How To Transfer Your Family Members Under Your Sponsorship

Salam Brothers, May Allah protect our families. I was living with my parents, 1 brother and 1 sister in KSA since I was a child. Then I graduated, got a job and transferred my Iqama to a company. Last year my father passed away (May Allah bless his soul) leaving behind my mother, brother and sister. I started researching on how to transfer them on my Iqama but faced many difficulties due to lack of clear guidelines/requirements/procedures in governments offices. However after running around for 2 months, I finally transferred my Family members under my sponsorship. Below were the requirements, I got them in pieces from different gov. departments. I compiled them and divided them into 4 phases.

Phase 1: Collecting the required documents.

  1. Letter from you in Arabic to explain the situation.
  2. Salary Certificate and NOC from company with chamber of commerce stamped. Profession should match as mentioned in your Iqama.
  3. Certificate print from GOSI (Salary should match as mentioned in Salary certificate)
  4. Your Valid Iqama & Passport Copy.
  5. Your Birth Certificate copy. If not in Arabic, get it translated from any authorized translation center.
  6. Father’s Iqama & passport copy.
  7. Father’s death certificate copy
  8. Mother’s Iqama & Passport copy
  9. Brother’s Iqama & Passport copy (If you have any brother). Kindly note that you can only transfer your brother under your sponsorship if he is under 18 years old and studying in school.
  10. Brother’s Birth Certificate Copy. If not in Arabic, get it translated from any authorized translation center.
  11. Sister’s iqama & Passport copy (If you have any sister)
  12. Sister’s Birth certificate copy. If not in Arabic, get it translated from any authorized translation center.
  13. Confirmation letter from your brother’s school with their stamp. This letter should also be stamped from Ministry of Education in KSA.
  14. Letter of confirmation from you in Arabic that sister is not married. Because you cannot transfer your sister under your sponsorship if she is married.
  15. A good profession on your Iqama. (Not sure about it. But mine was “Commercial Manager”).

Take all these documents to Jawazzat in Legal Affairs Department. They will verify documents and your information and will issue you a letter on the same day. The letter is addressed to court to issue a verification letter (صك اعاله) to prove that your case is genuine.

Jawazzat will return all above documents to you. You have to bring them again with court’s letter.

Phase 2: Getting Letter of confirmation from court (صك اعاله Sak-A’ala)

To get the Sak-A’ala from court (كتاب العدل), you need:

  1. Letter that Jawazzat gave you.
  2. 4 witnesses. They should know you and witness to judge that your father is dead and you are the only one/legal guardian to take care of your family. All should have valid Iqama.
  3. Original and copies of Iqama of yours and all family members.

Go to the court, they will register your case and will send you to a Judge with witnesses. Wait for your turn. Judge will call your name and will ask you to state your situation. If you don’t know Arabic, court will arrange for a translator. Then Judge will ask witnesses to witness if your situation is genuine. Once it is finished and court is satisfied, Judge will give you and witnesses a paper to sign. Once you sign, Court will issue the letter (صك اعاله Sak-A’ala).

Take this letter with all the other previous documents to Jawazzat to submit the case.

Phase 3: Final submission of documents in Jawazzat.

Submit all the documents with court’s letter in Jawazzat (Legal Affairs Dept.). They will register your case and ask you to come back in few days. In my case, they ask to wait for 15 days. Check back on that day. If your case is approved by Legal Affairs Department, they will issue you another letter to complete the final step of transfer.

Phase 4: Final Procedure Of  Family Iqama Transfer

Once you get the final approval from Jawazzat, below must be fulfilled:

  1. Fingerprints enrollment of all family members. If not done, take all your family members to fingerprint enrollment department to enroll their fingerprints.
  2. Filled transfer form of each family member.
  3. Original Iqama and passport with their copies of all family members.
  4. 2 passport size pictures of each family member.

Take all these documents to Jawazzat (Transfer of Service Department) with the final letter you got from legal affairs dept. and submit. They will transfer all the member immediately under your sponsorship. You will receive an SMS notification and you can also check in your Abshir Account in MOI under Sponsoree Services. All your family members will appear there.

I know that procedure is too long and with lot of hassles, but this is what I have gone through and Allah helped me and opened up the path ways. Now I can renew their Iqama with 1000 SAR for 2 years for each family member and most importantly, my family is living with me now.

I never paid any fees to complete the above process except some small expenses occurred on documentation and forms. Beware of agents sitting outside of Jawazzat. They ask huge money to get your family transfer on your Iqama but cannot give the guarantee. One asked me to pay 40000 SAR  and he will get it done 2 weeks.  Please always try to go via legal ways.


  • Ibadat

    Allah bless your family

  • Tallha. Sonalkar


  • Shakir Ali

    Thank you for sharing such invaluable information.

    Since I am facing a similar situation but in my situation my
    mother passed away on 27th May 2015 (May Allah swt have mercy and
    bless her soul inshallah). Also, my father who is above 60 years of age has got
    his retirement letter few weeks back.

    At present, I am trying to have the sponsorship of my father
    and one un wed sister on my sponsorship.

    Upon my visit to the jawazat – legal affairs department,
    they asked me my citizenship when I stated my citizenship that am an Indian,
    they bluntly replied that they used to transfer family sponsorship earlier but
    recently they have stopped.

    Can anyone help me out in this? My contact number is
    0540788564. Also, am based in Jeddah.

    Alhamdulillah, my profession is of an General Accountant.

    Jazakllah Khair

    • Saifullah Ansari

      As I replied above, I don’t know any ways that can transfer your father on your Iqama as Jawazzat is not accepting such cases. There are only 2 ways that I know once a person retires:
      1- Return back to the home country.
      2- Find any Kafeel that can take your father’s sponsorship. He will surely ask you money for this.


      • Aasim

        Assalamu Alaikum,

        I have witnessed two cases, where father was transferred under son’s sponsorship. One was done with the approval of Moi and the other one with the Approval from Emaraa.

        One should write an application to Ministry of Interior for the approval of Father sponsorship transfer under son. Once you get the approval from Moi then Jawazat will make the transfer.
        You can also get approval from Governor House (Emaraa) if not from Moi.

  • doc

    I am a female dentist, I’m facing similar problem . My father is above 63 and his company now asked him to retire . We tried to transfer him as murafiq, to my mother who’s working at a school. We got acceptance from MOI but got refused by jawazat Riyadh .
    Can you plz tell me whether I can transfer him to my iqama, I am married , but have a separate iqama from my husband. My profession on iqama is dentist.
    Thank you. Your emails are very helpful .

    • Saifullah Ansari

      As per my knowledge, Jawazzat stopped transferring fathers on children’s or wife’s sponsorship. I have heard about some cases in past when some people transferred, but now Jawazzat is clearly refusing such cases. Before the death of my father, I was trying the same to transfer him on my Iqama but never succeeded. His age was above sixty and I had to transfer him to another kafeel just for him to live with me. I am sorry I cannot help you anymore in this. Allah bless you.


      • Shakir Ali

        Jazakallah Khair for your reply.

  • Fayzee

    Very good information, brother. Thanks a lot. May Allah bless you and your family.

  • Memon Abdulkader

    appreciate yr kind information. it will help many others JAZAK ALLAH KHAIRAN

  • Muhammad ishaq

    is it possible to transfer visa visa to family visa.plz guide me

  • Muhammad ishaq

    is it possible to transfer visit visa to family visa.plz guide me

    • Saifullah Ansari

      Nowadays, it is not possible. Previously there was some amnesty period from King where some people got permanent visas of their families who were in KSA on Umrah or Visit Visa. Hope such amnesty period comes in future but currently it is not possible.

  • shadab rasiol

    Salaam ale kum Thanks brother for this important information.JazzakAllah khair
    Brother can I transfer my father and my mother under my sponsorship Because my father is retire from his job and they r asking to take tanazul or go exit.please guide me

    • Saifullah Ansari

      W. Salam. As I replied to the sister below, it is not possible now to transfer father on your sponsorship. Since your father is alive, you also cannot take sponsorship of your mother. The only way for them to live in KSA is by taking tanazul to kafeel by paying him some money or go back to the home country.

      • shadab rasiol

        Thanks brother

      • ehsan

        kesy ho bhai jaan .
        i request with you i need visa job please give me visa because i want to sport my family .i have 4 sisters. i live my ami abu jaan and sisters. i have very biggest resposibility.
        please give me one chance when i will come in soudia arabia then i will pay you visa fee lazmi. please intreset me please ALLAH K wasty hi sahi.

        • Saifullah Ansari

          Brother, believe in Allah. If you are capable enough and if it is in your destiny, you will get the job.

  • Maha Noor


    I have the same problem as you. My brother start the process and its stop in jawazat office in last step. I think kafeel is doing late for us and he took amount of money too from us to transfer iqama on brother, my brother is under the same kafeel. Now a days,jawazat is closed, he will see after vacations, what we can do if he do this process so late, I have to do job somewhere and I am waiting for iqama.


    • Saifullah Ansari

      W. Salam Maha. Your brother’s kafeel has nothing to do with this process except issuing an NOC. The rest of the process has to be completed by your brother. Ask your brother to read this article carefully and avoid giving money to people as nobody can complete this process but him only.
      I suggest your brother should visit jawazzat and ask why the case is stuck. And then proceed as needed.

      • Maha Noor

        I will do as you said. Thanks for sugession.

      • Maha Noor

        Our kafeel made our iqama. But some are under “dependents” and some are under “Sponserees”, can u plz tell me, what the difference between this?

        Thank You

        • Saifullah Ansari

          Can you tell who are under dependants and who are in sponsorees?

          • Maha Noor

            I am only in “under” dependents and all other mama, brother and sisters are “under” sponserees. Is any thing wrong ?

          • Saifullah Ansari

            You are his sister right? Usually dependants are wife and children. Not sister, mother, brother. If someone is able to take the sponsorship of his father, mother, sister or brothers they come under sponsoree. They will have separate iqama as murafiq or murafiqah.
            The members under dependants will have iqama renewed with the sponsor with no extra fees. While members under sponsorees will have their iqama renewed seperately with separate fees for 500 sar per year per member.

          • Maha Noor

            So what should we do now, is it wrong or its ok now,he did this or this happen from jawazat office?
            He is not doing so well during this process, and one more thing the expiry date for two members is after 2 months and others 1 year, is he done wrong with us or this happen by mistake from jawazat office?
            Many thanks for your reply.

          • Saifullah Ansari

            As per my knowledge, all should be under sponsorees. I think there is mistake from jawazzat office. Please ask your brother to take your iqama to jawaazat office legal affairs department and meet the manager there. Explain the situation to him and ask why it is done when other sisters are under as murafiqah?
            I had the same problem when jawazzat put my brother’s profession as “son of Saudi women”. I went to jawazzat, explained my situation to manager and asked him to correct the situation. He did it in half an hour.
            Dont worry about the expiry. It happened with me as well. Before transfer, My family iqama had 7 months left but when jawazzat transferred, only 3 months were given and I had to renew them within 3 months.

          • Maha Noor

            My brother went there today, they are saying for “Dependent” and “sponserees”, its ok,leave it. And for 2 months problem, they will re-new iqama after 2 months.

          • Saifullah Ansari

            If they have said so, then leave it. The good thing is that problem solved.

      • As Salaamu Alaikum.
        Brother Saifullah Ansari. Thanks for sharing vert important experience in such nice way.
        I want to apply visit visa for my wife, our one year old daughter, my father in law & my mother in law.
        My visa is of BUILDING TECHNICIAN. I wanted to know if the visit visa application for my parents in laws will be approved.

  • Asim Rizwan

    Dear thx for sharing such information with all of us. If possible then kindly update that how i can get family permenant visa for my mother. My father die in 2006 & i am the only son. I am married & my family is here in KSA except my mother. Kindly suggest

    • Saifullah Ansari

      Brother, as far as I know, it is not possible to get your mother’s visa. I know one of my friend had the same problem. He got the written approval from MOI jeddah office as well. But jawazzat refused to give him the visa saying that it is not the policy and it is not allowed.

  • adnan

    Aslam u alacam
    My father died in Pakistan still ther iqama was valid for 3 mounts my mother was with my family in saudi arabia. I want to transfer my mother under me. Death certificate, kafel latter are ready but when I went to jazwat that to issue me letter for cout. The officer at jazwat office in rehab depment shahoon quanina write on my doucment that I have to come after one month., when I request for early he cut the one month date and write to come next year 01-01-1437 after 3 mounts .he is very rood .that we are not a humman. Every muslim are equal. If he is a officer must treat the people like humman .
    Pls help me.

    • Saifullah Ansari

      Brother, The officer gave me 20 days time and I took it as it is silently without asking anything. After 20 days when I went, they registered my case without any difficulty.
      Please always be very careful when dealing with government officers. Since the problem is yours, you need to be very quite and ask information only. If they feel you are interfering in their decisions, they might feel bad and you will bear the consequences.
      I suggest, go to the same officer and ask to register your case as your family iqama is going to expire and try to convince him. Take someone with you who speaks arabic so that he can explain your situation to officer.

      • adnan

        Aslam u alacam
        Dear brother alhomdilla I Coumplete the all documents and went again to jazwat.,now the officer ask me to bring death certificate also from ahwal al madni .I went there with death certificate attsted from saudi ambassi from Pakistan and forgen affair from jeddah, but they can not give me they ask how we give the person was dead in out from kindom aslo no need .every person ask me it’s no need.but this officer in al shahoon kanonnani he is not agree and not listen any thigh talk very very road that we are not a humman. Very upset. Ya alla help me pray for me every one and also put raham and reciept on the hart of this officer.

        • Saifullah Ansari

          W salam brother. Death certificate of father is one the requirement of jawazzat for such cases (As I mentioned the requirements in the above article). So you need to present it. Those saying it is not needed are wrong.
          I suggest you go to any authorized translation center and get the death certificate translated in Arabic. And then go the Sho’on Al-Qanooniyah jawazzat. Tell them that your father died in his home country when he was on vacation but his family was here so now there is no one to take care of him.

  • Zain Balouch

    its there any government fee for my mother transfer and sister,brother

    • Saifullah Ansari

      There is no fee for transferring your family members onto your iqama.

      • thomas joseph


        I am awaiting for my new(changed sponsorship)iqama for the past 4 months. It has been issued and dispatched to Wasel. But Wasel says they have not received. Jawazat says that they have sent to Wasel. Due to this my iqama is pending for last 4 months. Approached agents also. but they are also helpless, since iqama is issued, they can’t take new print of the same iqama. Company also has no clue. They instructed me to wait further. Seeking your valuable advise.

        • Saifullah Ansari

          Do you have account with saudi post wasel online?
          Did you receive any SMS containing the tracking number of package?

          • thomas joseph

            Company having an account with Wasel. They received and renewed several iqama after mine. But mine missing. There is a document with details of despatch from jawazat to wasel, which my company hr has shown me. It has been sent to wasel few months ago. WASEL says they did not receive the same. No sms received from Wasel

          • thomas joseph

            This document our HR has extracted from Muqeem portal. They been to Wasel with document stating dates of despatch, Wasel still says Iqama not received by them. I have passed driving test last week. But police did not issue me license asking me to bring Iqama version-2 and take license.

          • Saifullah Ansari

            Ask your hr guy to submit a complaint with Jawazzat. They will investigate and give the final outcome.
            Final way is to file a complaint with labor office and police dept. In your area. They will investigate and if not found. Jawazzat can print second iqama on police report.

          • thomas joseph

            Thanks for the your quick response.

          • thomas joseph

            My HR is now applying for duplicate iqama as it has been lost/misplaced. Do you know how much it may take to process and get new print ?

  • hafiz

    I found this blog v informative & helpful.
    I want to ask about tranfering my dependents to my new sponsorship.
    I ll be transfered to a new job in Al-ahsa from Dhahran next montht & current company is agree to give me visa transfer. I have work visa for researcher & two dependents with their iqama expiring after 6 months.
    I am not sure how my dependents (wife & son of 3yrs) ll be transfered to my new sponsorship?
    Do I have to pay additionally for my dependents, for their iqama tranfer & iqama renewal annually?
    Thanks in advance;

    • Saifullah Ansari

      W salam brother. Dependents (wife and children) are linked with your Iqama, not with the company. It doesn’t make any change for their iqama even if you are transferred to a new company as they are under your sponsorship, not under your company.
      Once your visa is transferred to new company, you dont have to do anything. They will be under your sponsorship. You dont have to pay any fees for dependants iqama for transfer or renewal. Their iqama will be renewed automatically when your company will renew your iqama.

      • hafiz

        Brother Ansari,
        Thanks for elaborative reply,

      • Abdul Qayyum

        Aslkum…Mr.Saifullah Ansari…i need to talk to u personally. ..can u plz forward me ur Fcbk Id….i need to discuss abt my widow sister with 2 kids n wants to trasfer their iqama under my sponsorship. ….need to know is it possibke to go thru jawazat…or wats d actual procedure….pl lemma kno…

        • Saifullah Ansari

          Brother, the process is the same as I mentioned above. But in your case you need to have your and your widow sister’s birth certificate to prove that you are from same parents.
          My id is saif.the.hunter

  • Munir

    Thank you for the info. I would like to ask as my father passed away while on vacation outside saudi and he has a valid iqama, do i have to get the death certificate attested from saudi embassy in pakistan ? i had got it attest from foreign office only.


    • Fahad Sadiq

      I had the same situation, you need to attest the death certificate along with its arabic translation from foreign office (Pak), Saudi Embassy (Pak), MOFA (KSA), Branch Ministry of Justice (KSA).

  • Mohammed nauman

    saif bhai i wanna contact u regarding my issue wanted to ask you something very important me and my family are in trouble regarding our iqama’s pls pls provide me with your contact no..
    jazak Allah pls help me….

    • Adnan Akram Bhatti

      Hello, I am also stuck in the similar situation. Contact me on 0509130804

      • Saifullah Ansari

        Dear Adnan, follow the procedure I wrote above. If any specific question. Then ask here.

    • Saifullah Ansari

      Dear Mohammed, follow the procedure I wrote above. If any specific question. Then ask here.

      • fasahath

        Dear Mr Safi the Jawazat are rejecting to provide sak al aila in jeddah and saying there is no such law of transferring parents in our sponsorship under MOI, kindly provide your expert advice.

        • Saifullah Ansari

          Jawazzat doesn’t provide Sak’Aala. They only provide letter for court once you submit the required documents mentioned in article. Then you need to go to court and they will give you Sak’Aala if your case is approved. Read the article carefully and follow the phases.

          • fasahath

            There rejecting to provide the mention letter, i am aware that the sak is issues from the courts, but for that firstly we need a letter from jawazat which they are refusing to issue.

          • Saifullah Ansari

            Do you want to transfer your mother on your sponsorship ? Is your father alive?

          • fasahath

            Yes i need to transfer both parents

          • Saifullah Ansari

            Brother, it is not allowed in KSA to get your parents’ on your iqama. Some cases happened in past long time ago but now Jawazzat is clearly refusing such cases.
            My article above is about getting your mother and siblings on your iqama if your father is passed away.
            Sorry but there is no such way in KSA to sponsor your parents.

          • Muhammad Mustafa

            Hi brother Saif,
            I understand it is difficult to transfer one’s parents to one’s iqama, but what if both the parents need regular medical care and there is no one back home to take care of them.

          • Saifullah Ansari

            Unfortunately, KSA authorities do not consider such cases as they follow the rules developed before.
            Therefore, you can either hire someone to take care of your parents in your home country or go back to your parents to take care of them.

            This is as per the knowledge and experience I have in KSA.

          • Mohammed Shuaib

            Can you mention the procedure for changing sponsership from father in law to husbands? Any document is required from husbands company?

          • Saifullah Ansari

            Dear brother,

            As per my knowledge, Nothing is required from your company.
            You and your father in law need to visit the nearest JAWAZZAT office.
            Take original iqama and passport with copies of your wife, yours and your father in law.
            Outside JAWAZZAT, there are many people who fill the form. Tell anyone of them and they will fill the form.
            Take that form to JAWAZZAT office and they will process the request.

  • sajid

    Dear All,
    i have a bad situation regarding my family friend. My friend passed away like 6 years before in saudi arabia in an accident he has his family (wife and 3 kids) residing here in KSA for court order n all legal procedure. now they finished all their procedure regarding insurance and legal paper work. What is the procedure to make them legal once again or what is the procedure to send them on FINAL EXIT without mehram as the husband has passed away 6 years back????? kindly guide me…..

    • Saifullah Ansari

      First of all, get the death certificate of the deceased. Then approach your embassy in KSA and explain them the situation. They will do the necessary to send them to the country.

      • Nosheen Dilshad

        Salam mr saif
        I want to ask you that i am working under MOH as doctor my contract will expire after 2 months i want to transfer my iqama on my husband’s name who is working as sales executive in dammam. Do i need any approval from his company? And his company says he does not have family sttus while i checked with MOI it says he is eligible for fmily status.
        Is there any problem regarding iqama transfer ro my husband?
        I shall be very thankful for your help

        • lee

          Ms. Nousheen,Was your sponsorship transferred too your husband..i have a similar situation.please can you share the procedure u followed?

          • Mohammed Shuaib

            @[email protected]_sunny38:disqus did you fix this one? CAn you share the procedure ?

        • Mohammed Shuaib

          @[email protected]:disqus did u change your sposership from your father to husband? Approval from husbands company is required? Can you please share? thanks

      • Mohammed Shuaib

        @[email protected]:disqus ass alamu alaikum. i want to know the procedure to change sponsership of my wife from father in law to me? Do i need to get NOC or Letter from my company ?
        Also this can be done in JIZAN Jawazath office?

  • Azra Arif Hasan

    Sir can you help me with the documents required to transfer my husband from my sponsorship to a company sponsorship.please

    • Rubeena Amreen

      Assalamualaikum.Sister i need yourhelp please..My husband also came on dependent visa last month.Can u please guide me how to search for the job when on dependent visa.Because which ever company he is applying to they are asking for transferable visa…please help me out and guide me.can we transfer this visa? is it transferable?waiting for ur reply..JazakAllah khair in advance

      • Azra Arif Hasan

        I don’t have this much deep knowledge.but my husband boss gave a paper and I submitted in my university.they ask me some other paper.that what I messaged here.I’m sorry.

      • Nosheen Dilshad

        Yes dear your husband’s iqama is transferable once he gets job u can transfer his iqama. As you are his kafeel so u can transfer

  • Fahad Sadiq

    Assalam U Alaykum Dear All,
    Those whom Father has passed away in their home country may contact me for the current procedure of transferring the sponsorship of dependents (i.e. Mother and Siblings). I had the same situation and with the help of this article (by Mr. Saif Ullah and my another close friend) i was able to complete it. Kindly be informed that the MOI (Jawazat) fee of transferring the dependents is 2000 SAR per head (Mother and Siblings) and you have to pay it through sadad, as the mother will transfer from father’s iqama to son’s iqama where as the siblings from father’s iqama to mother’s iqama. You will only be the sponsor of your mother and your mother will be the sponsor of rest of the siblings.

    For more info you may contact on this email id : [email protected]

    • Syed Q

      Dear Brother Fahad,

      I was searching for Iqama transfer possibilities (in case father passed away out of KSA) and found your post very fruitful.
      So I know a family whose sponsor (Father/ Husband) passed away in Pakistan. Now the family is in KSA. The problem is that their son is not old enough to take his family in his sponsorship. I am to check if their Iqama can be transferred to that lady’s Brother or her Son in Law.

      Just one point to note that they also have a daughter who is around 19. What are the possibilities and requirements of transferring their Iqama under Lady’s Brother or Son in Law’s name.

      Please do reply back, may Allah bless you.
      Take Care.

      .: I’m also dropping same message via to you via email.

      • Fahad Sadiq

        Dear Nawab,
        Sorry for late reply. They have to visit the court which is on exit 25 on Makkah Road on tuesday early in the morning around 08:00am. As the translator is available on tuesday only. Kindly bring all the family members (Mother, Siblings and Son in Law) and two witnesses (close relatives preferable), present the case there in front of translator. Please note that the witnesses and family members should have valid iqama. The possibilities are if the son transfers his sponsorship to the company and able to get a good profession on his iqama. Secondly if he is below 18 then it isn’t possible, then the family members have to convince the translator that the son in law is the only guardian and they have no objection if he take cares of the bank account, wealth and car etc.

        If the translator approves that the case is legal in either possibility, then they would be able to transfer the sponsorship of family members under the iqama of son or son in law.

        Before visiting the Court, you have to attest the Death Certificate from Foreign Office (Home Country), Saudi Embassy (Home Country), MOFA (KSA), Branch Ministry of Justice (KSA) and go to Ahwal Shakhsiya (Near Kingdom Hospital) and Retrieve (صك حصر اعالة) paper from there. Then go to court.

        • Syed Q

          Many Thanks for the reply.
          I believe they already have got the death evidence recognized within kingdom.

          If I got you correctly they only need to go to the court in order to get permission for transfer of sponsorship in the name of Son In-Law.

          Thanks again brother.
          I’ll surely contact you for any further help needed.

          • Fahad Sadiq


  • Miski
    • Saifullah Ansari

      Write your problem here so that it can be solved if possible and example for others as well.

  • omer
  • Moosa Sharif

    Salam every one!

    My father has retired at the age of 65+, mother has already passed away… I have one un-married sister and my father living here with me… I want to get my father transferred under my sponsorship as I am the only son and dont have family there in Pakistan where my dad could stay…

    Can you please guide me on it?

    • Waseem Qamar

      Dear Moosa,

      I am going through the same issue. I have two sisters and my father is retired. I lost my mother a few years ago.

      Could you please advice me on whether the situation has been solved?

      • Moosa Sharif

        Dear waseem… I am still stuck with 15 days left in my father’s iqama. I will let you know if I found a way!

        • Waseem Qamar

          InShaAllah. We will find a way.

          • danish badshah

            did u able to find a way ?

        • Waseem Qamar

          any updates? Tomorrow i will be going to Jawazat with a letter explaining my situation.

        • danish badshah

          did u find a way ?

  • Sarah

    Assalamalaykum.sir i need help it is possible that i can transfer my children under my iqama i am working inhospital as secretary my husband is going for exit.please answerback and what will i do.

  • Megamind Zain

    Salam. Saif brother… i want to ask about my situation that i have one sister widow and she has 3 daughters her husband died 5 years ago and then i (her brother) came from my country to ksa to take her sponsership. I want to ask that can i take her daughters in my sponsership too? And i want to ask that i have to pay the girama fees or not ?plz reply as soon as possible as my work is under process

  • Mustafa

    Dear all I need to ask if it is possible to transfer my widow sister and her children under my sponsorship. Her husband passed away in road accident in KSA. During all the time taken in investigation and other legal formalities there iqama expires. Our parents are also long passed away. Kindly advised me

  • Azhar Quraishi

    Salaam Brother Fahad
    How are you? Hope you doing great
    I have a question my father and mother they both are in kingdom and i want to take them under my sponsorship is it possible i can take them under my sponsorship?as he will finish is Iqama in Muharram