True Experience: How I got Visit Visa from Istiqdam after getting Rejected 3 times Online

As we are aware, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Saudi Arabia, has stopped issuing new visit visa till the Hajj season.

One of our readers has shared their experience of getting Visit Visa for family so that other members can benefit from it.

How I got Visit Visa from Istiqdam after getting Rejected 3 times Online

By Abu Maryam

I want to share how I was successfully able to get Visit Visa for parents after getting rejected 3 times.

I had been applying for visit visa for my parents for past one and half month.

My profession is Engineer, so I was expecting the visa request to get approved in the first attempted.
However, I was surprised when the visit visa application request got rejected not once but twice without any valid reason.

Then I asked my brother to apply (his profession is marketing specialist). He applied on 12th May, 2015 and on 17th May, MOFA updated the status of visa application as rejected and asked apply after Pilgrimage season.( There was still one month for Ramadan to start)

I thought giving it one more attempt, this time through Istiqdam. So on 19th May, I applied for appointment for Istiqdam for Visit Visa. Kindly note that this appointment is different from permanent visa appointment. I got my appointment date for 28th May. On 28th May, I went to Istiqdam, Riyadh with the following documents :

1. Appointment print out
2. Iqama – Original
3. Iqama – copy
4. Copy of my parents passport
5. Introduction letter from my company with CoC (Chamber of Commerce Stamp)
6. Visit visa Form signed and stamped by company and by CoC stamp. ( See Visit Visa Form – Istiqdam)

Although my appointment was at 11:00 am, I went at around 9:00 am. The receptionist asked if I have appointment sheet. He took the appointment sheet and told me to wait. At 10 am the officer in charge for visit visa came. He checked my documents and then printed “Visa permit” (Tasreeh ziyarah) which consists of two printed papers – a white sheet and a green sheet which was copy of the white sheet. He told me to check the names of parents on the printout. Make sure the names of your parents/family are as per the passport or else the visa will get rejected in your home country. Once I confirmed, he told me to goto MOFA (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs).

I immediately went to MOFA. Upon reaching MOFA, after security check, I got a token from the receptionist for visa section. My turn came almost immediately. The officer at the counter checked the date of green paper and told me after one week with the following:
1. Green paper printout got from Istiqdam
2. Original Iqama
3. Copy of Iqama
4. Online application for Visit Visa print out from MOFA website. You have to do the online visit visa application process. Once, you complete the process, you do NOT have to get it stamped by CoC. Make two copies of this paper, one for your records and another to submit to MOFA.

When I went after a week with the above documents, he check my original iqama and took the papers. He told me note the visa application number on the MOFA print out and check the status online.

By next day evening, the status of the visa changed to approved on the MOFA website, Alhamdulillah.

I hope this information will be help to your readers who are applying for visit visa for their families and getting rejected online.

  • ibrahim affan

    Congrats i will do the same but my appointment will be at 19 Ramadan
    will they accept it ?

    • Most probably yes.
      The best way to find out is by doing it.
      All the best.
      Do let us know the outcome.

  • Omair Amanat

    I got visit visa approved and stamped from my home country for my parent and their visa is for 1 month. What i want to ask is will they extend the visa after one month? They are coming 26th June.

    • As of now they are extending.
      However, we cannot say if they come up with new rules later.

  • Abdussalam

    Assalam o alaikum
    Dear brother
    I am in riyadh and I want to go for hajj 2015
    this will be my first hajj so from where I get hajj application
    or TASREEH

    • Wa alaikum salam Abdussalam.
      You have to register with the authorised Hajj operators who will obtain the Tasreeh on your behalf.

  • AFK

    This is a good experience. But DOn’t expect it always. I had been gone through same situation in last year to bring my mother in law just before Hajj season in connection with my wife’s delivery. As usual i applied three times and MOFA online and got rejected and was told apply after Hajj season. Then as advised from friends, I applied through Istiqdam and obtained Tasreeh Siyarah. when i visited again MOFA with new online application Unfortunately they threatened me and told that we are (MOFA) authority for visas and no one can order above us for issuing Visa. when I keep ask queries and explain my situation (as no one here to take care for my wife during her hospital days so and so..) the officer me to check online and sacked me out . After few days again in online it shown “try after Hajj” ..!!

    Was Waste of time effort and energy… It was very hard time for me and i managed with the help of some friends and kind neighbors… Alhamdulillah

    i think No specific rules and its all about individual officier mood and willingness to help. Best of Luck…

    • Sorry to hear about the diffculties time your went through last year.

      Totally agree with your last statement for many Saudi government offices – “No specific rules and its all about individual officier mood”.

    • Mohammed Nayeem

      same thing bro its officier mood and willingness to help

  • rhm

    Assalamu alaikum,
    I applied family visit visa for my wife, continously second time , the status shows “submit a new application”. Whether i want to apply again or anyother option. Or the visit visa closed?

    • Did you apply online through MOFA. Many people getting rejected because of Hajj season.

      • rhm

        Yes , applied through MOFA itself. Then how i can bring my wife to saudia arabia?

        • Try applying Istiqdam.

          • Enamul Islam

            Dear Moderator,
            I applied through Istiqdam also but no issued visa.

  • Muneeb Ur Rehman

    Hi. I applied through Istiqdam yesterday for my Mother In Law visit visa and I only got White paper. Why Istiqdan didn’t issue me Green Paper?

    • Ismail Muhammed

      Muneeb, White paper is enough. Please go to MOFA immediately and make sure you have an online application with you. ( I prefer ,Make CC Stamp only the day when you go to MOFA). Submit both whitepaper and online application to MOFA.. that it..

      • Muneeb Ur Rehman

        Thanks for the answer. I went to MOFA and the guy on the counter he checked it and passed the application through bar code reader and return me the application along with white paper and told me to check online after 2-3 days. I went on 15th of June to MOFA and still this is the message which i can see online. تم التصديق على الطلب

        • Ismail Muhammed

          This means your application is received to MOFA, Yesterday it was the message same when I check online and today visa is issued, probably after a day or two visa will be issued.

          • Muneeb Ur Rehman


          • Muneeb Ur Rehman

            One more thing, for how many months you have been issued visa for your mother in law? secondly, if visa has been issued today then hown many days should i have to present it to embassy in Pakistan? like is their any time limit 30 days or 45 days?

      • Moiz Danish

        Mr. Ismail.. thanx alot i had a same case… and your post helped me too… jazkumAllah Khair… just need to know.. i got tasreeh from istaqdam.. now i apply online ? and get it signed and stamped from my employer and than do a chamber of commerce of than application ??? Thats it ? do i have to take any other thing and after how many days should i go to MOFA after getting tasreeh??? need your help pls email me personally or call or whatsapp me.. will be very grateful.
        [email protected] / 054-3823142.

    • Muhammad Umair

      Asslamoelekum brother
      Can you tell me how you booked appointment online for Istiqdam.

  • Salmy

    Hi, i applied two times through online for my wife, i got message ”ministry apologies to achieve the demand”. pls anyone can reply…

    • Try applying through Istiqdam as explained above.

  • Ismail Muhammed

    Alhamdulillah, This post helped me too… I was facing same issue to obtain visa for my mother in-law , my wife is pregnant and delivery is date is very close.. online visa was rejected two times.. finally with Tasreeh form istiqdam I got visa today… thank you soo..much for sharing this….

    • You are welcome.
      We are happy to know that you got the visa finally.
      Wish you all the best for your new baby.

    • Md Venus

      Mr ismail vai…congratz…imran here..a teacher…i want to bring my mom..r they issuing visa? What is tasreeh? 0506188782 i will call u.thanks

    • Muhammad Umair

      Congratulations and may Allah bless your baby, I have the same case. Can you tell me how you booked appointment online for Istiqdam.


  • Enamul Islam

    Assalamu alaikum,
    I tried several times for family visa from istiqdam but no luck, then tries for Visit visa for my family but same no luck.

    • Imran

      What cause they are giving for rejection?

  • Enamul Islam

    I applied two times to MOFA for my family visit visa last month but renjected…………
    please help me anybody how can i get visit visa for my family?
    Profession in Iqama: Accountant, Nationality- Bangladeshi

  • Imran

    Maybe you tried before the beginning of ramadan season.that’s why you got the visa. Today I am refused by istiqdam . Did anyone over here got visit visa for in laws after starting of ramadan?

  • Zahid Anwar

    Dear All,

    Need your help to have details how can I apply for permanent Visa of my mother?


  • RAJA

    Dear abu mariyam

    I followed the same procedure and received green paper from istaqdam office.Afterwards I went straight to MoFA w/o filling any more application.they told me to come after 1 week with online approval paper .Now I am not sure how to check status of approval paper on MoFA website and which number to enter on MoFA website to check status.
    Can you please guide. Also i would be great-full if you can share you mobile number so that I can talk to you directly.My email is [email protected]

    • Fehan

      Masha allah Mabrook,

      Assalamualekum Vrvb..!

      knw you need to fill the new application from and signed by just you no need from company stamp & signature, Chamber of commerce,
      1. new filled application
      2. copy of your Eqama
      3. yellow slip
      attache together and submit.
      make sure you are not changing the approve duration like: if the approve for 60days then you should mention 60 not 90 or etc. coz the were refused and ask to do correction according to approve yellow slip.
      just visit the Mofa with above mentioned doc. and you will received in same day, need to check online with new filled application number.
      sure insha allah you will receive. as i received already.
      +966 508228126.
      Abu Maryam

  • Fehan

    Dear Raja,
    as i was in foreign affair in same your condition and they told me come after one week with online filling submitted form but make sure it should not be chamber stamp, coz if you did it chamber means you apply online. so go there without chamber and with yellow slip and your eqama copy.
    they will issue Visa,

  • Fehan

    i will upload the Copy of Doc. in my free tym for more help the applicants.

    Humdulilah i follow the above procedure and received the yellow slip,
    still waiting for 1week coz MOFA they write on my yellow slep & advice me to come after one week until approval information will update to both Isteqdam&MOFA system,

    Let c i’m waiting for 1week to be complete,
    from yesterday.

    i was apply for my AlUmm & AlAB(mother& father) but it was refused for father and when i insist he ask me to check there manager but humdulillah manger he approved for both,(jazak allah)
    i told them how come mother will come alone without moharram & she cannot travel alone etc.

    thanks & regards to the people who always like to help each other.
    this is sunnah for helping people as Rasool allah صلي الله عليه و سلم said there is rewards Like a releasing Slave even if you show the correct way or location even departments like in hospital (LAB, Pharmacy, Emergency) Etc.
    so make sure your doing the good thing for sake of Allah Swt.

    Jazak Allah.

    • visualmeera

      let us knw on what date& month u applied and got.

    • Fehan

      Humdulillah i received the Visa and it’s already stamp on my parents passport.

  • Imran Ali


    I applied visit visa online but its rejected.Now iam trying to apply through there any new rules for applying through istiqdam or same as above mentioned.

    • samk

      pls. share if you applied through istiQDAM. I need to apply too.

      • Hubaib

        Please share if you have already applied this month May 2016 and got visa through istiqdam.
        I need to apply too

  • Hubaib Neduavncheri

    Thanks a lot, I catch this route and got visa today. Cant limit my happiness.. thanks again

    • Humayun Saqib

      For a visit visa what documents are required to submit MOFA with yellow slip ?

      Do i need to sign and stamp all again from my company ?

      What is timing for MOFA Riyadh for Visit Visa Manual Processing (Yellow Slip)?

  • amirjee20

    i want to apply for visit visa for my father in law, how can i get or apply for an appointment for istaqdam ??? anyone can share the link for the official istaqdam website where i can apply for appointment??? HELP

  • Faisal

    Salamwalaikum. I went to Istiqdam Office and received a Green and white paper from them(visit visa for my parents). They told me to go to MOFA and stamp it. I applied online after this and took printout of the online visa and went to MOFA. At the security check he stapled the green paper(received from Isteqdam) and the visit visa application prinout. At VISA counter he saw the Green Paper and asked if i stay in riyadh- i replied with Yes i stay in Riyadh and then wrote on green paper come after 1 week. Does the green paper need stamp from MOFA as told to me in Isteqdam office or no need??
    Somebody Please orient me on this.

    • FAhmed

      w’slm, Did you get an appointment to visit istiqdam office?

  • FAhmed

    Do we still get an appointement with Istiqdam office from MOI portal? I don’t see any option to get the appointment.

  • Firdos Ahmed

    for correction of name on already issued family visa,what i have to do?