Tips while applying for your Parents Permanent Visa

Parents PV apply tipsSaudi Arabia offers expatriates to have their family over for Permanent Family Visa. The procedure has been explained in various other articles and posts, we’ve explained the difference between the visas in terms of infographic too so you might opt for the best option available.

If you have your family back in your native country and you alone are working in KSA, then it is wise to have them here with you ask it can be a boring place with not so much activities and places to go to, especially when you are living as a bachelor here.  Applying for your wife’s and child’s visa is different than applying for your parents. You may find the basics to be the same in both the visa but there are a few exceptions when you calling your parents here.

  • The one you should know here that if you not married then you cannot have your parents coming to KSA on permanent visa, you need to be married to apply for the visa process.
  • When you reach the Jawazat office, you have to convince the authorities there by submitting a Court attested document by Saudi Embassy in your country. The document should state that your mother is residing in your country, she is alone living there and there is no relative there who can take care of her. This letter should also be attested from MOFA in KSA. Attestation makes the document and your claim more valid, rather than verbal arguments that will do you no good in Saudi Arabia.
  • If your parents are sick then this point can be added in the letter along with the attestation from various authorities as mentioned above.
  • If your parents are sick then this point can be added in the letter along with the attestation from various authorities as mentioned above.
  • You should also mention and tell them if you are not having any siblings in your home country to take care of your parents. All these little arguments and points can make your claim much stronger and your case can then be considered too.
  • Bear in mind that you have to provide logical reasoning to the officers there in Jawazat. If required take the GRO of your company with you and ask him to translate what you’re saying in Arabia. The language does make a difference!
  • If you are not careful of the above points then your case may be turned down as it happens in most of the cases. Providing documents for proof and specially attesting the letter from MOFA and Saudi Embassy will help you a great deal in this matter.

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  • Naila

    If I want my mother and father both permanent visa , so what will be the process , can u please explain little

  • khaled

    is it possible to bring both mother and father on permanent visa.

    • Samrah Shaikh

      Yes it is! using the same procedure.

  • Rehana Ahammed

    Dear Sir,

    I am working as General System Analyst in an IT company at Riyadh, I came here in family visa from my husband and later I transferred the sponsorship to the company. We have a son and he is with my parents in native. I want to bring my son and my parents together as I don’t have siblings.

    My parents are old and there is no one to take care of them. Is it possible to take permanent visa for my parents as me and my husband is working here?

    Can I apply for the visa? I am not sure about female can be sponsor here. Or has my husband to apply visa for his in-law parents?

    Kindly guide me on this.

    • unlike150

      Yes possible.

  • Rehana Ahammed

    Kindly share a sample letter which we can submit to Saudi Embassy for attestation. Just want to know a format of the letter.

  • Rehana Ahammed

    Did anyone get resident visa for parents? Please reply

  • Abdulla

    (Civil engineering Draftsman) is it ok for permanent visa?

  • Fahim Sayyed

    i want to to apply for permanent visa for my mother in law… can u please tell me the list of document required for this process. Thanks