Visit visa extension / renewal in Saudi Arabia – Process & requirements




 ATTENTION: The Visit Visa Renewal has now been made Online

Kindly visit the updated article –  How to Renew Visit Visa Online



Validity and Extension of Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia


The visit visa extension / renewal should be done well before time, before the visa expires or else you may face penalty of SR 15,000 and deportation.

It is very important to make sure that you do not mix up the Arabic and English dates. For dates conversion, you can visit Hijri to Gregorian conversion.

The extension can be done only 5-6 days prior to the expiry date. If you go to jawazat before that, they will not renew it and ask you to come later when only 5-6 days are remaining.

Documents required for Visa extension process :

1. Original passport of visitor

2. Original Iqama

3. Copy of passport : Front, back & the visa page

4. Copy of Iqama

5. Passport form – to be filled and signed by yourself.

6. Passport size photo in white background – 1 number

7. Payment of SR 100. Slip not necessary.

8.  For Dammam & Khobar residents – Online token

For more details on the documents, see below:

Passport Form

This form also is available with with your HR department and Maktabs/offices near jawazat or Saudi persons with type writer  sitting near jawazat (Passport office) who charge SR 5 to 10 for typing / filling it up. Download in pdfDownload as word document.

Passport Photo

One Passport Photo  with background need to be attached to the form.

Payment of SR. 100 renewal fee

For complete process regarding payment online, see Online payment for visit visa renewal. Alternately, there are people outside jawazat (Passport office) who will make the fee payment for you for a charge of SR10 to SR15.

Online Token

As of now, this applicable for residents of Dammam and Khobar. They have to take online token. For more Details, see How to get online token for Visit visa renewal. The office timing are from  3 pm to 8 pm in Dammam.

For Riyadh residents, the token issued early in the morning at 6 am sharp so try to be at the Jawazat office before 6 am. The counters start working around 7 am to 7:30 am. The section for visit visa renewal is separate from the main building as can be seen in the below picture. (Click the map to see enlarged image)

Visit visa renewal office in Riyadh 2

View of Visit visa renewal section

Visit visa renewal office in Riyadh

Location Map of Visit visa renewal section

Once your turn comes, the officer will take your documents and check your original passport and iqama and give you a print out with new expiry date of visa.

Kindly check the passport number and end of visa date. If the renewal is final, then it will be indicated on the paper. You can extension upto 6 months. If your original visa is for 1 month, then you will get 6 extensions; if however, your original visa for 3 months, then you will get only 2 extensions. However, visa are not normally renewed / extended for Muslims near the Hajj seasons. (Update : The MOI announced on 28th June, 2014, that visit visa will be renewed through out the year, See MOI Announcement )

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

Kindly share your experiences below so that others may benefit.

  • mozammel

    I am bangladeshi. I have been enter visit visa for my wife, mom & dad since 6th of april as the reqiest not approve yet. Could u please advise if the visit visa open for bangladeshi’s….?

    • SaudiExpert

      Did you do COC (Chamber of Commerce) attestation ? If so, you can visit MOFA to check the status of your visa.

      Alternately, you can apply again.

      • WASEEM

        How to check the end date of extend
        visit visa online.

    • Rohma

      I apply visiting visa for my parents in MOfA and it was approved last January 18, 2015, and they give 90 days, but my plan is to bring them here in last week of may 2015, just want to know if there is possibility that the visa will expire….

  • Nadeem

    how many days before expiry should apply for extension…?

    • SaudiExpert

      You can apply 5-6 days before expiry of visa for an extension.

      • Azhar Al

        Dear Sir.
        Greeting of the day
        Kindly advised me my family visit visa gong to expire 10 oct 2014, as you know 4 october 2014 have hajj holiday
        when the jawazat office will open again because i have to renewal my family visit visa.
        please let me know if you have any information


  • Waqar

    I got 2 extensions of three three months for my wife’s visit visa. But they did not put any indication that this is the last extension. So can I have another extension?

    • SaudiExpert

      We can’t be sure, Please check 5 days before expiry if it can be renewed, Also keep reservation ready, in case renewal is not done,

    • SaudiExpert

      If it is not written final, then another extension is possible, though it is highly unusual.
      Better be prepared with ticket incase they do not give you extension when you go for renewal.

    • Mohsin

      Waqar, were you able to do renewal again ?

    • Samiullah

      Dear Mr. Waqar,
      Please try for another extension, if its possible please let me know, because I am in the same situation my family visit visa will expire on 05-Sep-14 (2nd extension for 3 months).

      Thanks & Regards


    • shaan

      Mr waqar you extend 3 time or not

    • muhammad aamir

      Dear WAQAR please tel me processor how can i renew visit visa

  • Hassan

    Dear sir, my parents have been given one month visit visa and their extension will be due in the second week of Ramadan. Are there any chances that my parents may get extension during ramada. We are a Muslim family. Thanks

    • SaudiExpert

      Yes @hassan, renewal is not an issue, It can be renewed,

      • carla

        HI brother. I would like to ask for your help by answering my questions, i renewed my mother’s visa already and it will expire on august 2, 2014. as they said i should renew my mothers visit visa 5 to 7 days earlier prior to expiration which will fall on July 26, 2014. with the new notice that there will be no renewal of visit visa after june 27 or after shaban then
        1.when can i renew my mother’s visit visa?
        2.can i renew it before june 27 or before shaban ends? but it will be more than 7 days earlier if i renew it before june 27, approximately 1 month earlier before the expiration.
        I need your helo brother and your response is highly appreciated. Thank you

  • Abdul Gafoor

    Hi gentleman,
    I got my mother visit visa from Riyadh and my iqama form riyadh also, but now i am working in jeddah.

    1) is it possible to renew mother visit visa from jeddah through abshir service or jwazat? or shall i go to riyadh for renwal ?

    2) i want to renew it in jeddah. please tell me a solution

    waiting for your responds

    • SaudiExpert

      No, as of now, it is not possible to renew through Abshir
      As far as we know, it is not possible to renew in Jeddah if your iqama is from Riyadh.
      Just to be sure, just visit the jawazat in Jeddah tomorrow and ask them if they will renew at the time of renewal.

      • mujeeb

        sir i am apply visit visa. And I paid 25riyal 5th may 2014 but still mofa not completed. pls help

    • Mohsin

      Did you try to renew from Jeddah. ? What is the update.

    • Mohsin Ashfaqh

      Did you renew your visa from Jeddah? I am in a similar situation. Could you please let us know your experience?

  • Parvej Alam

    There are still 10 days remaining on my visa expiring and Me’m still in India. But my Kfil 1-year contract with an intermediary who is Full. What can I do to change my Kfil? How many days ago. Thank you so much for supporting me

  • Thousif

    I’m on business visa in saudi, its about 6 months since i have been here, One of my friend stays here in business visa for 6 month and after that visa renewal was refused and he is back to his Country, Kindly update me the reason for the refusal , as per the latest rule , how long the business visa can be extended??

  • kaleem

    I heard that saudi govt has stopped extending Family VIsit VIsas? is it True?

  • i like to visit visa extension from jeddah

  • Abdul Mohsin

    I am calling my parents in June and one possible extension. Since their original visa expires in Mid of Ramadan, can they get an extension?. I heard the MOFA will not extend after sha’abaan.

  • raja muhammad khurshid

    I am working in company visa as a Marketing shapeliest I want apply my mother visit visa without my family can you suggest me they will give visa without my family .



  • Dears,
    I applied online family visit visa on 08th of May, since, it is not yet being received by MOFA, while on the other hand, yesterday i saw one important notice from Jawazat that visit visa will not be extended from the end of Shaban, so, should i be worried in regards of my visa application ,or i should be hopeful for visa to be issued (My Profession is – Computer Programmer) & family has visited for lot of times in previous years.


  • Deen

    i need to renew family visit visa 90 days iam in jeddah .now how many days renew same 90 days or 30 days .

    • Tahir

      asalamualaikum bhai,
      bhai if visit visa is from riyadh jawazat,it is possible to renew from jeddah jawazat.kindly inform me.thanks

  • Maria

    I’m on visit visa as of now n my extension is due this month
    I heard that Saudi govt will stop extensions from June 28 th will this effect my extension will my visa be extended or not kindly reply me ASAP thanx

    • SaudiExpert

      Yes Maria, it rules effects you also.

      • a

        Is there already a confirmation about the vague news that visit visa extension will be stopped by June 28? I never read any confirmation about this, even MOI did not confirm. We need clarification on this matter. Anyone?

  • Naazar Khan

    Dear SaudiExpert,
    Salaam. I am working in Saudia on Business Visit Visa. It is expiring on June 12th 2014. Will it get extended till June 27th or for 3 months? Please advice as I have to book the tickets.

    Jazakallah Khair

  • sudheesh

    Hi am Sudheesh
    I am here in vising visa since march and june 2nd week its my renewal,,heard that it will not be possible to renew for another three months.So I kindly request you to provide proper information related to the matter.
    Thanking you.

  • dear sir, my family have been given 3month vist visa andthere extension will be due in jul 24th ,lastweek Ramadan are there any chances that my family may get extansion during Ramadan I ammuslim…. thanks

  • assalam alikum,
    dear sir plz I requested to soudi Arabiya ,in Ramadan month getting so many problems…
    1.ticket charges very expensive.
    2.purchasing problem.
    3. house expensive.
    4.eid purchase need mony.
    5.send mony also family
    plz I requested soudi Arabiya plz extanded visit visa up to August 31 plz plz plz……thanks assalam alikum

  • assalam alikum
    I like king dom soudi arabiya plzzzzzzzzz
    extansion visit visa….plz don’t stop plz plz plz

  • Alam Zeb Khan

    Dear Respectable,
    My one Family Member is living in KSA on Family Visit Visa and the Visa has been expired on 22 of May, now they are worried about to renewal of visa so the visitor can go back to native Country, you are, therefore, requested to tell me the procedure how to renew the expired visa for few days so the visitor can travel and go back to native Country, thy are living in Riyadh, kindly tell me the procedure, required documents and tell me where they’ve to go to apply for the renewal.
    Alam Zeb Khan

  • emmanuel motel jr

    Good day.

    i would like to ask if i can extend my wife and daughter’s visit visa? they entered here in the kingdom last june 4 upto 90days visit visa.i want to know if i will book ticket for them to go back to philippines or i can extend them another 3months stay? our religion is Christian.

  • imran saeed

    i want to know the procedure of permanent family visa, my profession is fanni ajhiza kahrabaie.

  • Hani

    My aunt had renewed her visit visa last month and before hajj it will be expired, please tell me about visit visas which are going to expire before hajj can be renewed again for hajj season??

  • Zia

    Dear all,
    i am on Ziyara amal “Work visit visa” at saudia its gong to expire on july 12 kindly guide me for further extension of visa. also list the required documents as wellfor extension.

  • Muzaffer

    Dear Sir,

    I just wanted to confirm as my wife Visa is going to expiry on July 28th during the month of ramadhan as i heard that there will be holidays soo this team will not work during the time of holidays what about our extension in this case also tell me when can i go for extension to the office

    2. what is the timings of the offices during ramadan for extension of visa

    3. I stay in jubail and do i need to take any token from online before i visit the office

    waiting for your reply kindly provide me the feedback

  • mohammad ullah

    my visa is going to be expire on 28 of july, kindly breaf me about extension that when i go to submate my application

  • Ghers

    Sir. I am a mother working here in Jeddah. I separated but I have 2 daughters that I want to bring to Jeddah as visit visa. Can I apply for them? Thanks alot for your reply.

    • hi send me contact to give you full detail.Thanks

    • hi how r u send me contact to give you full detail.Thanks

  • Ikhlas

    Dear sir,
    Asalam o alikum,
    Sir, i want to know about new family visit visa that jawazat ishue visit visa now or its closed .

  • amir007

    Assalam U Alaikum,

    I would like to request updates if someone applied for renewal these days and they accepted.

    Thank you.

  • zubair

    My Dear Friend,

    How to know my deposit amount on visit visa, and what is the fee for 3months?

  • Nawaz

    what is the timing of dammam jawazat for visit visa extension???can anyone help me plss.

  • sunil

    I am doubt about the Entry Number (Rakam Dakul Al Hadud) that written on the passport at arrival time, how to make confirm the number to make payment of visa renewal, plz. help me providing by sight

  • dawood

    is there any provision for the conversion of visit visa into permanent visa I saw the news in if it is there please tell me the process how to convert it

  • dawood

    is there any provision for the conversion of visit visa into permanent visa I saw the news in if it is there please tell me the process how to convert it

  • Amir Yusuf

    I applied for my mother’s visa , got one-month visit visa on 26May 2014 , she could not come due to slight illness .
    Do i need to apply a new visit visa or the same visa can be extended ( Bombay , India ) . Amir Yusuf , Riyadh .
    Anybody to help me on this matter .

  • Muhammad Adnan

    Dear i want to know my iqama profession is eligible for bring my family on permanent visa. my iqama profession is fahas joda (Quality Inspector)

  • Nabeel

    Please note my mother arrived Jeddah on 30days Visit visa in End Jajab and after 1 month in End Shaban i got Extended for 3 months till 17-Sep-2014 (22-Zi Qada) and also they gave me Exit Paper as that time as per law after Ramadan there will be no Visit Visa Extension will be done.

    After this Law has been change again and now people can extend visit visas.

    my Question my mother is here since 4 months only & if i have Exit Paper with me can i get her visa Extend for more 1 or 2 months ???

    Best Regards

    Please reply ASAP.

  • My parents visa is expired last 9 28 1435.our moder promise me to process it.ill gathered all the documents and pay last july 16 for 3months.100sr of 600sr.10days prior to expiry date.after the eid holidays he said to me to go to jawasat myself but after 2days,the staff there told me that it cant be renewed due to expire should be exit.what should i do??please help.i want them to stay cost too much money for me just be with them.i felt betrayed by our moder.he just play with me.

  • I applied for my mother’s visit visa , got one month visit visa on 26th May 2014 , my mother could not come due to slight illness .
    Due i need to apply visit visa again or the same visit visa which is stamped on the passport can be extened in mumbai,india .
    Amir Yusuf, Riyadh

  • ASlam alikum
    Dear i want to know the new procedure of family visit visa extension online as announced by The Gov please send me a link
    Thanks :
    Ali Rahman


    I REQUEST 05/01/2014 APPLICATION NUMBER (7914811) AND
    Apologize to the Foreign Ministry to meet demand
    Ministry apologizes for achieving demand



    • Mansoor

      Mr. Aijaz,
      Goto Jawazat at once and tell them the complete matter.

    • Zafar

      Please advice as how you solved the problem? I am also facing the same issue.

  • Imy Abraham

    Hi ….I applied a visit visa for my husband.When I went to submit the documents the Ministry personnel said that visit visa is closed now.And they added it will open only after Hajj.Is that true.?And I want to know when they will start to issue visit visa exactly…

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  • siar ahmad hamdard

    I siar ahmad hamdard my fimly visit visa going to expire on 24 shawaal and today is 20 shawaal. when i try to renewal visa is shows *Sorry!! The Visit Visa (VV) can be extended only within the (seven) days before expiry date or within 3 day after expiry date…so only 4 days is lift to expire my family visit visa.
    please help me how to renew

    • Zafar

      I am also facing exactly the same issue. Can anyone help please?

      • siar ahmad hamdard

        Al-Hamdulellah i got visit visa extension for my family on 18 august 2014 by same processed in MOI.GOV.SA

        • Shazad Sadiyan

          I also renew the same way as you did, through MOI.GOV.SA and i got a print out of the extension. How can i make sure whether the renewal is valid? since it is just print out paper.

          • NAALVI

            did you get the print out at the same time or later.
            I also renew my parents visit visa few days ago and it was successfully done but I need the print out now but there is no option to print now.please reply how can I print now?

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  • rj

    hi, iam working in riyadh but my sponsor is in jeddah .. am i allowed to renew my family visit visa here in riyadh?
    and the visa expires during hajj & eid vacation oct 1. can i go now to renew the visa? bec. maybe when i go last week of sept. they will not accept it bec. hajj is coming


    I renew my parents visa online as is extended upto 10.10.2014 but I didnot print the extended visa paper and thought will print later from office.I cannot find a way in MOI to print it and my parents are leaving on 30 sep.They need it in airport as well and for record till they leave from here.
    Please send me link from where I can print the extended visa paper?Many Thanks..

    • kaleem

      Bro they are not asking for print out in the airport when u r going for exit.. just he will check ur passport and they have all the information in their website/ dont worry

  • Do anybody have experience is their any required documents stamp is needed during return back to home country for visit visa , for online we just get a simple Print is that enough ,kindly please do any one has send their families or parents directly to airport without any stamped on passport .

    • kaleem

      Dear Ahmed Bro. no need for any paper or stamp,, when u go to airport they will make exit stamp in airport. i have send my family last week .

  • kamran

    Dear Sir,
    My parent’s visa is expiring 2nd Oct. means at the time of Haj holidays.
    In this case what will be the procedure?

    • yer

      I am also with the same problem now. My mother’s visit visa will expire during Haj’s Holidays. Will the on line renewal of visit visa works during Haj’s Holidays?

  • fairose

    Hai dear
    I will apply for online visa.when will open please send me the enquiry.

  • Mahmood

    I am going to extend my family visit visa that will expired on 21 of OCT. I have registered/activated my account from kiosk machine. Now, I am getting messages of “within seven days” on the renewal of my children’s visas. But my main concern is that I am getting message of “يجب مراجعة مكتب الجوازات” on the renewal on my wife’s visa.
    What to do now?

    • Wali

      I am getting the same error, any idea what to do next ?

    • Junaid

      Salam Mahmood, I have a same case, can you please share what you have done in your case? or I visited Jawazat directly?

  • dear Sir,

    i was bring my family in visit visa in runing one month .. i try to get family visa insha allh coming month so i can change here or i want send my family in india after i want call my family ..

    i apply my father in law visiting visa but MOI rejected kindly advise me please ..

    • abdussalam

      no. u just exit to Dubai or quitter. frm there u can stamp the same day. my father in low do this like b4 ( if u are in dammam Thats very easy ,u can go Bahrain)

  • Asankasrd

    Dear Readers,

    My mother’s Visit visa is to be expired on 05/11/2014. Today is 30/10/2014. Exactly 7 days prior to the expiry. Today morning I tried for just one time for extension and got it done. Thanks Saudi Government for taking this step.
    I took a print out of the extended visa.But this is just a A4 paper.Is this sufficient. Do I need to go to Jawasat office for stamping.
    For all who wants to get VV extended online, my advice is to try many times online. if not succeed go to Jawasat office before at least 4-3 days of the visa expiry.

  • THoufeeq

    Asalam allium

    my family visa expired on 7th I go today to renewal by online but it’s show your visa can’t renewal know what I can do for this my family here from 6 month I won’t to extend one more time

    • Aa

      Dear toufeeq bahi any success to renew visa after six month

  • Dear sir
    I aply for my mom and wife and sone.wife and son get 90 days.but mom get only 30 mom maximum how many time i can renew visiting visa

    • Asankasrd

      Same thing happened to me. My wife and two Daughters got 90 daThys but my mother only 30 days. I have already extended by mothers visa by another month. (Online) There will be another 30 days for sure. (In total 90 days). After that I don’t think there will be any more extensions. But try and see. If succeeded pls let me know

      • abdussalam

        i ask many friends .they told me as per new absir system we can renew up to next hajju time

  • imran

    dear sir already i applied visit visa for my family 15 days many days it will take to issue visit visa…

    • abdussalam

      hai dear

      my mother visa I applied dul hajju 17… i got visa 10 days b4( muharam 20). same time my friend visa still pending. and other friend cancelled. i think this repent upon place……

      • SAMEER

        how many it tok for you to approve from mofa max 1 month i applied before 18 dyas status not yet changed

  • aas salamwalkum
    dear sir
    i am facing this problem
    The visit visa cannot be extended, because the visa duration after extension will exceed the allowed limit

    • abdussalam

      dear , please mention
      how many time you renew ? month



    • riaz

      Same case here its more than 15 days…please can any one tell how many days it usually takes for approval. …

    • yes after hajju me and my friend apply .we get visa and they arrived hear. now it will take more than 25 days


  • sajid

    Dear All,

    i want to refuns my family visa fees from MOI in MOI there is status showing fee returned but still not yety recieve in my aacount please advise me how to take fee refund from MOI

  • sajid

    Dear All,

    i want to refund my family visa fees from MOI in MOI there is status showing fee returned but still not yety recieve in my aacount please advise me how to take fee refund from MOI

    • check your moi website available fund in your account . then you can sea 2000 Sr there they didn’t refund . if not show money you just contact your which bank you pay . ore call me 0597424830

  • Wali


    I am getting following message when I am renewing my mother in law’s visa. Can any one please tell me what I need to do now
    Message is “يجب مراجعة مكتب الجوازات “

    • guest1

      same is my status what happened with yours can u guide us?

      • hamzask

        When i try to renew visit visa of my mother thorough online, i found one error message ” يجب مراجعة مكتب الجوازات / must review with passport office”.

        how you extend ???

    • hamzask

      When i try to renew visit visa of my mother thorough online, i found one error message ” يجب مراجعة مكتب الجوازات / must review with passport office”.

      how you extend ??? please

      • Faizan Ahmad

        Same is coming in my Father visa what to do now ? I have to visit jawazat office

        • hamzask

          dear faizan,
          go to jawazat office before expiry of visit visa….don’t i visited jawasat ….they extend my visit visa..

          • Faizan Ahmad

            Thank you dear.. Rush was there ? Do u knw ramadn timing ?

          • hamzask

            I don’t know the ramadan timing. I am from Jeddah..i din’t find any rush there.i go there at 8.30am….
            if you are going ask them how can i renew next time?? through absher or through jawasat…please confirm and post will help me next time…
            before going there pay 100SR .. no need to bring the payment paper…

          • Tassaduq Khokhar

            Brother.. What is Ramdan timing? I applied for visit visa for my mother on 25th May 2016. But few days ago I am getting message “The ministry apologizes for achieving demand”. Reason is still not clear do I have a still chance to contact Jawazat?? I am here on Engineer visa. Is it due to Ramadn/Hajj ?

          • Faizan Ahmad

            Does appointment required how much time they have taken ?

          • hamzask

            appointment not required for jeddah jawasat…

  • Shihab


    one week before I did chamber my VISIT Visa . Still the status is displaying . the request with East room. before I got with in there day my visa. why it is taking too much time for approval .
    As I heard from my colleagues now it is taking more than a month.
    Please advise why this delay

  • Rameshkumar

    please advice ,i am getting follow massage when I applied by online for exnet family visit visa ( for 6-9 month)
    “The visit visa cannot extended because the visa duration after extension will be exceed the allow limit”

    • dears,today i visited jawazath renew my mother visiting visa .they told me up to 6 month we can renew through absherr sistem. my mother get 30 days first time. so i can renew 6 time from online. after if we need ,we want to go jawazath. as per their mood they will extend more.
      Nb.first Renewal Must bee in Online ,they did not receive in jawazath .they refer many people to make online account and renew it from ab sheer……………………..

    • after 6 month we cant extent from online. go jawazath and make it

  • Abdulrahman

    Assalamu alaikum brother,

    My Parents one month Visit visa going to expire on JAN 6th 2015 however i have payed 200SR for both of them and when i tried apply “Visa Extension” error came that Visa should be renewed only 7 days before visa expire date, but the issue is i have payed the fee, am afraid will they consider my payment? what should i do.? should i continuously try to extension?


  • Jul

    Assalamo Alaikom,
    How do i know my Family Visit Visa expiration date?…from the day my visa was stamped to my passport, or from the day of arrival to the kingdom? The date indicated to my visa is 03/10/14(English Date) 35/12/09(Arabic Date)..

    Best Regards

  • saqib

    i want to extend my wife and sons visit visa. they are staying here last 270 days
    i had already gain extension 2 times and can i apply 3rd time that is possible?

  • sarah

    Anyone knows when is the 6months visa will start?? I wil get visit visa for my daughter on febuary what they will give?? Only for 6months???

  • sarah

    Pls help to answer im worried to get visa im working as a nurse and we can go vacation evry 10 momths or 9months if this true 6months how my daughter will go home shes 3yrs old.

    • Jul

      filipina? apply a permanent family visa to your daughter…

      • sarah

        jun– yes filipina i cant apply permanent family because im a single mom

  • abhishek

    I am in Multiple visa with 3 months , and over this I alreay got 4 extension. I want to know How many extension will i get maximum.???

    Please confirm.

    • sarah

      How u get multiple visa??



    To expat guru,

    I got my family visit visa approved for only 30 days so that how many times I can get visa extension.
    and second thing during extension of my visa I can get for 90 days extension?

    Thank you

  • Ashfaq

    I have applied for KSA Visit Visa for my parents on 29/12/2014 at east room Dammam . but until now no response from MOFA. usually how many days they will take to approve and issue visit visa.

    • Naeem Wajid

      Dear Ashfaq,
      I am also facing same problem, last time i got visa in just one week but now almost a month has passed but still didn’t get any response. When i check my application status on mofa site. It shows Tareek ul milad I(DOB) 01/01/0001. Are you facing same problem?
      Plz do inform me when your status is changed.


    My visahas been expired on 27 December 2014 before day I given to my passport fro renew my sponsored staff until today he couldn’t return my passport saying that due to MOI system will take more day so I get confused now my visa has been expiring since December 30 2014. kindly advice me how can i get my visa renewal and would like to go exit from here

  • mjbasheer

    Is there is any grace period to stay after the visa got expired? I heard there are three days grace period.Is it so?pl update

  • Mohammed Nawfer


    I want to extend my family visit visa through online (25-02-2015) . I have already MOI account.
    If i Apply through MOI,then also i want to go Jawzath for show document….?
    Pls,Answer anyone regarding this Matter.

    Thank you….

  • Zaki

    I would like to know how long is the visit visa extension. My wife’s mother arrived here since Nov1, 2014. We renewed her visa last december and recently here visit visa extension this march to april which will expire on april 30. The question is , until when can i extend it? I heard it is 6 months, 6 months after the initial 2 months or 6 months from the time she arrived here?


    dear sir,
    My iqama issued from khobar..but now am living in abha…if i chambred frm abha region ,,,any problem to get visa???

    • Eng.Salam

      ya may bee chance to Reject. my friend company Riyadh. chamber in hail but reject. good luck

  • Sanah Malik

    I am currently residing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I am a British expatriate and moved here after I got married. My husband is working here as an accountant in General Electric.

    I would like some guidance on applying for a family visit visa for my mother (she is currently in the UK).
    I am expecting my second baby around the end of June. I would like my mother to be with me at this time for assistance, primarily with helping with my 10 month old son, however I am aware that my due date falls within Ramadan and this is when the Saudi embassy does not accept applications for family visit visas. I came across this difficulty last year when I had my son and unfortunately no one was able to come from the UK.

    I would like to know how my mother can come on a visit visa in June, what she is required to do in the UK and what we are required to do here from KSA to make is possible for her to come in June for a period of up to 3 months.

    Kind Regards

    • Zabit Khan

      I believe that they have changed the rule. Better to try. Wish you all the best.

    • Usman

      Dear Sanah,

      If you want your mother to be here in June you can do the following:

      1. Apply for her visit visa online now.
      2. Print online submitted application. Get it stamped and signed from the employer.
      3. Take it to Chamber of Commerce for stamping and then activate it from MOFA window.
      4. After a week or two, once your application is accepted, your mother will have 3 months time to apply for the visa in UK.
      5. Once she gets the visa from UK she have to travel within 30 days.

  • magudi

    hi assalamu alaikum…i have 3month business visit visa from 21jan15 to april22,2015 it is already extended upto july 21st 2015. so it can be extend one more time..why i am asking that is eid holiday time and UMRAH season..Please clear my doubt..brothers..

  • Shakeel Sheikh

    AOA how much time we can extend 1 month visit visa?

  • taher


  • ahamed


    Anyone can advice me how to print extend visit visa online not moi. i have print out already i need only the visa extend page only



    dear sir,
    family visit visa can transfer to the permanent visa.


  • Amjad

    My wife and son visa is going to expire on 24/8/2015. Can it be extended I already had 1st extension.

  • karthick

    Hi I m karthick, my wife came for visit visa will be expire on September 28, is it possible for visa extension at that time of haji?

    • Smith Sargam

      yes.You can do..there is no problem

      • karthick

        Actually at that time haji vacation. How come its possible?

      • karthick

        Thanks for ur reply. At that time haji vacation, how come its possible?

    • Samrah Shaikh

      We cannot be sure about anything in Saudi Arabia.
      Though the renewal is online, we suggest that you go to Jawazat just before the holidays start to confirm about renewal. Do share your experience.

  • Estranghero Arafat

    My Experience i overstayed in Saudi for 5 days but alhamdulillah i already returned to Philippines 2 years ago. My Question is: how many years will i wait in order i can return to Saudi Arabia? to avail new visa not anymore Visit Visa but a working Visa?… pls. anybody have knowledge pls. help me i need information..

  • Arooj Azeem

    Asalamoalikum can somebody tell me that we can extend visit visa at 1st time near hajj?plesae reply if someone have any info

  • Estranghero Arafat

    How many years a deported Expired Visit Visa can return to Saudi Arabia?

  • Mohammed Anas

    Sir, i want to renew my mothers, wifeand my son vist visa need i take insurance for them

  • Nanthakumar Raju

    I have tried to extend my family visa through Absher online, after paying the visa extension fees via online, but i couldn’t able to renew because it shows the message that, ” This is client is not authorized to use this web service” can anyone suggest me what to do next, because the visa is getting expired soon.

    • majid

      salam bro. same error for me also. please advise if u have done 0593264804

  • Manoj Koli

    Hello Gents, I am here in saudi arabia on work visit visa multiple entry (validity 6 months), I have completed 30 days and my GRO has extended my visa for 6 months. Now he says you can stay here for 6 months, so can anybody help in providing information whether my multiple entry will remain same, will i able to travel out of kingdom and come back.

    Thanks for your inputs.