Abshir Login Process Changed

Starting today, Thursday, 27th November, 2014, the process for logging in to your Abshir account will have slight change.

To increase the security of the Abshir account, the MOI has introduced an additional step, where you have to enter a 6 digit number received by sms on your mobile. This 6 digit number is different each time and is called One Time Password (OTP).

The detailed changed process for login for Abshir account with photos is as below:


Go to MOI website – www.moi.gov.sa


Click “English” on the upper left corner


Enter your User ID & password

STEP 4  “New Additional Step”

Enter the 6 digit verification code received on your mobile through sms & press Log in

Abshir process change 2

Enter the Code received through SMS on the website


Enter the code and press log in

Enter the code and press log in