If You Go home on Exit/Reentry visa and Unable to Return back to Kingdom Even after Grace Period of Extend your exit/reentry. Then General Law is that you banned for three years to enter in Kingdom on new work visa.

But don’t worry you Still Have Option to Come Back On new Work Visa without Waiting Three Years of Ban Period. I Sharing My Personal Experience with you guys. Large number of expats in kingdom don’t Know About this option. For this purpose need following PROCEDURE. And it’s all depend upon your Sponsor (kafeel) (كفيل).

  1. Contact with your Sponsor (kafeel) (كفيل) by any Source. And convince him to provide no objection letter.
  2. No Objection Letter Means your sponsor write on his company letter head that my employer  have no criminal record i don’t have any objection if my employer come back on new work visa.
  3. Letter attested by Ministry of Labor (jawazat)(جوازات) and Chamber of commerce(غرفة التجارية)
  4. Send Letter to you in home country.
  5. You Attach this latter with your new visa file and submitted to Saudi Embassy. If you proceed visa by any Manpower Agency then give him for Submission along with new visa file.
  6. Then Embassy Proceeded Your new Visa and you Have 90% Chances to Able to obtain new work visa. Depend upon your Previous Track record in Ksa. Because Embassy Take Further Verification On their own from concern Authorities.

Except all these my personal opinion for expats is that if you do not Satisfied with your work, Sponsor, kafeel or Company. Then it’s not a good way to go back Home on Exit/Reentry and not return back. A worst situation for you. You are unable to enter ksa for work purpose. And need Complicated Procedure I explain above and also depends upon your Sponsor. Two Best way to handle the situation if you want to change your Sponsor.

  1. Convince your sponsor to take Transfer even if he demand some money. It’s not a big deal. You able to avoid complicated procedure.
  2. then second option is if he not agreed to give you transfer then trying to obtain Final Exit(خروج نهائي).After Final Exit you will Able to come back on new work visa

If you need any further information about this topic. Feel free to Contact me.

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