Visit Visas to be issued throughout the Year

Visit Visas to be issued throughout the Year (1)

  • shahid

    validity lazim 1 year

    • Imran Sayed

      Yes bro, before it was 9 months and now they reduced it to 180 days, really annoying, lets hope for best insha allah.

  • Enamul Islam

    is this for all Nationalities?

    • Imran Sayed

      Ofcourse it is a universal rule. But nationalities specifically mentioned and excluded like Bangladesh wont cover in this rule as before.

  • Abdu Islam

    is this applicable from now

  • Abdu Islam

    can i apply now for visit visa

  • Mohammed Azhar

    Dear All
    kindly somebody please advise , is it now possible to get visit visa ?
    i had applied visit visa last week but has been rejected & given the status to resubmit again after the Hajj .

    • Imran Sayed

      Try and apply thorugh istiqdam office directly.

      • shauquat

        where is this istiqdam office in Riyadh?

        • Saad Patel

          King Abdul Aziz Road opposite Yamama Hotel close to Shola Shopping Centre

  • ashar

    Assalamu alaikum.
    I have visit visa for my wife till augest 1st week.
    My iqama to be renewed on middle of October .
    is it possible to extend visit visa in this case ?

    • Imran Sayed

      Yes ofcourse.

      • ashar

        Thank you,
        so there is no problem if my iqama getting expired before 3 months extension period ?

        • Imran Sayed

          Yes no probpem at all, just renew ur iqama before expiry thats all.

  • Abdul Wahab Ziaudeen

      U CAN CALL ME 0559018425

      • Imran Sayed

        Why u need people to call when u can share ur experience here only. Put some brains on your top floor.

      • Nifra Niyas

        Can you assist with obtaining visit visas?


          frist time u apply.after that u contact me

    • Imran Sayed

      Yes of course you can do. If you are renewing for the first time from the date of entry. Since it is of 90 days validity it can be renewed only once. You can easily renew it either before seven days of expiry or within 3 days after expiry.

  • sharafudeen

    Visit visa can be applied for labour category?

    • Al-Ameen Umar

      Yes bro. Recently my cusin (working as worker and also his iqama profession in lobour)has applied and approved by MOI

      The good news his family was arrived in saudi 20days ago.

  • Abeer Ahmad Qureshi

    Its not implemented on real grounds.
    no case has been registered wherein visit visa is issued after 25may

  • Javed Ibrahim

    my wife’s visit visa will expire on 14jul i dont know that will it extend or not til now i did not make any extension pl update me thanks

    • Umair Raza

      Brother, you can make one extension for 90 days. Try online one week before visa expiry

    • Doulat Khan Fazl

      you will extend your wife visit visit before 10 days of expiration date from Absher Moi Online and Also With in 3 days after Expiry.

  • Asim Qazi

    Asalaam Alaikum, I have applied my mother’s visa on June 01, and the message came after 6 days that, apply after Hajj season. My mother’s arrival was desperate for me as I am the only son she has got and my father isn’t alive.
    Could I get it again If I apply now? Please respond. My Profession = Civil Engr

    • Farooque

      Dear Asim
      Pl give me any update,me too sailing in same boat.

    • Saad Patel

      Brother Asim, you need to apply it through Istiqdam. Following is the process:

      1. Go to Istiqdam and ask at the Visit Visa application form. (They might ask you details, tell them the above reason. Fill in the form and get it attested through COC (Chamber of Commerce)

      Actually I did my call Mother in Law twice during Ramadan through this process and was always succuessful.

      Requirement for Mother defers but I am very sure this works. There was a Royal decree from Late King Abdullah (May Allah Bless Him) 2 years ago that with this process you can following people Mother, Daughter and Mother in Law can be called anytime of the year.

      To get the exact documention required please visit the istiqdam office “Family Visit Visa Dept.” there is a board in arabic, take a snapshot and follow the exact process and then Inshallah Your mother will be with you very soon


      • Munir Uddin

        No use….we tried

        • Imran Jaffri

          it works munir. saad is right. i have tried it last year for my mother in law. this year i m trying for my mother. just today, i got tasreeh from istaqdam office and submitted to mofa.
          within 3 days i hope i ll get my visa.

          • Imran Jaffri

            If your documents re complete they will never reject you.

    • Imran Jaffri

      apply through istaqdam office you will get it.

  • Abdul Qayyum

    assalaamualaikum .asim qazi got message after hajj season for visiting if we need to apply once again after hajj season that time i will take another permission letter from company or not

    • Asim Qazi

      well I didn’t get any letter, applied online & company provided COC, that’s all but my question stands as it is….. 🙁

      • shauquat

        Can you pls. help : what is this COC?

  • Zohaib Khan

    Aslaam o Alaikum,
    Im Zohaib, Qualification: Mechanical Engineer.
    what is the procedure to get the visit visa of Saudi Arabia, please guide me.
    Kind Regards,

    • Rosuddin

      its vary easy .. but u should know to read Arabic must

    • shoaib

      you can not get visit visa dear zohaib.visit visa is for family can get business visa through any employer in saudia but it is also not that much easy.Only umrah visa you can avail

  • Saqib

    Then why i received msg on website (apply after hajj)….

  • Samia Shazaf

    Hello as i wanna go to my hubby in saudia and i dun know the duration of visit visia as per saudi polies,either its 6months or one year ??,

    • Rosuddin

      only six month ,,,, above mentioned we can apply on time of Ramadan and hajji time

      • Raza Khan

        have anyone got visit visa since the news came ?

  • Rosuddin

    asslamu alikum .. But visit visa validity should be one year or we can transfer visit vise into permanent visa inside Saudi itself. Pz this will help to all people from Saudi .

  • Rana Irfan Ali

    I applied visit visa in Ramadan and it was rejected with a message “Apply after Hajj season”.

    • Raza Khan

      thats mean this is fake news that visit visa can be issued through out the year
      which date you was applied before of this news or after ?

      • Munir Uddin

        yesterday i applied and today they rejected by saying after hajj

        • Abu Hanzala

          After Hajj ???
          What is your Profession Brother ?

          • Munir Uddin

            Marketing spealist

    • zaib

      this is new news so may be you apply now and get it

    • AHMED

      You applied before this news as i can see in screenshot

    • Munir Uddin

      yes its same case for me….now its rejected 4th time

  • Raza Khan

    Dear All,
    Pls. is there any one who got family visit visa after this news that visit visa issued through out the year since 3 days before ??

  • Zuhaib Ali


    MOFA usually stops issuing visit visas for parent from first of Shaaban every year and for wife and kids during Hajj season only.
    If anybody is in urgent need of visit visa for parents or wife and children he has to visit MOI istaqdam office with COC attested application and salary certificate.
    They will issue same time without any question later that visa to be gotten online by visiting MOFA office.

    • Farooque

      Dear Zuhairbhai
      Thanks for posting,What is COC attested Application.
      Please share your cell no.
      Please call me 0505857922.
      I have to bring my mother,Please guide me.

      • Zuhaib Ali

        COC attestation meant attestation from chamber of commerce.

    • Muhammad Umair


      I just visited istiqdam today, they refused the visit visa.

      • Zuhaib Ali

        you went there with appointment, right?
        what was the reason of rejection?

        • Muhammad Umair

          No brother I went without appointment because there are no appointments available on moi website.They said that visit visa will continue after Hajj…Come after Hajj. I also showed them Medical certificate but no use.

        • Muhammad Umair

          Dear brother can you ask him how he got, I am in dire need as my wife is pregnant with delivery date approaching.

          Cell: 054 9974743

  • zaib

    My case is little too tricky, any good brain if answer this i will welcome that…. My family coming on visit visa on 6 July — their return ticket i could buy was on 16 September — Visa duration ending on 6 October ——– So how can i renew their visa as return ticket is 20 days before visa expiring ?

    • Abdul Shukoor

      Make extension of your family ticket two days before visa expire or send it without any change

      • zaib

        Sir little more clarity will be appreciated — visa is expiring on 6th October and return tickets are on 16th September , You are saying i extend it 4 days before visa expiring ? How can i do this as tickets will expire on 16 September? Am i missing something sir

        • AHMED

          Extend the ticket sir,

    • Abdul Shukoor

      Than send it on 16th September

      • asrq

        Can i apply for my mother visit visa now I am civil Engineer pls?

        • Abdul Shukoor

          Yes you can

    • Mohammad Amjad

      Renew it through abshri account before 7 days of expiring..

  • Imran

    100% fake news. It raises the credibility of newses published by a national daily. I was deferred after hajj while I applied to MOFA in mid shaban and today I was rejected by estiqdam office without any acceptable reason. I was applying for my in laws visit visa. Maybe the ramadan hajj issue was the factor. More over now you can’t even get an appointment for estiqdam office. The system is showing no more appointments. There is no information about restarting too. May Allah bless all of us in this holy month. Sabr till end of hajj is the name of game now.

  • zafar iqbal

    zaib bro,,,ticket can be easily extended by paying charges

  • Raza Khan

    Dear All,
    Pls. is there any one who got family visit visa after this news that visit visa issued through out the year since 3 days before ??

    • Munir Uddin

      Today it was rejected my application visit and now this is the 4th time,,,After the latest news again submited again its rejected…So far its not implimented rules.

      • Raza Khan

        you are applying by online or by ISTEQDAM manual ?

    • Jiffry Mohamed

      I applied thru MOI a week back after hearing this, but it got rejected.

  • Muhammad Umair

    Now Istiqdam is not issuing visit visas. I visited today. If any body has got recently.

    • SHAFI


  • Munir Uddin

    4times online and one time isteqdam…..again applied after the new rule by online but sad again it was rejected my application yesterday..

    • Raza Khan

      thats mean 100% fake news for throughout year visa.
      last year also same news in same days came that now visit visa can be convert into permanent but nothing happened.
      they just playing with expatriates…..

  • Munir Uddin

    So far it seems fake news….next month am leaving on vacation i planned to bring my parents while am returning …but very disoppointed with their action,every time its rejected..i gave up now will see after hajj holidays

    • Uzma

      Visit visa closed on 1st shabaan every time so who ever need visit visa they have to apply before 1st shabaan and then get visa easily

  • augus

    what about permanent visa

    • Abdul Shukoor

      Its open throughout the year

  • asrq

    Can i apply for my mother visit visa now I am civil Engineer?

  • dr aijaz

    It was a fake news..,yesterday my parents visa application got rejected…
    After hajj season we can apply,it was the reply from ministry

  • Muhammad Asif

    Can i apply for visit visa for my wife brother and his wife
    if any one can answer me

  • rizwan

    Dear Sir, my professional Data entry clerk same as iqama, witch visa i
    apply either permanent visa or visit visa, no degree for me,

    please help me,

  • yasheer

    Alhamdulillah ..My Visit Visa for wife approved online today ..

    • Kashif Younas

      Dear Yasher. On which website you apply and got visa?
      MOI or MOFA?
      Please explain

      • yasheer

        I i think thrrough MOFA..because our HR dept applied for me..Got approved after three days

        • Anas

          Nope it is from MOI, I have done it for my father and my friends wife and daughter

  • Abdul Gafoor

    Dear Yasheer,

    Can you explain,how did you applied ?

  • Fehan

    please explain more after how many tym reject.

    • yasheer

      Wahlaikkum Assalam
      approved on first attempt itself and it was around two weeks ago….After i heard my two friends got approved.

  • thaj

    yasheer, you got visit visa by online. Still there are issuing visa

    • yasheer

      myself and two other friends got approved two weeks before..but not sure now

      • RAJA

        hi guys are you sure it is not fake news since my mother visa got rejected before ramazan with same message “Apply after Hajj”

  • Ibn Asad

    are u sure this news is correct?

  • Shaikh

    Dear friends,

    I have applied my wife visit visa in istiqdam one day before ramadan, they issued me a Green paper, and said need to go MOFA for further procedure,
    But i could not go to Mofa for further, after one month now shall i go to Mofa and will they issue me now visit visa final (August-2015).

    Please aswer me .

    • Abdul Shukoor

      You lost the golden chance,anyway immediately they go to Mofa and try.

      • Ali S

        Dear Sir,

        I applied for permanent family
        visa from Jeddah and it was issued to me 4 months back.(Its Electronic online
        Visa) But unfortunately their was a mistake in the visa (My Daughter’s gender
        is typed wrong in the visa) and I 3 times Visited Isqtdam also always they are
        saying new new thing. Until now it is not corrected. can any one help me to get
        the visa corrected Waiting for the reply

        Thank you

        • Samrah Shaikh

          Hi, Only the Istiqam personnel can correct it. Please follow up with them.

          • Ali S

            Dear Steve
            Please guide me still I cant change my baby gender on my family Visa.i told you last time its Electronic Visa .please guide me 4 times Visited Isqtdam also always they are
            saying new new thing always Until now it is not corrected. can any one help me to get
            the visa corrected Waiting for the reply
            please Raise this Issue in your blog .If Electronic online
            Visa gender Wrong how can we Correct ..please raise this issue ..Thank You

          • Ali S

            Dear Shaikh,
            still my problem not yet solved .please raise this issue on you blog ..(if electronic family visa baby gender is wrong what we ll do .I visit Istiqdam many times but response .please guide me

      • Shaikh

        Thanks, I did not missed it, i got it in 2 days online

  • Mohammed Ameen Khan

    My wife is expecting a baby now her health is not good and she can not travel and in this case i want to bring my mother to saudi and now it is haj season can any one explain me how to get Visit Visa at this time

    • Mohammed Ameen Khan

      Dear Friends can any buddy suggest the best way to get the visa for my mother for the above mention issue

      • Khalid


        go to the istaqdam office . and request them

    • Samrah Shaikh

      Hi, please refer to the following post

  • Abubakar

    Just got the visa rejected. Mentioned that “Will issue after Hajj”. Fake News donot rely. Waste of money

  • Taher Talib

    Can we apply for visit visa starting tomorrow or need to wait till Hijri new year?

  • Ali

    Salam Alaikum
    can any body tell me what is the procedure to check issuance of visit visa .

  • Anees Kareem

    Hi everyone I have applied for vist visa on 2 of December till now ,I didn’t receive any msg,that it has been rejection or approve,can anyone tell me y it so taking this much time .

    • Abdul Kader

      Assalamu Alaikum bro ,
      Don’t worry .it may take 24 working days or more …nowadays many people are facing the same problem .inshaallah it will be OK .

  • Muhammad Anwar

    Dears, Can I apply visit visa for my sister & brother in law. appreciate your help pls.

  • Josephine Escabal

    good day!! Just want to ask the result of my application for visit visa with application # 11718889, thanks!

  • Josephine Escabal

    Appreciate much any reply, since my application for visit visa already consumed more or less almost a month now, help me pls? Thanks!

  • Josephine Escabal

    By the way, what site where I could inquire or verify the result of my application on visit visa too? I urgently need the help plssss? Thanks in adv then…

  • AzeemNawaz

    Dear Admin,
    I want to apply for my brother (aged 25 years old) on visit visa from Pakistan.
    He used to live with us on iqama for 18 years but since he transferred his iqama to a local establishment and that business has stopped. he was given a final exit then.
    Could you please help in this regards with the process if available?
    Also, I applied a visit visa from for my mother in law in Ramadan but it was rejected. I have applied again since a week but no response. is it allow to get visas before or during Hajj season?