The e billing process through the Saudi Electricity Company is a reliable online method to view your electricity bills.If you are not registered on the website, you should do so according to the new protocol.You can even pay your bill online through the website.Here are a few steps involved in viewing your monthly electricity bill depending on the generation of the bill.It might be monthly or once in three months.

Step – 1

Open your browser and go to the website

Step  2

Once you have opened the website you will see personal account tab.


Step 3

Go to customer services which you can see when you scroll down on the home page.You will see a little blue tab saying view bills.Click on view bills to see the tab of member login.If you are already registered you can directly log in.Otherwise you need to register using your account number on the bill.





Step 4

if you are already registered on the website you can directly click on the member login tab to further proceed to view your current bill.


Step 5

As you can observe below, you have to enter your email ID and your password which you have set yourself when you previously registered.Please note this password is not your email password.After you log in you can proceed to the next step.


Step 6

As you can observe this page gives you the details about your account number,your account description which is entered by you, for example I  have entered the word house,but it is your choice.Also it shows when you registered your account.


step 7

Further you can see all information related to your bill such as your billing data,24 month analysis of your bill,average consumption of the year,analysis by segment consumption and amounts according to seasons.


Step 8

when you click on the billing data,you can the account number,common name,services office which is related to the locality and area that you live in,the date and the amount of your bill along with the deadline in which the payment has to be made.


Step 9

This is the latest format on how to read your electricity bill once it is displayed on the screen.


1.This is the account number for all bills issued by the company to each customer

2.Due amount due to the usage of electric energy consumption.

Payment deadline is the date specified by the company within which you have to pay the bill.

Electricity disconnection date is the date on which electricity istemporarily disconnected due to failure of payment.

3.Disconnection notification service notifies you of the disconnection due to failure of payment.

4.The tabs in number 4 state the breaker capacity,coefficient,consumption quality,total consumption ,consumption amount,meter service,current cycle dues,and previous balance.

5.These are awareness messages directed to the customers.

6.This is the time period during which actual consumption happened.

7.This is the audio inquiry number in both Arabic and English.

8. and 9. are consumption rate and additional bill details respectively