Visit Visa Duration Violation

Visit Visa Duration Violation

  • Muzammil

    Dears ..
    I renewed my parents visa on 11 January 2016 which is expired 17 January 2016. I got printout with ne date 16-02-2016 I recieved message “Successfully extented” and fund from iqama also gone..
    But yesterday I check Abshir It is appearing Old Date(17-01-2016)
    How Can I solve this issue…

  • Rashid Mahmood

    What are the possibilities to get safe if u got your relative on visit visa and overstayed more than 20 days in its first time (first month extension) even though its paid fine 400 and one month fee 100SR online with ABSHER…..please give solution to extend visa bcz after paying fine 500SR online extension is locked..!?????

    • Zuaib Khan

      Hello Rashid,
      I‘m suffering these days similar case like yours, if you don’t mind could you please share solution & guide us what you did to rid of it. Perhaps many other (including me ) out there need guidance what TO Do !!!
      Thanks in Advance….

  • anish

    same with me also. plz advise.

  • anish

    formality of finger print is done. now advise what to do.

    • Junaid

      What you do then plz tell case is same as your

      • anish

        First go to jawasat and take paper for somasi and get it stamp from jawasat then go to somasi for fingerprint. And fingerprint any come jawasat with same paper filled by somasi. They will extent the visa for three day don’t forget to make payment of SR600 under the border line number before extention.if your are planning to send after a week then go three days before the ticket date to jawasat for extention coz you have to travel in extended three day once visa is renewed for thee days again visit somasi to update the extended visa and travel. Ban to enter Saudi Arabia for three years. ..

  • Ayaz

    salam alaikum
    “the visit visa holder can not perform umra”
    Is it new regulation or exists since before
    what is the fine if violated, please update