How to Finding All the Mobile numbers registered on my Name / Iqama

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Update : April 2017 – How to Finding All the Mobile numbers registered on your Name / Iqama /

Now you find all mobiles / sims registered in your name very easily. The CITC (Communication and Information Technology Center) has made it very easy to know all mobiles numbers for any service provider – STC, Mobily, Zain – just by typing the iqama number on their website page which is created for this purpose. Earlier procedure provided only provided SIMS for particular service like only for Mobily /STC / Zain.

SIMs only in your name or iqama/Muqeem

It is very important to have SIM in your name for a number of reasons:

  1. You can only recharge only by putting your iqama / muqeem number
  2. Security reasons – It is possible that there are sims issued in your name which you don’t know, they maybe used by un-social elements for crime or terrorist. In such case, the police will first arrest the person under whose name the sim is issued. So important that you make sure that there are no sims issued under your name about which you do not have any information.
  3. The number of sims person is restricted to 2 per person / iqama / muqeem. So, if there are other sims registered in your name, then you will unable to register new sims in your name.

Step by Step Procedure to check the SIMs registered under your name through CITC website

We provide here the detailed process to check the SIMs / mobile numbers under your name. This is irrespective of the service provider – STC , Mobily or Zain.

  1. First to CITC website –
  2. If the Arabic version of the website is showing, then change it to English by click “English” button on the top left corner.
  3. Then enter your iqama number /muqeem number in ID location
  4. Enter your mobile number and press “Search” button
  5. You will 4 digit verification code your mobile number. Enter this code in the next screen and press “Continue”
  6. You will be shown all the mobile number from STC, Zain & Mobily

If all the register numbers belong to you, then no problem. However, if some of the numbers are unknown, then go service providers office (STC, Zain, Mobily) and cancel the SIM number immediately. There is no method to cancel it online or over the phone till date, it has to be by going office of the service provider office (STC Zain Mobily)



Below is the previous procedure to find the sims under your name. This procedure is still valid, hence we are keeping the below article for those people who do not have internet access.



How to find Mobile numbers under your iqama by using Mobile phone SMS service

With the new regulation from CITC (Communication and Information Technology Center), the Telecom regulatory authority in Saudi Arabia, it compulsory register your mobile numbers on your iqama ID.

However, it possible that there are mobile numbers registered on your name that you are not aware. You can find it by sending a simple free SMS follows:

 If you are STC customer

 Then send SMS  to 902 containing the following text – 9988

 If you are Mobily customer

 Then send a blank SMS message to the number 616166

 If you Zain customer

 Then send a blank SMS message to the number 700123

Source: CITC website

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