How to check change of sponsorship / iqama transfer status online

change of sponsership

The Ministry of Labor (MOL) & Ministry of Interior (MOI) have asked all expatriates to rectify their status and transfer sponsorship to sponsor(kafeel) with whom they are working.

Many a times, the mandoob / HR persons do not give proper response or information with regards to the status of transfer of sponsorship. And then there might be the old/previous kafeel who will be threatening to put huroob (absconding report) if you do not do it fast.

Fortunately, Ministry of Labor provides the status of transfer of sponsorship online. Also you can see the status in Jawazat system. For more details see What is the Name of My Current Sponsor

Unfortunately there is no English version for the site.

Hence, we give below the step by step procedure:


Before you begin, we suggest that you use “Google Chrome” browser which has translate option. This way you can translate the page from Arabic to English when you get the results. For details regarding how to use “Google Chrome” for translation click here.

Click on Ministry of Labor website link given below:

Ministry of Labor website




Then click the drop down menu and select the last item. See the photo below for more details.

Iqama transfer status 1


Then go to the last item on drop down menu and click it.


Iqama transfer status 2


The click the radio button & enter your iqama number

Iqama transfer status 3

You get the status of your Transfer.



If you get something which looks like this, then Congratulations !!!

Iqama transfer status 4

Your sponsorship has been transferred as per Ministry of Labor records.

The page shows the name of your New sponsor and date when the transfer happen in Arabic(Hejri) dates. To convert to English/Gregorian dates click here.

However, in order to complete transfer, your sponsor/company HR needs to visit  jawazat and complete the process there.

Keep following with your company/sponsor to get the new iqama issued.

One of our reader said his status revert to his previous kafeel (sponsor) as his new sponsor did not follow up the process with Jawazat for more than 3 months. Don’t know how far this is true, but thought our readers should know. If anyone experience similar situation, do share your experience.


However if you get the below page, it means that there was no transfer request made in the last 3 months. You need to follow up with your company to do the needful. If claim that they applied, then ask them what is the application number (Raqam at-talab). If you have the “raqam at-talab” / application number, you can check the status here.  All the best !

Iqama transfer status 5

Alternate you can check the name of your sponsor / kafeel in Jawazat system. For more details see – What is the Name of My Current Sponsor