The Dream I Really Miss! – True Story from Saudi Arabia

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I once had a dream. I was driving a car with some of my family female members whom I don’t know their faces, just a feeling that they were around me. I was driving in an area that was recognizable and very much familiar to me in Dammam. I changed my usual path to another path may be to reach faster, not clear about it.

I was moving in the car till I saw a flat sand area ahead of me in the horizon, as I was trying to drive on it I suddenly had a fearful feeling; the area was not really flat, when I got near, there was a cliff and a deep hole. Had I driven over it I would have fallen into the abyss.

The strange thing, I came into a full halt and I saw a telephone which was placed there. A soon as I picked up the phone I heard the voice of my deceased wife and her specter was very manifest in my mind. On the screen of the phone, the word abyss (in Arabic, Haweyah) was shown. The cliff was very high!

When I heard my wife’s voice I screamed by saying “Are you back?”…..

in a very anxious, loving and self reprimanding voice, hoping very much to see her to compensate her for whatever I fell short to achieve for her while she was alive and after a long time of missing her. I really felt my real love for her, what a loss! But what a gain for her! When I knew how she died while delivering a twin (Inshallah, she is a martyr per our prophet’s hadith).

And she said “Yes! Where are you?” I turned to my family in the car; my most beloved sister nodded her head to tell me go to you lovely wife. I said “I’m coming to you in an hour” then she answered me in a very loving and sweet voice “Don’t rush it! Come after two hours.” My wife continued by saying “Remember to keep your deeds according to HIS Commands” No sooner had she said that then I suddenly woke up on the voice of my other wife waking me up to pray dawn prayer.

Alas, I realized that I was dreaming, I really wanted badly to continue dreaming and see my deceased wife and be with her for ever, but alas she was gone long ago and that was only a dream in which she was reminding me of my shortcomings and sins. Her love was so strong that she never forgot to wake me up when I slip; even when she was away in her grave, she never ceased to remind me of my duties towards my Creator, Allah.

Oh Khalid! Wake up! See where you are heading, don’t miss the companionship of your great wife in Jannah, both of you inshallah. We really need to know that dreams are really blessings from Allah if they remind us of our obligations in this life.

This story was submitted by  Khalid Al Dossary.

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