How to do fingerprinting for women at Jawazat

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The Passport office has implemented new rules starting 20th March which makes it compulsory for women over the age of 15 years to have their biometrics/ fingerprinting / basmah done.

However, the process has been made easy by implementation in stages.

The government has provided a series of centers for fingerprinting throughout the Kingdom.

The documents required for fingerprinting are as follows :

Do not forget

  • Iqama – Original
  • Passport – Original

You can visit any of the center mention in this list. Some of the locations are having big lines and the tokens are getting over as soon as the office open as reported by one our reader who visited Sahara Mall in Riyadh while another reader who visited Flamingo Mall found it empty and fingerprinting was done immediately.

Some of the centers like Sahara Mall & Flamingo Mall have flexible timings operating from 9 am to 12 pm and then again in the evening 4 pm to 9 pm.

We would like to thank our readers Sheraz Hameed & Abu Maryam for their contribution to this article.