SR 950 Insurance compulsory for all visa stamping to Saudi Arabia

Health insurance of US dollar 254 ( SR 950) now compulsory for stamping of visas of all category. It is compulsory even for transit visa passengers. Though the rule about medical insurance was announced earlier a year ago but it was not implemented till now. However, starting from today, that is 17th October, 2016 all visitors to Saudi Arabia will be required to have medical Insurance before coming to Saudi Arabia. This medical insurance has to be done before visa stamping.

It can be seen from the below circular the requirements of Medical Insurance for travelling to Saudi Arabia.

Circular for Health Insurance for Saudi Arabia

Circular for Health Insurance for Saudi Arabia

The insurance required is specific as directed by Royal Saudi Embassy and they have clearly told that only visa issued by the agency specified by then will be accepted.

It seems that this is only for the visitors to Saudi Arabia and not applicable for those who are already having permanent residency. However, as the new rules are being implemented, things are getting streamlined, we will get to know the full impact of application of this rule. To keep updated on this news and others related to Saudi Arabia, like us on or Subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Muneeb Baig

    2000+950+200 this is too much how can the govt expect the tourism growth with this heavy fees and insurance….

    • Mohan kumar

      Hi is this applicable only for tourist visa or also applicable for employment visa…? please clarify

  • Mohan kumar

    Hi is this applicable only for tourist visa or also applicable for employment visa…? please clarify..

    • Mohammed Aleemullah Javed

      No.. for employment visa your sponsor will provide you insurance along with Iqama(resident card) once you are in SAUDI.

      • Mohan kumar

        thank you for your update

  • Mohammed Aleemullah Javed

    My parents visit visa got stamped last week before they implement this insurance cost and my parents are travelling next week. Will there be any issue if they travel without this insurance ?

  • Omar Abdallah

    Is this diversification of economy or looting foreigners in anyway possible? need to learn diversification of economy from Australia, Canada or USA or even Iran (seriously)

    • Sadaf Ali

      They are just looting expats here by such policies. It’s just beginning .

    • Shabeer Pakistani

      They just want to grab money from anyone/ anywhere possible.

  • mailtonizarahmed

    has anybody done stamping in india with new insurance fee recently. I got to know from agent in mumbai there is no insurance fee for stamping but in delhi they charge. Kindly confirm if any one did already with fee structure. Thank you.

    • Sakeer Peringady

      my friend said that he is asked to pay 18000 rupees for insurance for his wife two days ago in mumbai consulate

    • reyu

      i have done my wife Permanent visa stamping on 21.10.2016 in Mumbai without any insurance expenses..

      • mailtonizarahmed

        how about for Family visit visa?

        • reyu

          not sure about visit visa bro…since I have personal experience on permanent visa I gave my feedback.

          • mailtonizarahmed

            Thanks anyway bro.

      • S Rahaman

        Hi Brother,

        What amount total they took to stamping permanent visa? Did they apply for Permanent visa stamping extra SAR 2000 for every passport as they applied in visit visa?

        • reyu

          no they havent charged anything to me… i paid only INR 5000/- to agency for getting my spouse visa stamp and SR 2000/- in KSA while getting visa.. which is standard charges for permanent visa.

  • Sandy Burnett

    Does anyone know if this applies to a multiple entry visa that is still valid? If my husband leaves and comes back, will he need to get insurance before he returns? Or does this only apply when he has to get a new visa? He has a 5 year visa, and has to leave the country every 6 months.

  • Muhammad Saleh Baloch

    will this insurance be valid once a persons enters the kingdom on resident visa? or he has to attain a new medical insurance which is mandatory to attain or apply for IQAMA? Admin please reply?

    • philiplumanglas

      Insurance is only required for Visit visa where as for family visa, same procedure as before.. medical will be done here before iqama is issue.

      • Muhammad Saleh Baloch

        @philiplumanglas: Your response is appreciated. Does this means that they will collect the insurance money in the home country and once the resident reaches Kingdom, He/She will be using the same insurance and there will be no need for NEW INSURANCE?

  • Osman Md S Mr .

    after end of this month Oct 2016 the next month of Arabic hijri month SAFAR MNTH ., one of agent in india they say it possible a chance to reduce the sum of from 2000/-sar (incl insurance health card fess ) for visit visa visa endorsement fess in india., is is correct or no need to trust or hope *osman

  • Muhammad Saleh Baloch

    Is it necessary to get your partner registered member under the same insurance company or policy which you are having? For example if I have insurance from BUPA so my partner should also get insured by them?? Admin / expert opinion required……

  • imran

    for family visit visa if the insurance is done in india during stamping then when they come to saudi arabia will they have medical card like bufa or any other. what is the purpose of this insurance.

    • Shabeer Pakistani

      Just to grab money

  • Khalique Ahmad

    How to and from where get medical insurance card, if I have paid for medical insurance in india thru Enjaz system before proceeding family visit visa.

  • Adil Awan

    How to and from where get medical insurance card, if I have paid for medical insurance in Pakistan thru Enjaz system before proceeding family visit visa.

  • Attention guys, we serve for visiting visa issue for family without any kofil stamp/signature or any other things we needs just your iqama No. (1-2) days within handover you visa copy 0547205611

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  • Usman Akhter

    They just taking the money in the name of insurance,but not and medical card provided. How to claim it?