Ramadan Working Hours as per Saudi Labor Law

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Ramadan Working Hours as per Saudi Labor Law

During the month of Ramadan, the whole environment changes in Saudi Arabia. During the day Muslims are fasting and during the night pray Taraweeh. Keeping this in mind, the Saudi the government has provided relief to the Muslim workers by decreasing the total working hours for Muslims.

This is stated very clearly in the Saudi Law as follows:

Article 98 :

“During the month of Ramadan, the actual working hours for Muslims shall be reduced to a maximum of six hours a day or thirty-six hours a week.”

Though, the Saudi Labor Law states that this rule is for the fasting person – Muslims. However, many companies and organization apply the same working timing for both Muslim and non-Muslim workers.

If, workers are asked to work more than the time period which are allowed by labor law, they are entitled to overtime pay. The overtime pay is 1.5 times the normal pay.

For more details about working hours in other days and exceptions, see Working hours in Saudi Arabia

If you want to know the Jawazat or other Government working timings in Ramadan, see Jawazat & Government working timings in Ramadan


  • roanne

    maximum of six hours?? why here in our center we are still working 8hours a day,,and six days a week?

    • Urs Wernli

      Because YOU ACCEPTED!
      You are entitled for extra pay x 1,5 for any hours exceeding 6 hours per day, no problem for work BUT PAID!

      • Wish

        it’s because he’s helpless, Good for you, you are having a good life, you don’t know what it’s like to be us.

  • Our company named Renad Optical group of Al Sagarat for Medical Supply and we are working still 8 hours per day also whole of the week total hours 54, suppose if i office staff i must work 8 hrs per day total 48 hrs per week.

    Really i couldn’t complain for any recognize office for the labors because it will dangerous for me so, if u can take the necessary action.

    Thank you,

    • Urs Wernli

      You are entitle for overtime pay for ALL HOURS exceeding 6 hours/day multiply by factor 1,5 and you just have to ask for that. The Saudi Law is crystal clear 6 hours maximum!

      • Wish

        hi urs, it’s really easy for anyone to say what is right. but what if a company is not doing the right thing. what should I do? Go to labor then get stuck on the road for 1 to 2 years without salary, food and shelter?

  • mohammad

    Sir its not true
    I am working here in jarir.
    And our working hour is 8 per day
    So saudi govt shoud take an action on it.
    Bc we are also muslims.
    We need rest in ramadaan as well.

    • ateeq ur rahman

      i am working in Saudi Binledin Group there also same timeing in Ramadaan there all muslims.on thursday full time. before only 2 pm now 4 pm. so saudi govt shoud take an action to this compay. thanks

    • Musharaf Hassan Syed

      Tumharay sat bohat ziatie ho gaye hay shayed jab hi BC ka lufz istemal kerliya- halankay jitna sukon se hum log yahan per kama rahaya hain duniya ke kissi bhi konay may nahi hasil ker suktay-kerke dekh lo-mujhay bhi bata dena-koansi mulk hay-jismay khatay ho ussi may surakh kertay ho-OT mujhay bhi kabhi nahi mila or 10-10, 15-15 ghuntay kam kia hay- late night kam kiya kitni dafa tu raat ko 3-5 bajay office se nikla hoon- magar sukon se tha-ka kam nibat gaya-Beta her haal may Allah ka shuker kero- her cheez her bat her amal or her kam likha ja raha hay or aik din yahi saray amaal humaray samnay ayaingay ke kia kia kertay rahay ho- Logoon ko achchie targheeb do in sub ka hisab hoga-ka kia targheeb detay rahay ho-or kia amal keraty rahay ho-sub ka hisab hay-meray bhai humay her her bat ka or her her cheez ka hisab dena hay-kia soucha kia diya kia liya kia dekha kia amal kia kahan se hasil kia kahan kherch kiya sub


    Dear Sir,

    There are companies who make people work for more than 10 hours and the authorities turn a blind eye.

    Why the rules are not the same for everybody ? I am working more than 10 hours in this Ramadan month.

  • Anonymous

    Dear all brothers:

    Ramadhan Kareem,

    Just to share information because I guess it is never gonna change. I am working 10 Hours daily, it is being too late when I reach home almost iftar time. Since I start my work in morning 10 AM during my working time I cant even move from my desk cannot even take rest for 10 Minutes. Usually this 10 Hours are in this Holy Month but in other months I work for 12 to 14 Hours. No overtime and No appreciation

    My bosses come in the evening so it means the day starts for them from evening so we have to do the same I mean to show them we are also working late.

    If they sign 5 Documents they think they are working more than us. But they cannot see we are working like a Robot.

    Well Allah is with me, pray for me brothers, deciding soon to leave from here and want to work in one professional company in any other country.

    Thanks & Regards
    Anonymous Friend

    • Urs Wernli

      Dear Anonymous friend, its YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEM, Right?

  • Akhi

    Wallahi this is a Law of Joke. It seems hardly any company is obeying this rule. I’m working as a specialist doctor in a polyclinic. My working hours is 7 hours / day. But nobody is complaining to the administration to reduce the working hours to 6 hours. I think the labour ministry should be alerted about this labour abuse and let them crack down all those companies.

    • Urs Wernli

      Ramadan is SUPPOSED to be the HOLY MONTH, RIGHT? But Saudis are fouling all people and still saying we are MOSLEMS, cheating the people during the HOLY MONTH of RAMADAN, wallahi, haram, haram!

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