Extending Exit Re-Entry Visa After Expiry

Here in this Article we present a detailed online method that lets you provide an extension to the family/relatives Exit Re-Entry Visa after the expiration date. There are many adjoining factors in this case so you have to be positive that all the boxes are checked before the process is executed.

The first step here is to clear out if the dependent whose Exit Re-Entry has to be extended is legal to be back in Kingdom. For this you have to consider two points; the Iqama of the dependent has to be valid by checking the expiration date on it and then check the expiry date on the Exit Re-Entry.

According to the Saudi Law any Iqama holder(expatriate) is allowed to visit the Kingdom after the expiry of the Exit Re-Entry within 7 months given the Iqama has to be valid and legal.

Procedure for extending the Exit Re-Entry after expiry:

1. Visit the link https://visa.mofa.gov.sa/visaServices/OtherPersonsServices and click over to the ‘Apply the renewal Visa Online’.

2. Fill the details and attest the print out taken of the details from the Chamber of Commerce.

3. The process will be in place and you will be provided with an application number for reference use.

4. Submit an application to MOI that explains and requests the above demands to be fulfilled. Mention details such as your application number, Name of the dependent, Passport Number. Your name and ID details and relation with the dependent. This application also has to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce.

5. Their site allows you to check the application status online and keep you in track until it’s processed.

6. If you are unable to do so, visit the office in a week’s time to check the progress. After the approval, provide MOFA with a printout and your original Iqama and submit the earlier written application to them for approval causes. Again here you may check the progress on the matter by visiting their site online and using your reference details/application number.

7. The next step is to prepare another letter in the name of Saudi Embassy of the country where your dependent resides. The letter will explain the details and ask them to approve that the dependent has wished to extend the period by staying and allowing him/her to visit the Kingdom. This letter has to have the format and details of how to explain from the agents outside Jawazat offices.

8. This letter has to be signed by your Employer and you for further processing.

9. The next step is to get the letter to the Saudi Embassy stamped by the Chamber of Commerce of the city where you reside.