On arrival Bahrain visit visa for Iqama holders

Bahrain, a gulf country between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, witnesses an increase in population on weekends due to its attractions which are not common and not allowed among the countries it is surrounded by. Out of all the attractions, the biggest is Manama with the most happening economy and nightlife. Not just nightlife and economy, but it also has many eye catching site-seeing places, best shopping and not to forget, mouth watering eat-out places and malls.
Do not really know how and what to do for travelling to Bahrain?
Here are some simple and quick steps, tips you need to follow to enter Bahrain


Travelling to Bahrain by road is the most suggested and the cheapest way. Many people travel by their own car but not to worry if you don’t have one, fare of taxi and bus are reasonable too. More than just travelling both sides of road have the best view you can ever ask for! You start enjoying your journey already because of the view around and the best picnic spot.


Here are quick steps-
• Take your route to King Fahd Causeway
• Keep your passport, exit re-entry visa and iqama ready
• If you are a Saudi resident, you can easily get your visa irrespective of the profession you hold on your Saudi iqama
• Charges for 3 days is BD 2 and charges for 1 or 2 weeks is BD 5
• This fees is paid at the Causeway at the kingdom of Bahrain and your visa is issued right there
• Immigration officer of Bahrain issues 14 days of single entry visa


If you are tired enough to drive, not to worry because travelling Bahrain by air is the easiest of all the ways. All you need to do is book your flight and get an arrival visa at Manama, Bahrain airport.

Quick steps-
• Keep your original iqama and exit re-entry visa ready
• Head towards the counter to deposit your visit visa fee (BD 15 for 7 days) at airport. Your fee voucher will be issued and you need to attach it with the application form mentioned in the next step
• Fill up the arrival visit visa application. Remember to take a different application for different members of family, even for kids.
• Head towards the eye scanning counter once the application is filled
• After clearing the test, head toward the immigration counter
• You are just one step away i.e., show your fee voucher, visa application and passport along with your original iqama at the immigration counter

Dos and don’ts –

• Do not forget to check your passport validity. Your visa will not be issued if your passport is going to expire when you are inside Bahrain
• Do not take up any employment during your visit
• Do have a current resident permit at least for 6 months and your permit shall be valid for the next 6 months
• Do have a multiple visa if you are a frequent visitor

FAQs –

1. What if my visit visa at Bahrain airport is denied?
99.9% your visa will be granted and in the bleakest possibility, even if it is not, you need not worry; you can surely try again the next time

2. Are photocopies of iqama allowed?
No, they are 100% NOT allowed

3. Can I travel with my colleague to Bahrain (female/male)?
You can travel with anyone unless you and your colleagues hold a valid exit re-entry visa

4. My profession mentioned on iqama is labor (or any other profession); will I be granted entry in Bahrain?
Irrespective of what profession your iqama holds, you will be granted entry without any problem but you will have to pay a little more than the usual fee

5. Do I get an on-arrival visit visa to Bahrain? I am a student
No, you need to apply for your visa through the embassy of Bahrain