6 Ways Women Driving will impact You !

How it Changes Your life – Women Driving


King Salman had announced on 27th September, 2017 that women will be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Although this does not mean that all women will take up driving, but yes a considerable number are interested.


So how this going impact you !!

  1. Your car will value more
    1. If you happen to own a car, your car value will increase when you plan to sell it.
  2. You will take more time to reach office
    • As the number of cars on the road will increase, so will the traffic. This can effect the time you take to reach office. So start planning to leave early.
  3. Driving will become safe
    • As per ArabNews, the Ministry of Interior said that the driving will be more safe and there will be less crashes.
    • (Source: Arab News) http://www.arabnews.com/node/1169166/saudi-arabia & https://english.aawsat.com/obaid-alsuhaymi/news-middle-east/saudi-arabia/saudi-interior-ministry-ready-apply-provisions-traffic-law-men-women
  4. Private drivers will become redundant
    • There nearly one million private driver, most from South Asian countries will be redundant as many ladies would prefer drive themselves.
  5. More ladies at work in you Company
    • As women will be soon driving cars, it will become easier for them to work on jobs. Many Saudi ladies are highly talented and educated. Be ready,  your next manager could be lady.
  6. Car Insurance rates will be cheaper
    • It is yet to seen if the car insurance rates will decrease. As the number of people paying the insurance premium increases, the car insurance rates should decrease