Traffic Rules / Traffic Law in Saudi Arabia

The traffic rules in Saudi Arabia are categorized into four sections starting with the most severe violations category first. The rules are as follows:

First category

Penalties: Impounding of  vehicle with fine of SR 500 to SR 900

  1. Driving the vehicle without obtaining a driver’s license.
  2. Driving the vehicle without license plates ( impounding  of the vehicle until the correction of the violation).
  3. Driving the vehicle without a rear license plate (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  4. To use different license plates other than those belonging to the vehicle (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  5. To use illegal license plates (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  6. To install equipment in the vehicle, similar to equipment of official vehicles and  emergency vehicles (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  7. Obliterate or attempt to blur the definition of special features of the vehicle(The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  8. Driving under the influence of intoxicant or narcotic drug or prescription drugs forewarned for about the narcotic influence.
  9. Bypass the traffic light at the red light.
  10. Driving the vehicle in the opposite direction of traffic.
  11. Changing lanes quickly between vehicles on public roads.
  12. Exceed the speed limit by more than twenty-five kilometers per hour.
  13. Overtaking in prohibited areas such as bends where overtaking and the highlands.
  14. Stopping over the railroad.
  15. Not covering the shell and load transported. (for trucks)
  16. To carry out works on public roads without prior to coordination with the concerned department.
  17. Not halting the vehicle completely at “Stop” sign.
  18. Not to give the advantage of being fully standing at the signal (in front of you preference) in the case of the passage of vehicles on the road given his preference.
  19. Not giving priority to vehicles coming from right at the intersection of equal access to preferences at the same time and when there is no signal priority.
  20. Not giving priority to vehicles on the main road in the absence of a signal advantage.
  21. Not complying with the hand signals given by the security officer who is managing the movement of traffic.
  22. Not giving priority to vehicles within the roundabout by cars outside the roundabout in the absence of traffic lights or a Police officer.
  23. Driving a vehicle without necessary accesories such as brakes, lights, etc or putting public safety at risk (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  24. Not using lights when driving in weather conditions where visibility is not clear.
  25. Driving in tunnels without lights.

Second category

Penalties: Impounding of  vehicle with fine of SR 300 to SR 500

  1. Any modification or addition to the structure or the body of the vehicle without taking the necessary approval from the traffic department. (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  2. Conducting public works or construction on the roads before taking the necessary safety measures to avoid harm, including the development of non-reflective slide on the back side of the vehicle (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  3. Using a vehicle that causes pollution on public roads (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  4. Exceed the speed limit by not more than twenty-five kilometers per hour.
  5. Tampering with the road or reflectors or signals governing the movement of traffic.
  6. Not to stand at checkpoints, security patrols or when there is there is a sign to stop vehicle for inspection.
  7. Non-compliance with traffic at intersections.
  8. Not using the vehicle for the purpose for which is licensed for.
  9. A number of passengers more than the number specified in the license.
  10. Sitting/standing of passenger in location in vehicle which is not for the purpose.
  11. Refusing to show the documentation for the driver or the vehicle for unauthorized access.
  12. Non-compliance with the limits of the specific tracks on the road.
  13. Leaving objects on public roads and thereby putting public safety at risk.
  14. Not to give preference to Police cars or ambulances.
  15. Going beyond the school bus when it has stopped to load or unload.
  16. Driving vehicle with expired driving license.

Third category

Penalties: Fine amount – SR 150-300

  1. Non-availability of the statutory requirements of the trailer.
  2. Failure to provide MVPI (fahas) certificate.
  3. Violation of the rules of the use of indicator lights.
  4. Failure to take necessary precautions when you stop the vehicle in emergency situations on public roads.
  5. Barriers inside the vehicle obstruct the driver’s vision.
  6. Not to carry driver’s license or permit while driving.
  7. Leaving the vehicle on the road with a slope without taking the necessary precautions.
  8. Violation of regulations on road.
  9. Failure to maintain the number plates of the vehicle.
  10. Failure to terminate the procedures for transfer of vehicle ownership.
  11. Failure to terminate the procedures for amending the use of the vehicle.
  12. No seat belt.
  13. Non-use of safety seats for children.
  14. Failure to observe the rules of preference.
  15. Non-directed vehicle for export within the period specified.
  16. Using mobile phone while driving.
  17. Stimulant abuse the vehicle.
  18. Not to wear a helmet when riding a motor bike.
  19. Leadership in the tracks is dedicated to it.
  20. The failure of the owners of animals excluded from the roads.

Fourth category

Penalties (Fine amount – SR 100 to SR 150)

  1. The use of unauthorized devices in the vehicle or put banners or posters are contrary to public morals.
  2. Leave vehicles on public roads in areas not assigned to them is a necessity.
  3. Throw any objects outside the vehicle while walking.
  4. Conduct of vehicle without a front panel.
  5. Get off or ride during the course of the vehicles.
  6. Pedestrian crossing of the ways of non-designated areas for them.
  7. Non-compliance with pedestrian signals of their own.
  8. Slowdown in traffic in a manner impedes the movement.
  9. Parking the vehicle in places not intended for parking.
  10. Stand in the parking places and people with special needs of this category is allowed.
  11. Concern without the road while driving the vehicle.
  12. The absence of an insurance policy.
  • Sreejith Nair


    I am having UAE driving License,could I drive here in Saudi Arabia with the same? and If I wanted to get a Saudi Arabian driving license what formalities I need to undergo,as some friends told if I am submitting my UAE license they will cut it and issue the KSA license.
    I need my UAE License also.Currently I am having the copy of my Indian License and Original UAE license.
    Kindly let me the actual and easy procedure as I need to travel diff location due to my work nature.currently I am using UAE Driving License.

    • sameer

      i am also facing the same problem
      can i give the copy of uae license instead of the original one for acquiring saudi license.

      • jibril abaja

        just show them ur original license and authenticated copy from ur embassy do not use uae license

  • ahmed

    What is the fine for noise pollution in ksa

    • Rashid

      Why do ask such a question 5 o clock in the morning ??
      Noise pollution fine in Saudi. LOL

  • aslam

    i got fine for not putting seat belts how much is the fine

    • Asghar

      150 sar

  • dranreb

    I’d like to buy a scooter, driving such that one need a driver license? What is the required cc in motorcycle to have a license? Just asking…

  • syed

    installing oracle halo headlights are leagal in saudi arabia?????

  • muhammad kamran

    what z the fine , if u stop completely at red signal in second row to the right nd then u take a right turn. ?
    is this an offence ?
    amount of fine plz?


      Dear Friend,

      In free right turn, taking right fron 2nd lane, i got SR.500/- fine through SAHER System.
      Please avoid these fines….

    • indian

      When RED you should always take free right turn from the last lane only after complete stop. Taking right from other lane when signal is RED is an offense and same will be fined SR 300.

      • Dennis Pajarito

        not anymore, new traffic rules released in arab news

  • asif

    i got fine for one head light bulb is fused, how much is the fine?

    • Seethi

      I got 500 fined — one head light not working…..last week.

      • salman

        I got fine for seatbelt. How much is the fine.. But from where i should pay the fine?

        • indian

          SR 150

  • Muhammad Naeem

    i have a ticket for parking in no Parking zone, what should be fine.



    Could anyone tell me what is the time limit to avoid fine replications due to payment delays..?

  • thirumoorthy

    I Cross the signal shoot camera what problem I don’t know tell me

  • mohammad nafees

    today iam crossing the yellow signal then shoot camera what a problem i don’t know..plese avoid

    • indian

      If unavoidable to stop you may cross in yellow but speed limit should be below 70 kmph. if above speed limit it is an offence.

      • yasu

        how much fine if speed above 70 kmph on signal ………..

        • Asif

          did u get fine??

  • Hello, i believe that i noticed you visited my web site so i came to return the favor?.I’m trying to in finding things to
    improve my site!I suppose its ok to use some of
    your ideas!!

  • durangoksaguy

    Dear i was about to cross signal before it turned yellow, but i couldn’t stop. unfortunately there was a guy in front of me who suddenly want to take left turn all the way from 3rd row which i was behind him, so i have to decrease my speed. in the mean time signal turned red.. there were 2 flashes… is this my mistake?? i already had crossed signal and was away from signal like 15 to 20 meter but still didn’t reach other side… will i get fined for it that was not my mistake??

  • Mohammad

    I got a fine for parking in No Parking zone,
    What should be fine ? and how to pay ?

    I’m checking the fine on website : Under : E-Services > Public E-Services > Traffic > Query Traffic Violations
    When I put Iqama number and Image Code then it doesn’t show any result. Neither shows SAR0 or any amount.
    It just refresh the page when i click view.
    Can anyone help me ?

    • Mohamed

      dont use google chrome. try in Internet explorer

    • Mian Saeed

      As per your statement; you got a fine for a wrong parking. Next, you are asking; what should be the fine? If you have got a fine, you should know its amount. If you are just thinking about it that you have got the fine then its ok and be relaxed as you have no any outstanding amount against your name and Iqama number. You may check it again and if there is still no any amount then be relaxed.

  • mujtaba

    how much is the fine for crossing red signal in saher observation and is there any jail for that

    • Dennis Pajarito

      500 SAR , crossing with accident 900 SAR plus 48hours in jail

    • Mian Saeed

      The violation of traffic lights; ‘bypassing the red light,’ is one of the major violations of Traffic Rules in KSA. The penalty of major violation ranges between SAR 500 to 900. There is no any information regarding imprisonment or jail, mentioned in any categories of the KSA Traffic Rules. Timely payment of the said penalty may clear the issue.

  • jibril abaja

    i’ve a text msg from moroor for traffic violation,when i visit their website i have 100 sar fine ,guys please help me how to know what my violation is? thanks

    • Jawad Hamid

      normally SAR100 only for wrong parking.

  • lornoxi

    I turned right from last lane just a second before signal turned from yellow to red… there were 2 flashes.. will i get fine?? How much???

    • Roshan

      Did you get a fine yet?

      I took a right turn at signal today. Did not wait 2 seconds. Camera flashed. Will I get a fine?


    i’d like to ask that whether we need liscense for scooter and 125/150 cc bikes
    pls reply

  • Mohamed

    Turned right without stopping. Camera flashed. will i be fined?

    • Roshan

      Did you get a fine?

      Same thing happened to me today. Turned right without stopping. Will I get a fine?

      • Jawad Hamid

        if its flashed once then its just a warning but if twice then SAR 300… 😛

  • mesfer

    Dear all
    I go umrah last month with my brother in my company car at madeena check point they give traffic ticket for car not using for license purpose and after two days 300 s r violation got. I tried to pay the amount by ATM and online also but I cant.kindly advice why I can’t pay the amount.please any body advice the same.

    • Mohammed Asif

      Dear i got in the same issue how did you resolved , and now its 500 SAR

      • mujahid

        Can you please tell me how you solve it???

  • shyam

    how much is the fine for crossing only red signal

    • TI

      i want to know the same. did u get any information? some are telling me 500 SAR and some are saying there is 24 jail with it. i got the yellow paper 3 days ago

      • Mian Saeed

        The violation of traffic lights; ‘bypassing red light,’ is one of the major violations of traffic rules in KSA. The penalty of major violation ranges between SAR 500 to 900. There is no any information regarding imprisonment or jail, mentioned in any categories of the KSA Traffic Rules. Timely payment of the said penalty may clear the issue.

    • Jawad Hamid

      300 SAR

    • Mian Saeed

      Bypassing the traffic lights at the red light, is one of the major violations, which falls under section 9 of the Ist Category of Traffic Rules in KSA. The fine of major violations ranges between SAR 500 to 900.

  • TI

    3 days ago i got a traffic violation for crossing the light (although i didn’t), policeman stopped me, gave me the yellow paper and allowed me to go without taking any of my documents. up to now it is not appearing in the system. some are saying i’ll just pay 500 SAR and some are telling there’s a 24 hours jail as well. anyone has clear info?

    • saad

      what is an update regarding your case.

  • Mohammed

    can anyone let me know what meaning of ( Aaml kaab )
    i got penalized at highway and policeman said it is for carrying 5 people (who were friends of mine) i was driving and car is registered under my friends company.
    if anyone can let me know what this word ( Aaml kaab ) means and what will be the penalty…
    Thank you

    • Mohammed Asif

      Did you solve your problem??

    • Aftab Qaisar

      Aamal kaab, actually the word is Hamal Rakab means there is passengers in your car.

  • some saudi guy driving from opposite of traffic came and hit my car and today I am running after Khobar Muroor to get the paperwork and repair work cost sorted and it is taking several days here in Al-Khobar hope the service was really efficient ….

  • Every Govt. or Private office or any system should implement 360 degree feedback system to know the performance levels and customer satisfaction levels… the world today is failed simply due to not making life simpler for others but people complicating the issue and make life difficult…

  • idrees malik

    Aoa maa ake question puchnata hu ky agar garama chalan car ka ake dafa dubble ho jayy kya dusri dafa dubble ho ga??kuy jawab de de

  • Razzak

    If we didn’t Carry original Istamara there is any fine.

  • Carmelo Reyes

    Is there a fine after I exceeded from a marker with big red dot in a traffic light? Camera flashes 2 times even I didn’t continue to run.

    • Muhammad Zeeshan

      U got fine?
      I had same situation today ☹️

  • Mohammed Khan


    few months back i did accident ( on Wrong Side) and i paid that money and i received the one receipt from maroor they wrote i paid the money. But in the last line they wrote.

    they stop the my services. why they write like that, they stopped the my services.

    any one can help me how i solve the Issue.

    • nemo

      Hi. How did you solve the issue of having your services stopped?

  • Abdul

    If we cross green signal in saudi there is any speed limits while cross the green signal.if it is available means how much speed limit and how much penalty for this violation.can anyone knows kindly reply.

  • rushdi

    When i reach closer to the traffic lights it was blinking green light so suddenly i tried to stop the car but unfortunately I stopped little further to the intersection lines and at that moment light was yellow meantime i got flashed from the camera but i did stop.I did not continue through the intersection. Then I backed up behind the intersection line again(i reversed my car)

    Do they consider this as crossing the traffic lights??

    • Abu Bakar

      Hello sir did you get fine that time because today i had same situation

      • rushdi

        No bro i didn’t get so hopefully you also will not get inshaa allah

    • Abu Bakar

      Sir please reply immedately

  • saad

    اسلام و عليكم
    Can u help me to know that I get fine or no because on Thursday night I was waiting for the signal to be green and suddenly I just accelerate my car on red but I didn’t cross I was on the zebra crossing and I got 3 flashes please help to let me know Thanks.

    • Ziyad Mohammed Abdulla

      Did u get the fine?
      please reply…

      • saad

        No الحمدلله

  • Rasheed Hussain

    whats the fine for double parking??

  • Shomi Sheikh

    Plz help i take u turn on green light and slowly but siganl is flash 1 time what is that mean did i get a fine ?

  • arsh shaikh

    When signal is green within one second I move my car suddenly camera flash so I got fine or not ?
    If not then why the camera flash

    • arsh shaikh

      Anybody pls reply

      • ahamil

        Did you get fine till now?

  • Noor Muhammad

    Asalamoalikum everyone, i just got flashed on 100km/hr on khobar-Dammam highway, where the normal speed limit is from 100-110. Any help for me?

  • Zul FI

    dear friends i just cross the speed limit from 70 /kms to 76/kms i just got a small flash but another car got a more lighting flash than me .. anyone please tell me did i got Fine on 76/KMS speed even the speed limit was 70

    • Datu Saddam Saliao

      did you get the fine? please reply.

  • Faizal Tp

    Plz help me urgently, accidently I crossed red signal and I got two flash and I take right will I get a fine so 3000 plz help me

    • ahamil

      Did you get fine?

      • Faizal Tp

        yes bro I got fine ????

        • ahamil

          How many days it took for the message ? and how much fine? please reply . Thanks.

          • Faizal Tp

            I got a fine of Sr 3000 nd the mssg came to me after 4 days, for some people that I enquired about it taken almost 1 month.
            Inshaallah hope that You will not receive the msg.
            if you need any help call me #0503009213

          • Abar Abha

            when should the fine has to be paid? in a month? if this is not possible …tgey will exceed the fine ratio.

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  • TheClay005

    How to authorized two name in one company car?

  • Santosh Chauhan

    Hi what is the speed limit for toyat van in saudi as per new law it is 140 km/hr doest it come under this or nelow 100