Visit Visa Stopped till End of Hajj Season 2015

Every year around the Ramadan time the government of Saudi Arabia stop issuing visit visa online through Ministry of Foreign Affairs – MOFA website. This year also, the many of the readers have given feedback that they were unable to get visit visa from around date 17th May, 2015. Many people were getting the below message when they applied for visa online:

Visit visa rejected due to Hajj Season

Rejection message for Visit Visa application due to Hajj Season

نـأمل تعبئة طلب جديد بعد انتهاء موسم الحج

which means that “We hope to issue you visa when you make a new application after end of Hajj season”. The Hajj season is considered over by end of mid Muharram, that is around 25 October, 2015.

Same thing happened last year in 2014. In fact, in 2014, in addition to stop issuing of new visit visas, the jawazat had was renewing the visit visa only till end of Shaban. And the visitors had to leave Saudi Arabia before Ramadan. However, after the start of Ramadan, they relaxed the rules for renewal.

Visit Visa Renewal

This year, however, there seems to be problem in renewals of visit visas. Just yesterday (8th June, 2015), one of our fellow expatriate informed me that he was able to renew visit visa for another 3 months.

However, if the authorities still allow renewal later  or they will restrict as Hajj comes near cannot be said.

Getting Visit Visa through alternate procedure

Though this year also, many people are getting rejected of visit visa application, however, one of our readers has confirmed that he got the visit visa for his parents after being rejected 3 times online through MOFA. The fourth time he applied for Visit Visa through Istiqdam and got it. To read his story, see True Experience: How I got Visit Visa from Istiqdam after getting Rejected 3 times Online

Also you can read the procedure for applying for Visit Visa through Istiqdam here.

If you were able to get visa, share your experience so that others may benefit.

  • aqeel sheikh

    can we extend our family visit visa after six months?

  • Fouzia

    Asak. I have to bring my newborn kid on family visit visa to Saudi, baby is due to be born in July. Both me and my husband are iqama holders. My exit reentry visa expires on October 11. But how can I bring the newborn baby when they are not issuing family visit visa till October 25, 2015.
    Neither can I leave the 2 month old baby and come back alone to Saudi.

    Any suggestions please.?

    • Friend

      Dear Fouzia,
      Why will you bring your new born Baby on visit visa when you can bring him/her on a permanent visa. Approach Saudi Embassy in your country to issue a visa so that he/she can travel with you to KSA and once you are in KSA apply for IQAMA through your husbands employer.
      Good Luck

      • Fouzia

        Insha-allah, I’ll do that. Thank you. Hope the Saudi embassy has not stopped issuing permanent family visa during Hajj season.

        • Fehan

          note: there is no visa for new born baby if you carry the permanant visa on your passport.

          embassy will not entertain you

          • Fouzia

            But will the Indian immigration allow boarding of flight without a valid visa on newborn’s passport? They might create trouble. I will have to show them some documents stating that newborn are allowed to enter KSA without visa and they’ll be issued visa on arrival if both parents are iqama holders.

          • Abdul

            first apply for the passport of new born, after receiving the passport approach any agent to get the entry visa for the new born stamped on the baby’s passport.
            he will charge you around 4000-5000 INR and 1 week,s time.

            this is the procedure, i know as i have been through this.

          • visualmeera

            Preferably choose SAUDIA flight. they knw tis on arrival visa rule.

      • Fehan

        Dear Fouzia,

        No need to have visa just create the passport n come to the KSA & approach the jawazath Visa stamping,
        this will applicable for new born baby only

  • Bubin


    I applied visit visa for my mother ,first i time my application have some correction an apply again .Unfortunately showing error message تعتذر الوزارة عن تلبية الطلب نظراً لوجود خطأ (The ministry apologizes to meet demand because of a bug).I am non muslim .Now Mofa open or no visiting visa .My profession is computer programmer .

  • Akhtar Kalim

    Visit visas continue throughout year

    JEDDAH: Family visit visas will continue to be issued throughout the year without any interruption, an informed source at the Directorate General of Passports said. Renewal of such visas will also be possible in accordance with the rules laid down by the government, the source added.
    “The total duration of visit visas will be six months and those could be extended in accordance with prior coordination with the Foreign Ministry.”
    The source said if the visa was issued by the ministry for a duration of one month, its renewal will be every month and if it is issued for three months it will be renewed every three months.
    The source explained: “The visa renewal and extension is done through a unified electronic system for all nationalities and individuals and there is no exception for any specific category — like those born in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere. The extension can be done throughout the year through the ‘Abshir’ service of the Interior Ministry.
    “If a visitor overstays the allowed period, he/she will be subjected to financial penalties, according to the law,” the source said.
    “If a visitor overstays his visa for the first time, he will be fined SR15,000 followed by deportation. However, if the violation is repeated by the same visitor, the fine will increase to SR25,000 and three-month jail followed by deportation. In case of a third violation, the fine would be doubled to SR50,000 with six-month jail and deportation.”

  • Krishna

    Hi i apply visit visa for my wife. When i check my online status of visa showing “شركة المشارق التجارة والمقاولات”. What it means. Is my visit visa got rejected or approved. Please Help. What i have to do now.

  • imtiaz ahmed

    Hello friends,can someone please update me when visit visa will again start after haj?????

  • MB

    تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب , the application is rejected the very next day of COC, should I wait and apply immediately after Haj

  • irfan

    Anybody got visit visa during hajj season? Please comment

  • Imran

    Alhamdulillah, today I got visit visa for my mother in law. But they issued for 60 days although I requested for 3 months. Saw lot of people get rejected.

  • Hannan

    Has any body got visit visa through Riyadh? Or anyone can share the information whether the visit visa are being processed during these days or not.

  • Kalan

    Anybody got family visiting visa after Hajj? Please comment (07/10/2015)

  • Kamran Liaquat Butt

    Kalan no still waiting

  • Mohammed Mujahed

    i applied visit visa on 19 nov 2015 from jeddah still waiting any updates

  • malik saad

    i applied visit visa on 23 june 2016 from jeddah i want to confirm that is their any chance of approval of visa

    • shabab

      brother are you got visa??

      • Marvellous

        Hi Shabab. I saw that you were in the same predicament as me. After receiving the yellow slip did you receive an SMS to say your VISA was approved?

  • Asgarali Ali

    I want to apply visit visa can I get visa
    before hajj

    • Asgarali Ali

      Help as