Getting a PCC when you’re not in KSA

Getting the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) when you leave the country is an essential. Especially for those who are visiting the European countries where it is considered to be a must. When you are preparing for your final exit make sure that are keeping this in mind that you process the clearance certificate as soon as you can. Once you’re out of the Kingdom it gets generally difficult for anyone to process that for you.

Steps for getting the Police Clearance Report when you’re not in KSA

  1. The first step is to look for a person who can go through the tedious procedure and understand the rules and regulations of it. The person will be visiting various departments and will be circling around the city to get the certification approved and finalized.
  2. You need to the visit a Police Station of your Native homeland and ask for a fingerprinting card that has to be translated in Arabic and stamped so it can be verified as yours in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Visit the Saudi Embassy in your country for finger printing card attestation.
  4. Get a Police Clearance Certificate from them. Have it translated and then attested.
  5. Request your employer in KSA to issue you a clearance certificate, an NOC or a release letter that would state that you have no obligation to them.
  6. Write in a formal letter to the Embassy of your native country in KSA. Mention that you need a Police Clearance Certificate, attach 2 passport sized photographs, Iqama copy of when you were in KSA and copy of your passport of the entire time you lived in KSA, be sure that you attach the exit re-entry pages and every single page that you have in the passport.
  7. If you are settling in any other country then you will be given a letter which would state that a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is required. Attach a copy of this letter to the other documents.
  8. Your friend or any person that you have assigned the task with can then visit the Police Station and get the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). This document doesn’t require attestation from MOFA.