How to Check for Saher Camera traffic violations on your name

With stories of people being charged between SR 1000 to 2000 Saudi Riyals for delays in fine payment, it is good idea to check for traffic violation on regular basis.

The traffic violation is linked to your Saudi ID (Iqama) and the vehicles registered on that ID.

Follow are the ways to check for traffic violation on your name:

1.  By checking on the Ministry of Interior website and entering your Saudi ID / Iqama.

2. By calling 011-292 8888,

then press 2 for English

then  press 1 for Traffic violation

then enter your Saudi ID/iqama no.

3. By sending SMS in following format –


for example if your iqama number is 2223331234, then send

56*2223331234  to

STC: 888995

Mobily: 625555

Zain : 709445

This service cost SR 1.5 for each sms inquiry.

You can also download software provided by Ishaar to your mobile to regularly check your fines here.

4. By ATM. If you have bank ATM card, just to ATM machine and after logging in into your account, go to services then traffic violations and enter iqama number.

5. Online bank account – Just log in to your online bank account and go to Services/Payment – Traffic violations and enter your iqama number.


It is also important to register your ID and mobile number with Ministry of  Interior to update of any fines incurred directly on your mobile through sms. For details on how to register check here.