How to Get Visit Visa Through Istiqdam



Visit Visa Istiqdam

Sometime it happens that after repeatedly applying for visit visa online, your visa application is getting rejected repeatedly. It happened to one of our readers, Mohammed M. Then upon advise from us, he went and applied for visit visa through Istiqdam and you know what ? He got it in the first attempt. The process is not that difficult if you have all the documents ready.

We thank Mohammed for sharing his experience & the process below:

  1. Application form to be filled in Arabic except for names of those persons whom you are inviting. These names should as per their passport; if the passport is in English, then the names should be written in English. This form needs to be “stamped” from Chamber of Commerce (CoC). (Click here to download the Application Form for Visit Visa)
  2. Letter from sponsor which includes your profession as per Iqama and the salary (I will call this Salary Letter). This also needs to stamped by CoC.
  3. Iqama + Iqama photocopy of Iqama
  4. Photocopy of your passport
  5. If you are applying for in-laws, then you need to have the Original passport of Spouse along with Iqama + Iqama copy of your wife.
  6. If you are applying for in Laws either mother/father or both, then you need to also have the birth certificate of your wife along with translated copy in Arabic.
  7. If you do not have birth certificate, Duplicate birth certificate letter as per passport details can be obtained from Indian Embassy. I went to Indian Embassy in Batha 2nd floor in Shamshia building, OPP G-Mart beside SABB Bank. It will take up to 5 working days and need 2 passport size photo. The application form (Miscellaneous) is available online and the fees is SR96 + other chargers. So total amount is 118SR. Form2 – For Indian Embassy attached for your reference.
  8. Once you have this then go to istaqdam and submit the application form + Salary letter + Passport copies (Husband and Wife)+ Iqama copies (Husband + Wife)+ original Iqama of your wife and original passport of your wife. That’s it!! They will issue you a Green and white paper.
  9. Once they issue green paper, then you need to fill the online application form on MOFA, as you would do for online visa. You can get it filled by Saudi person sitting outside Istiqdam office or at your home.
  10. After filling it, just take the print out and go to MOFA office. If you want, you can go on the same day. I went within 1 hour to MOFA, and outside the MOFA office filled the Application form online, took print out and along with the Green paper received from Istaqdam, submitted in MOFA. (Make sure you carry the original Iqama with you as the security guard and the officer will check this before allowing you to enter the building).
  11. Kindly note, Online form – no attestation required. The tracking number will the one given on online application form. No need for CoC.
  12. Alhamdulillah got the visit visa in 5 working days. This happened in June end, 2014, just before start of Ramadan.


Total Expense

50 riyals – Doing CoC twice @SR 25 each. – One for the Application Form and other for Salary Letter.


Total Time

Total time taken 2 hours including MOFA.

MOFA – 5 minutes

Istiqdam – 7:30 to 9:00. One and half hour.

Also, read True Experience :  How I got Visit Visa from Istiqdam after getting Rejected 3 times Online by Abu Maryam (2015)

  • Mohammed Barkat Ullah

    Assalamu alaikum.. The infromations you provided are very usefull for other nationality too (not only for Indians). Thank you very much.

  • Dear Mr. Ali,

    Thank you for your valuable information about visiting visa and other formalities. it is really useful!

  • Rijumin

    4 times i requested family visiting visa but that applications was rejected from mofa . my iqaama my profession painting industrial technician .kindlt give me the proper solution of this ….

    • khaja yousufuddin

      very simple you can change the job title.


    Dear brother
    I want know that somebody profession is labour on Iqama and he want to bring his wife on visit visa can it possible for KSA

    • khaja yousufuddin

      sometime, as i know from dammam most of them they are able to success to get the visa even they have profession laborer in the iqama.

      • Ajju

        We( I and online friends) are almost waiting more than a month to get Visiting Visa from MOFA, Dammam.

  • Farman shahzad

    aslamualikum to all
    I want to know I need to apply for Visit visa of my family when the govt will start this procedure in Riyadh
    Thanx & Regards

  • muhammed akram farooqui

    i ask about family visiting visa .my Iqama is driver can i apply on this through istigdam.

  • i have been told that family visit visa are closed currently and will be opened after month of muharram, is this tru or i can apply now ? please help.

  • khaja yousufuddin

    Very important to know the procedure before you apply and i appreciate for for updating each and every thing happend in ksa. further i just want to add one thing that if you are a government employee there is no need to go to COC (Chamber of Commerce) you can go without COC to mofa or isteqdam, as i applied for my family and online is the very suitable process.

  • M S Ajiz

    sir I have Diploma Of Commerce duration 2 year attested from inter board committee chairman& foreign office of pakistan can I apply the family visa

  • Ajju

    Is this working for in all Cities (Mainly for Dammam).. When consulting with my office friend, he said, every application will go to Riyadh and return.. So this will take time…

  • mozammel

    Dear sir
    Assalamu alaikum.
    I am bangladeshi. My iquama proffesion is sales representative. I would like to get a family visit visa for my wife.

    So could u please advise if i am aligibale to get family visa or not. Currently i have been got news from lots of people that, for bangladeshi family visa has been closed by govt. Is it true..?

    Thanks for ur kind advise.


  • faakhir

    how we contact q any phone number or address please share riyadh only

  • leonard onayan

    Hi ,i cnt download the application form for visit visa ,page connt open?

  • leonard onayan

    page not pound?

  • Abbas Lukman

    the application form link page is not found. Reuqest to fix it.



  • maghafoor

    I applied for visit VISA for my Parents and they are US Nationals. I applied in Nov Decemebr 2014 now its January mid and no update online…..Pls advise. My Profession is Electrical Engeering Technician


    • Hussain

      Hello brother,
      I saw you message that you did not receive any response or update. Same is the case with me. I applied in december and chamber the application at the end of december and still I am waiting for any request coming from ministry.

    • Hussain

      I ams still waiting for your reply brother 🙂
      if you will share, it might be helpful for me

    • Hussain

      I am still waiting for your reply brother 🙂
      if you will share, it might be helpful for me

  • Asif Khan

    How to obtain birth certificate in Dammam, I am from Pakistan.??

  • Shayemur Rahman

    From where can i download estikdam visit visa form?

  • sameer

    from where can we download the visit visa form the one who created this blog should provide the visit visa form also or else just delete this forum


    Dear Sir
    Assalamu Alaikum.
    My Profession : Assistant seller Family Permanent Visa Possible ????????????

  • abdul sami

    I am working in Jubail and applied for family permanent visa through online system but i got an appoint in Makkah. Is it acceptable. Please request to clarify anyone.

  • Adil Shahzad

    I just got Family visa on Quantity Surveyor Profession as i done D.A.E & my friend has 2 years Draftsman & General Draftsman profession he also got family visa today so need to give money to agents must try once directly because as i noticed nowadays they are giving family visa very easily.
    Personal experience for new persons.

  • Mohammed Yasser

    Assalamu alaikum…

    Can anyone guide me regarding the family permanent visa. Give me a miss call, i will call you on your mobile.

    Best Regards,
    Mohammed Yasser

  • Ali

    Update on point 11. Now they need the application form to be Stamped & Signed from your company and COC to be done as well. I got my visa yesterday & MOFA guy told me to get it done.

    • Thank you Ali for the update.
      Could you please clarify if the CoC required for Istiqdam form or MOFA website printout. As per Abu Maryam who got it his visa few days ago, CoC is required for
      1. Istiqdam Application form
      2. Salary certificate / Introduction letter

    • Muhammad Umair

      How to book appointment online through Istiqdam as currently on their website “NO APPOINTMENTS” is appearing.

      Thank and Regards

  • Muhammad Umair


    How to book appointment online through IStiqdam as currently on their website “NO APPOINTMENTS” is appearing.

    • Ashfaq Ahmed

      try and try . you will get INSHALLAH. today I got. for july 8 2015. ALHAMADULLAH

      • Muhammad Umair

        Ma Sha Allah… congratulations..
        Thanks for the reply brother but which option did you select for appointment booking as there are 3 options..

        • Ashfaq Ahmed

          THANKS BRO.


          • Muhammad Umair


  • Muhammad Umair

    Now Istiqdam is not issuing visit visas. I visited today. If any body has got recently.

  • wsm

    Same Applies for Sister Visa? need urgently the Visit Visa for unmarried Sister as My Wife is Pregnant.

    • Muhammad Umair

      Now Istiqdam is not issuing visas, if you got know any other solution, please let me know.

      • arshad ameen

        Umair ,

        have they completely stopped issuing visa until HAJ , or is it that they still issue visa (visit ) for wive

      • Mustafa Momin


        I just want to know if the above provided procedure for getting visit visa for mother in law still valid, if not than is it that i have to go through mofa only? your response will be highly appriciated, my mobile no 0562464503, will be very glad if you can give a call,

        • Muhammad Umair

          Yes it is still valid. But if there is emergency only for example some one required to take care of your wife on medical basis. You have to medical report from hospital mentioning that someone is required to take care.

  • n_oandasan

    how many days the validity of the yellow slip before it expire?

    • Shaikh

      it will be 3 months from issue date (hijri)

    • n_oandasan

      thanks shaikh. 3 months of Gregorian calendar is same as hijri calendar? Let say same as 90 days?

  • Faisal Aslam

    Dear Mohammed,
    May Allah reward you. The procedure you mentioned made it so easy for me.


  • michael

    Dear all,

    Can anybody help me regarding the process for permanent family visa? I already done filling the iqama visa form from It was stamped by my employer, and also attested from COC and MOFA. Now I don’t know what will be my next move. As I am worried because they didn’t review any documents from me such passport copies, birth cert, salary cert. etc. they just stamped the form from COC and validated in MOFA which is just from the next window with less than a minute without asking anything. Please help me on this matter as my family’s flight will be on the 3rd week of september so i was hoping to get the visa before hajj vacation.


  • Faisal

    Dear admin am i eligible to apply for permanent family visa if i have a profession of مراقب حركة مخزون and with degree bachelors of commerce.??? Your kind cooperation will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  • naseef

    informative……..may allah bless you

  • John Kennedy

    Has anyone the WORD document of visit visa application?

    • nsch4u

      hi, referring to comment, what is border number and how can we update is via online SCE portal.

  • Taha

    i applied my mother’s visit visa through istiqdam during ramzan, (i didnt tried online first), istiqdam rejected saying that we only approve if your wife is only here and she becomes sick or pregnant, now ramzan is ending, what should i do? should i apply through online procedure after eid? or wait till muharram, as my mom is alone in pakistan and cant remain alone further. please help …JazakAllah o khair

  • Kalandar haris sheik

    Assalam alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakthuhu.
    Dear can I get visit visa for my profession is aamil.can help me how can I buy plz.thank u jazakallah

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  • Ali Pak

    There are two ways to get the visit visa.
    1) Apply online through (u will get response with in 3-4 working days)
    2) Apply thru Istikdam Office
    Initially i applied the visit visa for my inlaws (father & mother) online almost three weeks before ramdan means (in the month of Sha’baan) and my application rejected by mofa (Reason: Apply after Hajj Season).
    After that again i tried to apply online and mentioned the reason of family visit is the pregnancy of my wife. But, again rejected by mofa with same reason (Apply After Hajj Season).

    Secondly: i tried to apply thru istiqdam as per the above article procedure. I took online appointment thru moi web site and went to Istiqdam office in riyadh. Govt officer checked my documents and spontaneously he said that he will not issue the visa of father in law because in pregnancy there is no need of father in law. Also he remarked that for mother in law visa (no problem, he can issue right now). I requested him for both mother & father, then he sent me to the Manager (mudeer) but also manager said that he will issue the visa only for mother in law.
    So, i received the green paper only for my mother in law.
    On the next day, i submitted this green paper with online request & IQAMA copy AT MOFA OFFICE RIYADH. At the same time the status of Online application changed in to (YOUR Application RECIEVED) at….
    Exactly, after seven working days, i received the copy of visit visa for mother in law.
    Reason to Share the experience is only that : you can receive the visit visa only for mother in law in case of your wife pregnancy.
    Note: Birth certificate of wife for in laws visa is mandatory otherwise they will not issue the visa. even marriage certificate isn’t applicable at the time of visit visa for in laws.