Travelling with a new born baby to Saudi Arabia

travelling SA

To begin with, this article is for those people where the mother is already having iqama and has given birth to baby outside KSA and wants to bring her baby along with her.

There are two ways of doing this:

1st method – You get the visa stamped on the baby’s passport from the Saudi consulate in your country. Usually the travel agents provide this service for a reasonable fee. Once the baby’s passport is stamped you are ready to travel. The child has to be less one year old.

2nd method – Visa on arrival. This is the easier way which I followed. Just buy ticket for yourself and your baby and arrive in Saudi Arabia. At the immigration counter they stamp the visa on the passport. And then you can enter the country.

In both case, they will write a border entry number at the immigration counter which is usually 10 digits long. Make sure they write this or else you will have to come back to airport to get this number when making the iqama for your baby.
And if you delay in making the iqama for your baby,  you will get a SR. 500 penalty.
Also don’t forget to bring along the polio immunization certificate for your baby in the country of birth. You will need this at the time of making iqama.
For more details on how to make iqama for your baby, check out this article.

  • rene

    Sir, what are the requirements for a new born baby visa if i will go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in jeddah?Do i need to pay 2000 riyals upon arrival of my baby in the airport or i can pay it later…hoping for your respond sir!!!thanks…

    • Rakesh

      Dear, your got the reply

  • rene

    Good day Sir, what are the requirements for a new born baby visa if i will go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in jeddah?Do i need to pay 2000 riyals upon arrival of my baby in the airport or i can pay it later…hoping for your respond sir!!!thanks…

    • SaudiXpert

      You can pay it later at the time of making iqama.

  • danielle

    good day sir,my baby is 5th month now,i want to bring my baby in saudi,my company tell me no need visa for my baby and they give them instruction is go to saudi embassy of my country and give reqiurements like my iqama and my iqama of my wife,marriage contract and the passport of my baby and my wife passport,my question it is my company right to tell no need buy visa to bring my baby here..pls help me sir,,i go to vacation this june 20,i need your help sir to know what the right instruction to bring my baby here..thanks

    • SaudiXpert

      Yes, there is no need for visa for baby if the mother is having iqama.
      As you company mentioned, you submit the baby’s passport along with copy of father & mother’s iqama copy and mother’s passport to the Saudi Embassy in your country.
      Alternately, just come to Saudi Arabia directly and they will stamp the visa at the immigration at airport.
      Afterward, your company should make the iqama for the baby which will cost SR. 2,000.

  • rene

    Still you need to buy visa worth 2000 riyals at maktaf istikdam before you take your vacation…that’s the best and easiest way to bring your baby like what i did!

    • Wilson

      Could you kindly tell the exact procedure how you got the visa at Maktab istekdam. And what are the documents required. Thanks in advance.

    • rakesh

      Dear, what are the required documents for this process

    • Rakesh

      how you done this procedure and what are the required documents.
      please advise.

    • Raymon

      How can you do that when you dont have the passport or the name of the child that is going to be born>?

  • AS

    Dear Sir,
    My spouse will be returning back to KSA along with newborn from USA. My spouse has valid re-entry visa, and valid iqama.
    Is there any requirement for getting Saudi Visa on child’s passport, or will be baby be given visa on arrival.
    If you can please clarifh the instructions mentioned in the link,

    Awaiting clarification and help.

    • SaudiXpert

      If your child is less than one year, it will be given visa on arrival. This is the experience of many people including myself.
      However, if you wish to be on the safe side, you can get visa issued at the Saudi Embassy in Washington by following the procedure outlined in Embassy website.
      Congrats on new arrival 🙂

      • AS

        Thanks for comment. Is there any official / written policy in this regard?

  • AS

    Dear Xpert,
    Can you please confirm if there is any legal document stating that visa on passport isn’t must – and visa will be issued to newborn on arrival.
    MOFA Qatar has it on their website mentioned clearly.
    My concern is that how do you convince USA Immigration Authority to let your child depart? I am assuming that not everyone from USA Immigration Authority knows about newborn arrival visa policy.
    Please assist.

    • SaudiXpert

      Dear AS,
      Mail to the Saudi Embassy in Washington asking them weather you can get on arrival in Saudi for your baby who is less than one year. Once you get confirmation from them, you can use this letter/mail to convince the USA immigration Authority that your baby will get visa on arrival. I think this is best and safe.
      Happy journey.
      Do share your experience.
      Best regards
      Saudi Xpert

      • AS

        Thanks for your assistance. Will do that,

        • SaudiXpert


  • IS

    Dear Expert, is the visa on arrival for newborn baby as you described still applicable today (as of 2 July 2013)?

    Dear AS, I wish to learn about your experience of bringing in your newborn baby with method 2 which Expert described. Is there a specific immigration counter shall I go to to obtain the visa when the baby and I arrive? Perhaps Expert also can advise on this.

    Thank you!

    • SaudiXpert

      Personally, I did it a few years ago. I hope our readers can share their recent experience.
      There is no special counter. The immigration officer will either do it himself or guide you where to go if required.
      Do share your experience so that others may benefit.

    • SaudiXpert

      See below comment by “Hisaf” for his recent experience about bring baby without visa and getting visa on arrival.

  • hisaf

    My wife came today with my new born baby girl to Riyadh without any visa. She was given visa on arrival. She is 4 months old.

    • SaudiXpert

      Thanks hisaf for sharing your experience.

    • Siraz

      Hi Hisaf,

      Thanks for sharing the useful information. I have two questions.

      1) What is the fees they will charge to give on arrival visa for baby in the Riyadh airport? My wife is coming within next 2 weeks with my new born baby girl who is 4 months old.

      2) Will the immigration officer ask for polio immunization certificate before stamping on arrival visa.


    • Fazal Khan

      Dear Hisaf Sb,

      I have the similar case. My wife has to travel from delhi to Jeddah.
      Can you please tell me , will the authorities ask for birth certificate attestation at the immigration counter in delhi.
      plz get me ur cell so that I can talk to you .

      Many thanx

    • yahya

      Dear, After coming ksa what procedure is to be done for getting iqama. Pls. Explain .


  • William

    Hisaf, did it take long for your wife for stamping or was it same as other passengers ? Is there a separate line ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Willaim
      It was a common line but she had to wait for 2 hours. As the police officer should get some sms which I guess border entry number.

  • Munir

    Dear all,

    Can any body help me, my baby born just one month before in Pakistan , i have prepared passport for my child, but now for my wife exist- re-entry visa getting expired at 3rd of September 2013, before this date i must bring back them to ksa because the last date of IQAMA also 3rd of September. I am afraid if i am going to submit it in Saudi embassy in Pakistan to stamp visa for my baby, may be i will lost visa for my family, my question is that can my baby travel with mother with out stamping stamping visa at passport from ksa embassy in Pakistan. Please help to find any solution.

  • rajan

    Dear sir. My wife is coming to Saudi Arabia with 4 months baby. She has valid iqama and exit re entry visa .she is planing to travel in air Arabia arilince via sharjah. Is there any problem for baby with out visa ,when she transit via shajaha to saudi Arabia in air arabaia airlines .is there any problem if I choose any connecton airlines other than Saudi airlines .thank u

  • AS

    Dear Friends,
    My family was planning to enter KSA within newborn. As there was confusion whether an infant requires stamped visa – I preferred getting visit visa for my child from KSA Embassy at USA.
    However – I did visit KSA based Passport office and KSA based MOFA for information. I got confirmation that infant can be given visa upon arrival as long as either or parent (accompanying) has valid documentation (i.e. valid iqama n exit-entry visa). When I asked about written documentation / confirmation – I was informed that no such document is available.
    I therefore opted for getting visa stamped prior to journey to avoid any confusion at USA airport.
    Family members are back in KSA.

  • hussain

    Assalam aaikum.
    Need urgent help. Alhumdulillah I m blessed with a baby boy n my family is in doha qatar. My son born in qatar and he is one month old and they are not allowed to travel back to saudi by Qatar immigration. They r asking for some letter from saudi government to allow my child to travel. Can any help me what letter is it and how to get it from saudi government?

  • anupama

    my baby is just 13days old did she want passport to travel to saudi

  • Raks

    Dear Xpert;

    My Family is on Visit VISA since 6months & now i had Baby Son, Please update me the Procedure for the registration or for VISA for new born baby in Kingdom.

    Waiting for your Valuable Comments.

  • Umair Siddiqui

    Dear Xpert,

    My baby is born in July 2013 in New Jersey, America, I am currently in the process of preparation of my baby’s US passport. I have to bring my baby to KSA. If I go for the option of applying for my baby’s visa from Saudi Consulate (in America), Can you kindly guide me that would my wife have to go the Saudi Consulate in New Jersey, America personally or hire an agent (as i know about Pakistan that nobody is allowed to enter in Saudi Consulate except the agents).

    If yes than where can she get an agent in New Jersey, America?

    Will appreciate your quick response.

  • FarhanAhmedKhan

    I have my baby born here in riyadh while my wife is on visit visa.. what is the procedure to take back my baby to my home country? I have here NICOP and Passport.. Do I need to get visa stamped on my baby’s passport to exit from KSA? If yes, what is the requirement?

    • john

      did you solve your baby visa? please update if done

  • vedant

    My baby is more thn 6 months then and mother is having valid visa and exit renetry . in this case can baby get on arrival visa? is there any age limit for on arrival visa?

    • SaudiXpert

      “Newborn children are issued a visa in order to reside with their parents in Saudi Arabia without a visa authorization number only if they are less than one year old.”

      This is taken from Saudi Embassy website in US – link

      I suggest that you get visa endorsed on your baby’s passport at Saudi Embassy in your country.

  • Noel Suguitan

    Dear Sir:


    What are the requirements of getting new born baby iqama? Filipino



  • Juned

    Dear Saudi Xpert,

    As mentioned, this article was for newborn with parents having valid Iqama & Exit/Re-entry.

    What is the case if father is in KSA with valid Iqama and is applying for Visa for his wife and newborn (1 month) in Pakistan?

    Do I have to apply for two visas on two passport?
    Can my son travel on her mother’s passport?

    Please advise as I am currently in the process of doing so.
    Thanks in advance.

  • M Illyas

    Dear Saudi Xpert,

    I had a baby girl (alhamdulillah) this September 17th and is scheduled to bring my family by December 19th. By then my daughter will be 3 months and 3 days old. I would like to know if I can bring my girl on a visa on arrival at the Dammam airport rather than going through the Istiqdam visa procedure. Both, me and my wife have valid Saudi Iqamas and my girl has her passport and vaccination details ready.

    Dear Hisaf, Please let me know if you were asked anything at the Indian emigration or the Saudi emigration.

    Your immediate response would be highly appreciated.


    • Umm Ubayd

      What vaccinations where needed for your newborn?

  • William

    Dear all,

    My wife and I just had a new daughter, however I wasn’t present for the registration of her brith certificate. So the mothers name is on there, but mine isn’t. We submitted our documents at the embassy and they refused our visa for the baby because I am not mentioned as the father. Can we bring her directly to the airport and get the visa through immigration desk???

    Please let me know, because our Iqama is due to be renewed by the end of December.

    Thanks all

  • asliyah

    Dear Expert,

    My six months baby girls is in philippines i want to bring her here in jeddah. what are the requirements so i could bring her here?what are steb by step that i need to do?is marriage contract required?

    pls reply

  • Dear Sir,
    Assalamo Alaykom, Good Day! : My Daughter w/c is normally under my SPONSOR and her Mother is under her Company sponsor.Now, my Wife and our Daughter want to spend VACATION in our Country and Myself will remain here.What are the REQUIREMENTS should I Follow. Please Reply .

  • bibin

    good day,sir me and my wife working in saudi arabia but my baby born in india now 4 moths me and my wife one time take to vacation now need to bringing my baby with me .please give to suggetion for this doubt

    bibin baby k

  • cytin mathew

    my wife have iqama in RIYADH,am in visiting visa,how i can bring my newborn baby from kerala..please give me a solution…

  • cytin mathew

    my wife have valid iqama in Riyadh now she is in india for delivery,after that how she can bring our new born baby to Riyadh. i am in visiting visa,….please give me proper suggestion and babies arrival visa…

  • sara khan

    sir main saudi ariba main hon or mere husband b yah hai meri beti Pakistan main hai wo 11th months ki hai mere husband (saiq khas) k visa hai or mera (house maid )ka hai jo ab mere husband k name par hai kay meri beti yah askti hai plz reply kara main bhoat parshan hon

  • sajan

    seeking your kind advise as i am facing problem for my new born baby iqama . when we arrive the saudi ariport they put entry number for my baby passport and we approch passport office to make iqama for her but they are saying that my child entry number they put it as visiti visa so i could not able to make iqama for her and is there any posibility to change it as permanent visa when i go to same airport.

    • habeeb

      can I get ON ARRIVAL VISA for my son in Saudi airport he is 4 months old please help me.

  • Gokulnathan

    Dear Admin,

    I am an Indian and i have completed my diploma in civil engineering…my profession in iqama is cad operator …
    i can bring my family with this profession…and what is procedure for getting family visa.?

  • Umm Ubayd

    Dear Admin

    I wanted to know what imuunizations are needed for a newborn to enter The Kingdom? The child will be just under 3 months.

    Will look forward to your speedy response

    • yahya

      Dear, i have also the same question can you pls. update if you have got the answer for this.


  • Shakkir

    Dear Respected Admin

    The new born baby visa stamped from india and after came to saudi arabia , i want to pay the 2000 S.R visa manoey?.if need to pay what i did in india stamping mean?(only for travelling)

  • Sankar

    I have a 8 months old baby and i had enquired in the Chennai Saudia office. They had advised that we can bring the child upto 1 year with on arrival visa. Hence, i am proceeding in bringing them on-board here.

    • admin

      Sure Sankar, do update here once you reach Saudi Arabia with your experience

  • khalid

    Dear Sir,
    Sorry for bad English..
    I need your help regarding Saudi Iqama .
    I send permanent visa to my family in my country Pakistan , Quest is that my wife is pregnant So what is the process if my baby born in Pakistan and how to stamp new born baby visa , because the visa i send that only mention my wife and two kids name only …
    but due to short time my wife cannot travel , she has to wait till delivery so after this what is the process to stamp visa of new baby ..
    Hope you understand my matter
    Sorry for bad English

  • Mohamed Idrees

    Assalamu alaikum,
    dear sir,
    I am an indian and working in ksa dammam. i am planning to bring by family (wife and kid 6 month old) by visit visa.i have taken passport for my kid. may i know what is the visa and ticket procedure for my kid if my wife come by visit visa please?
    i will proceed upon your guldens. so please reply me.
    Jazakkallah Khair

    Mohamed Idrees

  • ijaz

    dear admin,

    my wife having permanent visa with iqama and re entry visa will expire on 7 may before that she want bring new born baby with her from Pakistan is she can travel with 3 months old baby with her with out Saudi embassy stamp or visa from Pakistan? if yes then what documents required on Dammam airport

  • yasir9000

    Hi Sir,
    i would like to know that i already get permanent visa for my wife, the problem is that we are expecting new baby ,
    any body give my advise what i have to do for our baby visa we can bring from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia because visa is only on my wife name .
    looking forward advise .


    • rana waqas

      dear yasir did u get any update kindly let me know i have same situation

  • rana waqas

    i need to know dear i have yellow slip for my wife but she is pregnanat i need to ask can is after pregnancy she can come wiht child as u know visa is for wife only if tell me procedure and tell me i can bring my child aso or not

  • mike

    Hi Sir, I want to bring my 1 year old baby to saudi arabia. Both me and my wife having already the same number of iqama. my question what are the requirements and procedure for my 1 year old baby to travel in saudi.
    Please be advise…Thank you in advance…

    mike peresores.

  • shah

    My family is coming with new born baby(6months old) she has valid re entry and visa ….please advise me after the delivery with in 3 months or 6 months entry in Saudi Arabia?
    Waiting for your valuable feedback


  • shah

    My family is coming with new born baby(6months old) she has valid re entry and visa ….please advise me after the delivery with in 3 months or 6 months entry in Saudi Arabia?
    Waiting for your valuable feedback

    Thanks in advance

  • Syed Ahmed

    Dear sir, As you mention earlier that the baby can get visa on arrival to saudi arabia. But my concern is.. What if in pakistan immigration counter somenone ask for the Visa ?? Do they know this procedure ?
    Urgent help needed.

  • Anish

    Dear Expert,
    I am currently working in Saudi Arabia and my company promised me to give me Family Visa. Now my child is less than one month old. When he become 2 months old I wish to take my child and wife to Saudi Arabia. So What can i do now for getting visas for my wife and child together. Will they stamp Visas for my wife and child together? How can i get visas? What to do for taking Iqama for my wife and child? Please advise on this.

  • Afiat

    I am living in riyadh and would like to know that can i travel to pakistan with my new born baby without iqama and passport ,

  • Afiat

    i am here in riyadh and would like to know that can i want to go to pakistan with my newborn baby without iqama, is that possible ,

  • jj

    Baby have no iqma number; how to pay 2000SAR fee in MOI after inside saudi? which number is to be used to pay?

  • Shoaib Hussain

    Dear All,
    Can you please share with me the process of bringing the new baby born outside k.s.a.
    me and my wife has a valid exit re-entry. should i need to have baby passport stamp by saudi embassy or need to travel direct without any kind of visa.

    i have only few days left to travel…..need replies


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  • netdiscussion

    Dear Expert,

    Please i need information about travelling with new born baby from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia.

    how immigration department of Pakistan on Airport will allow to travel without Visa.

    Also I heard that to make iqama for new baby, it’s required again to get visa from istaqdam with all documents again like attested degree etc etc..

    Please confirm these details that what are the procedures now a days.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Your quick response is appreciated.


  • Hello Dear, are you genuinely visiting this web page regularly, if so afterward you will definitely get pleasant knowledge.

  • Farhan Yousaf

    dear sir
    i have a saudi iqama and my wife too
    we both in usa shall i know that i need visa stamp for my new born baby or not
    if not then how is possible usa immigration get depart permit to my new born baby

  • Meeran

    is visa on arrival still valid for the infant less than 1 year from india to saudi . please inform me.

  • Meeran

    i meant as of today

  • Iqbal

    Hi everyone,
    just want to ask about entry for my newborn baby in Pakistan. My wife have Iqama. I called the Embassy in Pak but they told me that I have stamped visa for the newborn from embassy. the newborn baby is around one month old. And also my wife’s re entry is about to expire in next few days that’s why I don’t have time to send documents to KSA embassy in Pak.
    Anyone have recent experience for visa on arrival for the newborn from Pakistan. Please share your experience.


  • Usman

    can you tell for those who just got new family visa and also having new baby without passport and without any information on Yellow visa slip
    how can the proceed for baby visa

  • IHS

    I recently went through the process of getting my son’s Saudi visa stamped from the Saudi Consulate in Karachi. They asked for the following documents along with a cover letter requesting the visa:
    1. Original Passport – Baby (Applicant)
    2. Original Passport – Mother
    3. 4 photographs – Baby
    4. Copy of Mother’s Passport
    5. Copy of Father’s Passport
    6. Copy of Mother’s Iqama
    7. Copy of Father’s Iqama
    8. Copy of Mother’s Exit Re-entry Visa
    9. Copy of B-Form Certificate
    10. Polio Certificate
    11. Cheque for PKR 15,000/-

    It took 5-6 working days for the passport to get stamped and returned to the agent.

  • Iqbal

    Dear All,

    This website is quite helpful regarding family visas process. I just want to share my recent experience with you (November 2014). I am blessed with a babyboy in Pakistan. I wanted to bring him here along his mother. The mother have Iqama. I was in hurry because her exit re entry was about to expire. Although my wife’s iqama was renewed while she was outside KSA. I got my kid’s form B and passport from NADRA and passport office in Pakistan. I thought my wife can come to KSA along the kid and the kid will get entry on KSA airport but when I asked the immigration department at Islamabad airport they said they will not allow the kid without visa on his passport even I called to KSA embassy in islamabad but they said I have to get visa from embassy in Pakistan. The embassy directed me to Etimad agency ( My wife along with my kid went to etimad office in order to process the visa but they told that my wife’s visa is processed from karachi so the kid visa will also be processed from karachi so we went to karachi and we contact etimad karachi and we deposite fee 10300 rupees for urgent processing and the documents. You can find the details for the required documents on .
    They return the passport in 3 days after the successful processing. one day was remaining the exit re entry of my wife and she just came here the same day. Still the immigration officers bother her and asked for muqeem paper. anyway it was not that good experience for me and my wife. I just wanted to share my experience with you maybe it could be helpful for someone. Thanks

    • qaiser

      Thanks alot brother.Your information is very useful.I am goingbto experience same issue after one month.My wife is on residence visa and went back to pak for delivering baby next month.Here our accounted told me that I need to do istaqdaam for my baby.Please let me know that what I need to do in pakistan to bring my baby along wife.How long it will take as my wife re entry will expire after 30 day deliverying baby.Do I need any istaqam or just make all documents from home country and apply through ehtimad.Please let me know that we need anyother documents from my company because I am travelling to my home country pakistan. Please help me.

  • Mahboob Usama

    Dear Xpert,

    I got resident visa for my family (yellow paper) almost a week ago. My wife is pregnant and Gamca laboratory refused to take medical, as she are more than 4 months pregnant.

    So, I have decided to bring my family after delivery. My question is that how can I add new born baby name in yellow paper? Will this yellow paper be cancelled or Just new name can be added? In either case, please advise for Official fee to add name in yellow paper.

    Also, please advise which documents are required to add child name in yellow paper?



    • SM Ahmed

      Dear Usama,

      Please let me know, were you able to get your baby’s name added in the Yellow slip after it’s delivery in your home country? I’m currently having yellow slip for my wife, she is pregnant and on Visit visa in KSA currently. She would be delivering the baby in India, God-willing.

      Your reply and advise will be of great help for us.

      Thank you!

  • M.Junaid Khan.

    I sent my wife india with yellow slip & the Visa was attested from Saudi Embassy, Docters didn’t allow her to visit because she was pregnenet with some complications & Visa was expired after 3 months now i am trying to reissue it through agent however almost 10 before visa was expired & also want to know it can reissue or not.

    My question is that if they reissued my visa family visa how my babay will travel he is 4 month now almost & we applied for the passport.

    Thanks in Advance for the kind reply, Appreciate receving on my given email id [email protected].

    M.Junaid Khan.

  • Binu


    I need to know the procedure and documents required for taking resident visa for my daughter, who is 4 months old.

    We lost the chance of getting her on arrival / endorsing the mother’s visa on her passport as she had to undergo a surgery and my wife came back to the kingdom after delivery as her exit-re-entry visa was expiring.

    When we approach the travel agent in our native place they said I have to take resident visa from Saudi for stamping on the child passport in the Saudi consulate in India.

    Please advise how to obtain and what are the documents required.


    • Aaa

      If I need ur help regarding dis

    • Aaa

      Evn i need ur help regarding dis

  • billl

    If new baby is bor while the wife on Visit Visa, What is the process to get Birth Certificate from Ahwal Al-Madni & how to get travel document for the new bornto go back to Pakistan..

  • Ali

    Dear Expert,

    I want to bring my wife and 3 months old son to KSA. Here my question is that whether I have to get two visas for them i.e . one for wife and the other one for son but one of my friends told me that I just need one visa for both. I am still confused please need your kind reply

  • Ali

    Dear Expert,

    I want to bring my wife and 3 months old son to KSA on Iqama. Here my question is that whether I have to get two visas for them i.e . one for wife and the other one for son but one of my friends told me that I just need one visa for both. I am still confused please need your kind reply

  • jj

    Both mother and father have valid resident permit. Kid have have valid passport, born outside KSA. Mother with valid exit reentry visa.Can anyone tell recen(2015)t experience of on arival visa? Is it still posible?

  • Waseem

    My wife has valid exit re-entry visa. Baby have passport and almost 5months old. Is it possible to get on-arrival visa at Dammam Airport ? Can anybody share your recent experience.

    • Raymon

      The news and details i have is for infant upto 3 months. Above 5 months you can.

    • abhi


      I have the similar case as yours.

      Did you get any updates

      Can you please share information


  • Mohammed Ashfaq Kaleem

    Can i bring my 6 months old baby to saudi with out stamping on passport.

    Visa on arrival is valid for babies till how many months ??

  • Shakeel Ahmed

    Hello Everyone.

    I just want to share me recent experience (12 June 2015) to bring my new born baby girl in KSA , while she was born in Pakistan and aged only 45 days. i was surfing and reading a lot about on arrival visa, and i thing mostly people are afraid to face troubles in attempting to on arrival visa specially people from Pakistan.
    I also face problem but only in Pakistan as FIA was not allowing us to travel without visa but i finally manage to convince those guys that their is on arrival visa for new born babies , and to be honest i thing they i was very surprised when they said that for Pakistanis their is no such thing.
    For my Pakistani fellows please don’t be afraid to bring your new born babies in KSA on arrival visa, if you have the power to convince local authorities in Pakistan . and believe me you will not face any problem in KSA for on arrival visa as long as you meet the following requirements.

    Valid Passport for baby

    Valid Saudi Iqama for Parents
    Birth Certificate (attested by Saudi Embassy in Pakistan)


    • Fouzia

      Thank you for sharing your experience. But.. How did the authorities got convinced about visa on arrival for infants.?Did you show them any documents?
      I too intend to bring my baby when it is 2 month old, after it is born next month.
      So, please do share your data about convincing the immigration authorities.

      • Shakeel Ahmed

        I convinced them by saying that i will be responsible if they don’t allow my daughter to get into saudia and i also ask one of my friend to call one of the FIA director for allowing me to go.

    • Umair

      Asalam O Aliakum…
      Brother I am facing the same problem right now I just want to know that the birth certificate and b form have to translate in arabic also before attesting from saudi embassy

      • Shakeel Ahmed

        i got my paper attested from one agent and i didn’t translate any of it. and today i also get the iqama for my daughter with out any problem they just ask me for insurance which i have so they give me iqama right at the spot.

  • siby

    hello friends
    we seek your support to know the procedure to bring 5 months old (DOB: 24/02/2015) new born baby in Saudi Arabia on July 23, 2015.
    Birth Certificate attestation is required or not?

    • Don

      Hello! Did you manage to bring your baby here in KSA? I’m planning to bring my child too he’s 5 months and 1/2 old.. Thanks for the reply..

  • Satti

    Asalamoalikum. Regarding the procedure to bring your new born baby in Pakistan to bring in Saudi Arabia, you need following documents to get visa stamped from Saudi Consulate in Pakistan.

    1: Father passport and Iqama Copy

    2: Mother Passport, Exit-Re-Entry paper, (Original)

    3: Mother Iqama Copy

    4: Baby Birth certificate attested by Saudi Embassy,Baby Passport, Nadra B-Form

    5: Baby 8 nos white background photos

    Take all above mentioned documents and directly go to Etimad office to get your baby visa stamped.
    I did same for my baby girl just 04 days before.

    Note: No need yellow slip from Saudi Arabia.

    • Ali Ranjha

      how many did they charge you for stamping ? and Did you get appointment before or not ?

    • Aazer

      is the birth certificate and B form must be attested by F.O? or etimad office accept it without attestation.


    hi team ,
    my wife is planning to take our kid to saudi on on arrival visa , is it possible to take baby along with her if she only have iqama ? i am not working in saudi right now but i have selected for one company and my visa is under processing and i am also moving to saudi by this month end , my wife is moving on july 11th so is it possible to take baby along with her when she only have the iqama please let me know .

  • Syed Aleem

    Visa on arrival is valid for babies till how many months & What is the penalty???

  • sief

    hi team
    my wife and new born son are coming form the state to Via British air ways and they were denied to be checked in by the Airline staff because there was no saudi visa for the baby and we told them that as per the saudi policy infant of expat can get in and get their visa on the port and they said they have no such information and eventually my wife and son had to be checked in to london only and not the whole trip

    and i dont know what to do , pleas advice me urgently as i need to sort this out by the time they arrive to london in 7 hours from now

    • Samrah Shaikh

      If your wife is an Iqama holder, and child is less than 6 months, then the baby can get visa on arrival at the Saudi airport.

  • Naila

    Plz help me. M in the need of help old.
    I am a woman nationality Pakistani , i HV Iqama of Saudi Arabia with profession Madd. My husband is also in Saudi he has Iqama with profession driver.
    My three kids are left in Pakistan ,can anyone plz write how can I get visa for my three kids ,all kids are under 15 years old.
    Plz reply m waiting.

  • sathish


    I want to take my 10 month baby to saudi. My wife already have IQMA. But i need to take VISA on arrival in Saudi. Is it possible… Please anyone can suggest me.

    Thank you..



    • Ahmed

      Can you tell your experience ?

  • Taimoor Naseer

    I want to bring my newborn baby (2 1/2 month old) from Pakistan to KSA. My company HR says there is no need of baby visa you’ll get on-arrival visa. Is this possible?


  • Taimoor Naseer

    Hello Everyone,

    I just had the experience of bringing new born from Pakistan. Visa on Arrival for infant is not an option as the FIA won’t let you leave the country. You have to get the visa endorsed from Saudi Embassy / Consulate. You may contact Etimad for the procedure.

    • kimmuzafar

      Sorry for asking again brother Taimoor, i need to know more like my baby is almost 3 months old her mother has Iqama even though Visa on Arrival is not an option? if that is the case can you write more about the procedure to follow and it’s duration? i need to get it done ASAP..

  • khi karachi

    i am pakistani and living in jeddah. i want to go pakistan immediately but the problem is that my baby is just 15 days old and dosnt have nic and passport. so can any one let me know wat will be the procedure to go with baby immediately? or does any one know that can baby travel on his mothers passport???

    • kimmuzafar

      Bro, did you get any option? i’m also in same situation.. i need to bring my family along with new born child.. Visa on Arrival looks very good options but according to below response by brother. Taimoor Naseer, FIA won’t allow.. Can some body put some light on that.. my child is almost 3 months old now..

  • Aasif Inamdar

    Please tell me latest rule for “Travelling with new born baby to Saudi Arabia from India “.

  • Zain Khan

    Hi all,

    I want to bring 7 month new bornbaby to saudi. My wife already have IQMA. what is the age limit VISA on arrival in Saudi. Is it possible… Please share they experience

    Thank you..

    • أبو عبد الله

      Should be less than 1 year.

      • Ahmed

        I hope you are sure on this, because somewhere i read 3 months, some place 6 months..

  • Zain Khan

    are you sure, did any one bring they 8 month new born baby

  • Zain Khan

    Thanks for the information… I am very much worried

  • Shoaib

    Hi All
    i have 5 months old baby.and am going to final exit and don,t have my baby IQMA. am go to jawzat make iqma my baby and they told me that first you should transfer your wife iqma on your,s and pay 4000 for this my wife kafel is my father in law.and my wife also going with me final can i go with my baby without iqma.?

  • Muhammad Omer Asghar

    Steps to Get Birth Certificate, NICOP, Manual/MRP Passport and Iqama for New Born Baby in KSA

    1) After the birth of baby get Birth Statement/Tableegh Wilaadah from your hospital. Make sure all spellings, dates and iqama numbers are correct on Birth Statement issued.

    2) Then get it stamped from General Directorate of Health Affairs and after it proceed to Ahwaal Madani/Civil Affairs office to get birth certificate. Ensure you have baby’s parents original iqamas ,passports along with photocopies. Remember before going to Ahwaal Madani/Civil Affairs get booked an appointment through internet.

    3) Birth Statement/Tableegh Wilaadah from your hospital will not be returned by Ahwaal Madani/Civil Affairs once they issue the birth certificate.Before leaving Ahwaal Madani/Civil Affairs office ensure that you have got it stamped and signed from Manager/Mudeer of Civil Affairs.

    4) Then proceed to Ministry of Chamber of Commerce and see MOFA section to get a stamp affixed with signatures for SR 30.

    5) After it get the birth certificate translated into English from authorized translator in your city for SR 50.

    In all steps from 1-5, there is no need to take baby/mother with you, only father can manage above documentation .Baby’s presence is needed only when applying for NICOP and MRP as on spot pictures are to be captured for both documents. For iqama issuance also no need to take the baby/mother with you.

    6) Now proceed for NICOP, for this must have to visit Jeddah Consulate/Riyadh Embassy .For NICOP get the English Translation attested from Embassy/Consulate (In my case it was from Vice Consular). Now staple your photo copies of Birth Certificate in Arabic, English Translation, Passport of Parents ,Iqama and CNIC’s of parents. You must retain the token issued by NADRA to get your baby’s NICOP and can track the status through helpline mentioned on the slip. For infants /children below 15 years NICOP, no need for finger prints signatures/thumb impression. Charges for NICOP Executive category costs SR 132.

    7) For passport, you have two options either manual or the digital one .Manual passport is only issued from Riyadh Embassy and not from Jeddah Consulate with charges of SR 230. This passport can be issued the same day when you apply for NICOP and for this along with passport application form you need to give baby’s passport size pictures with white/blue background. Also provide photo copies of NICOP Slip, Birth Certificate in Arabic, Birth Certificate English Translation, Passport of Parents , Iqama and CNIC’s of parents. Manual passports get ready after 3 :00PM the same day when you apply for NICOP and Manual Passport. Validity of Manual Passport is upto 31st Dec 2016.But this passport can be used for one time travel that is to exit from KSA. But when you go to Pakistan obtain the MRP and do not get the manual one cancelled. For entry in KSA keep both passports with you. Manual Passports are recommended in cases like if there are Eid holidays approaching close or any event you want to participate in PAK.

    8) On the other hand for Digital passports/Machine Readable Passports from Jeddah Consulate/Riyadh Embassy you have to wait till the NICOP gets done OR you can apply if you get to know the baby’s citizen number issued that can be checked through NADRA’s helpline after a week since you applied for NICOP.

    9) Iqama can be issued both on manual and digital passports, also you can acquire exit re entry document on both types of passports. For iqama issuance you can visit Jawazat/Passport office on your own and get iqama issuance form filled from agents sitting outside the building and provide with it the copies of baby’s vaccination card, parent’s passport with visa pages, parents iqamas, baby’s passport and birth certificate. Also take with you two passport size pictures of baby as the same will be scanned for baby’s iqama.

    10) The officer there will write narration on passport stating the baby’s birth in KSA and request for iqama. After it another officer will write a border number on baby’s passport. Then go to the person who is printing iqamas and will see your baby’s passport and scan picture before finalizing iqama .

    Note: For NICOP, the executive category takes 20 days and MRP takes 25 days approximately. Before proceeding for NICOP and MRP please make sure you get an online/phone appointment to avoid the hassle of waiting for hours or days even.

    Aramex /UPS Courier service at Jeddah Consulate/Riyadh Embassy can be used to get your NICOP /Passport delivered at your home within Jeddah/Riyadh for SR 30 and outside Jeddah/Riyadh within KSA for SR 35.


    NICOP: National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis

    MRP: Machine Readable Passport

    NADRA: National Database and Registration Authority

    MOFA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • rasheen

    consider the situation, father and mother are living in saudi with separate iqama (father’s sponsor is company and mother sponsor is school/hospital, in this case does ur above mentioned rule applicable for bringing the child to saudi arabia ?

    • Muhammad Omer Asghar

      Cannot suggest you appropriately in the scenario stated by you.But at least you can follow the steps narrated in my previous post that can help you get information from the departments involved in documentation for infants born in KSA

      • rasheen

        Currently me and my wife are living here in Saudi now(not in family visa). In few months my wife will be going to India for delivery, when she return back to Saudi along with born child , is it compulsory child’s passport should be visa stamped in india prior to enter Saudi or as u told visa on arrival is accepted at the time of arrival. (provided child has all other documents like birth certificate, passport and polio certificate, of course mothers iqama copy and my iqama copy also)

  • Mohammed Abid

    Hi….i am in under Separate sponsorship & My wife is holding an employment teacher visa, now she has to come back with our new born baby to the kingdom, can anyone tell me the complete procedure to enter into the kingdom for the new born baby. Coz, recently we submitted the application in Saudi consulate in india they rejected & says Female cannot be sponsor for a baby. My Iqama profession is a cleaner which is not eligible to bring family. Please, need a wide consultation as soon as possible coz the time running out for her Exit Re-Entry. Thanks…

    • Mohammed Abid

      Hi….All, this is for all the those who wants to bring their child to saudi. I brought my baby to saudi visa on arrival. As i heard upto 6 months they will give visa on arrival.
      When my baby arrived they gave Border number & Visa number on it. My wife & baby came they did not add the sponsor to my baby passport later at the time of making insurance co; ppl told me they cannot see the link of my baby visa number & sponsor. In this case we have to go to airport jawazat section & give our iqama & baby passport they will make a link to it.

      • Jillian Christine

        Is it true that babies under 6 months old do not need a visa? I cannot find it on the Consulate page. Was it difficult to bring your baby in?

  • faizal

    Can i bring my 3 year old daughter to saudi arabia without her mother by family visa or by visit visa

  • noufalmt


  • shafinaz azhar

    Is it visa on arrival for new born applicable for Malaysian also? Is it okay to bring my new born to used this way when am i only as a mother have iqama?

  • norhana

    ER THEIR. 🙁

    • Aya Junairi Poyeh

      Hi Norah your 11months baby you bring to saudi visa on arrival

      • Aya Junairi Poyeh

        Please let me know

  • Naseer

    I am living in KSA with my wife she is a MOI staff. Last November she went for maternity leave and we have born a baby on December. Now we are planning to bring our new born along with my wife on this February. As my IQAMA profession is labor is there any difficulty to get on arrival VISA for new born under my wife’s sponsorship? Please advice…

  • Imran

    Has Anyone took iqama for newborn after dependent levy is introduced. CAn someone share the procedure to get iqama for new born outside of saudi. I have paid 2000 and amount has been deducted in MOI after visiting jawazat. Officer asked me to make SADAD for 820 but i am not sure which option should be selected for making SADAD. Any help will be much appreciated.

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