Jawazat & Government working timings in Ramadan

With the arrival of Ramadan, the government office timing including Jawazat timings change. This is understandable as the whole system of life changes. Most of the people are fasting in the day and stay awake all or most of the night. To easy the process, the government has given relief regarding the working hour for Muslims as per labor law which some organizations apply to all their employees (Muslim & non-Muslims). See Ramadan Working Hours as per Saudi Labor Law

Due to this law, the Jawazat and other government office timings change during Ramadan.

The Jawazat office timings and other government office timings during Ramadan are from 10:00 am in the morning to 15:00 that is 3:00 pm afternoon. It is straight shift and there is only break for Dhur salah.

As many people stay awake all or most of part of the night, it is sometimes possible that sometimes that some staff is late. Due to this and lack of sleep, you may feel work pace is slow.