Visit Visa Renewal Resumed

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Visit Visit renewal resumed throughout the year

Visit Visit renewal resumed throughout the year


Welcome news for the many expatriates, the Minister of Interior, Prince Mohammed bin Naif directed that visit visa renewal shall be resumed. The visit visas can renewed throughout the year as per the rules and regulations.

This is very good news. However, many expatriates have sent their families back home.

Those who wish to do renewal for their families may do so. For procedure see How to Renew visit Visa.


  • khizra

    how to check online if visit visa has been extended??

    • Khaduim

      Uptill now there is no system to check online status, you have to go to Jawazat for printout

      • ali786

        But ive been asked to as all sys is online nw.

  • arman

    hi,is the extension of family visit visa is really resumed?please reply asap,because on the 19 of this month july 2014 is her 270 days of stay here in riyadh.thank you!

    • SaudiExpert

      Yes, it has been resumed. However, in your case, your 3 month visa has already been renewed twice, so you may not get renewal. Still to be on the safe side, kindly visit the Jawazat office tomorrow and check with the officer if you can get another renewal.

      Best of luck. Let us know how things went.

      • Zain

        My iqama will be expired on 1 Shawwal…and my family,s visit visa will be expired on 21 jul.. will they extend 3 months more?

      • karthikrd7

        Hi any information on the new rule for renewal I mean how many more extensions and number of months shall be stayed in visit visa.



    • Zain

      Did You get extension ?

  • belal hossain

    sir, i submitted my all document about visit visa for my family on 14/mar/2014 after i got message from ministry servece. but long time i din’t get any reply for receiving. even i don’t know this will happen or not. can you help me about my subject. i am bangladeshi from jeddah. my mobile # 0508360286. thanks

  • rene

    Good day sir!
    My wife’s visit visa will expire on August 3, 2013 (Eid Holidays), do you know when will the Jawazat office’s last day of operation before eid holidays starts?, I have read that there is a a separate government eid holidays( 3 days) and for private sectors. thank you

  • tehreem

    my husband applied on 2nd july for my visit visa. there is no status expect application no and date. how long more i have to wait?

  • dear sir, Greeting & happy Ramadan, sir can you tell me about my family coming on visit visa before 5 month now his visit visa expire 29 july & i’m renew his passport becoze old passport is expire withing 3 month many people saying must is nakal malumat on mew passport can tell about this

  • Salam Alalikkum,
    I renewed my wife’s visit visa last week But the renewal slip without Jawazat stamp. Is it ok? or Jawazat stamp mandatory? Also is there any way to check online about visa extension and expiration date.

    Abdul Majeedh

  • Umair

    Dear Sir,

    My wife visa is expiring on 6th Sept 2014 and they have stamped on a slip final departure which i have renewed around end of May and this is my first extension renewal?

    Is there any possible to renew it for the next 3 months more.

  • Mohammed

    as i extended my family visit visa on 22 may 2014 it was my first extension due to restriction it was stamped and wrote on top right corner of stamp (al-muqhadera) my second extension is on 25 august so i can get extension or not please reply as soon as possible

    • sams

      Did u get extension bro.

  • sams

    Dear sir. Assalam alaikum.
    Can u pls update me current rules for my wife visit visa. I hzve applied last week n now shocked to read new rules. But hopefull now due to ur blog for resume of old rule. Pls update me abt present scene sir.

  • rizwan ahmad

    asslam alaykum
    please help me to give the update news about extension of visit visa. my wife visit visa will be expire on 3rd july 2015. it will be renew or not. i heard that no more visa visa will be extend.

    • محمد کاشف محبوب

      WaAlaikum UsSalam Rizwan Ahmad Sb!
      Pls Inform me that Your Visit Visa is Extended Or Not In Ramdan??
      Because My Family Visit Visa is Also Will Expire At 18/07/15

      • rizwan ahmad

        Yes kashif sahab alhamdolillah by online i got the extention of visa for 90 days. You have to try withinn 7 days of expiry the visa

        • محمد کاشف محبوب

          bhot bhot Mubarak ho Bhai jan…
          Aj main ny b Fee Pay kra di hy.

  • محمد کاشف محبوب

    My Family Visit Visa Will Expire At 18/07/15.
    can Any Body Inform me will it Extend or not.
    pls inform me.0536817130

    • rizwan ahmad

      In sha allah it will be extend. You can try it by online

  • rizwan ahmad

    asslam alaykum now my vv visa going to expire on october3, 2015. and 180 days wil be finish on that day. can u give me any good news about it will extend or not. today i already pay 100sr to MOI. i dont know it will be extend or not. pls update me

  • rizwan ahmad

    asslam alaykum asif bhai. apko kuch update hai iske baare me pls mujhe update kijiye jald se jald. online hoga ya jawazat me jana hoga