Transfer your Mobile Number

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Many a times, we feel that the our current service provider is charging too much or that other service provider is having better offers.

The CITC in Saudi Arabia gives customer the right to his number from one service provider let’s say from STC to Mobily without changing the number. This process is called Porting.
It can be done very easily by going to the office of your service provider with the following:
1. Valid SIM on your iqama
2. Your original Iqama
3. Paid all existing bill
Once you go the sales office, he will take your information and then ask you to sign a paper. The process will be initiated online. You will have specify which plan you are shifting to. You will be given a new SIM.
The process will usually take a day. You will know the transfer is done when your old sim will stop working. Then you can starting using your new sim from your new service provider.
Sometimes, the previous service provider will not approve the transfer due to non-payment. Sometimes, even if the bill is payed, they still give bogus reason to delay the transfer. In such case, just re-apply for transfer again in one or two days. If you have no dues, the previous service provider has to release you as per CITC regulations.


  • azaruddin

    how about for prepaid customers..

    • fahad

      prepaid or post paid all can port in ( transfer their number ) to other network , I transferted from mobily to Zain . But keep one thing in your mind always go to the main fanchise and check you name and personal information with your previous network first . Then give the same details to the new one .thanks

      • edwin

        will the no be same
        if my mobily no is 056*******
        will the stc provide same no or different third digit

  • Mohamed Madi

    I am transferring from zain postpaid to STC prepaid but the request was denied two times saying my ID is wrong. I have already checked with Zain and STC offices, and found that my ID is correct. I am not getting any solution? Can someone please advise.

  • akram ahmad

    How to port no from Jawwy to STC KSA

  • Noor

    Assalamu alaikum
    Dear all,
    I already have 2 prepaid sim and I went to buy 1 post paid data sim the customer service guy told me that it is not getting registered on my iqama and the reason he don’t know he told me to go STC mursalaath

    Any one have idea y itcannobe be registered on my iqama? Kindly share your valuable info please

    • Dil E Nadan

      U can now have only 2 sims registered on ur name any company
      New law in saudi arabia
      U can activate aor subsribe in ur current sim
      The inly solution

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  • Uzma swati 3star

    Please remove my number I’m not use
    This number 0570541183 Black male boady use my Iqama regesterd number please cencel this number-thankyou

  • wazyd mondal

    please help me
    I can’t transfer my phone number