you might not have understood.
        If someone is already blocked the parking slots with some stone or wood or anything of that stuff, how you are going to deal with them.

        And there are so many who are doing this. No one has the courage to talk to them. I want to complain to Municipality or any other concerned department.

        • hamood Iqbal

          yes please complain and also let us know … i amalso fed up with ppl blocking parking with brick or wood

  • Mohamed Iqbal

    is this fine still valid? I have heard that it is reduced as same before ?.