Brave Woman beats Man in Public

Usually we are hearing of cases of abuse of women by men – stranger men involved in eve teasing. It is rare we hear or read that a woman responds to her harasser and  even takes him to court.

The incident happened in Qena, Egypt was captured on CCTV. As you can see from the video, the women gave the man nice beating. She wanted to make sure that not only the man in question learned a lesson, but also a lesson for other men with loose morals. She did not stop at the beatings. She got the man arrested with the help of fellow passer -by and even had the courage and persistence to take him to court.

The court sentenced the man to 3 years in prison. The incident has let a mark on all. It clear signal for harrasers that the women will not keep quite and they need correct their themselves. The brave lady has become a role model for women to follow and not keep quite. And for passer-bys, Don’t keep keep quite when you see something wrong is happening.

See the complete video below