What is My Sponsor Name & ID ? Check Online !

Tanazul Status QSaudi infograhic

You have given your iqama for transfer (tanazul) to new company and waiting for the company Mandoob/agent to get the work done. After a few days he says the transfer is done in Matab al Amal (Ministry of Labor) and only thing that is pending is printing of iqama. How do you verify his story ?

You can now check online if your iqama transfer ( tanazul )  is done or not by checking the name of sponsor.

You can check the name of your sponsor and even his ID in three simple steps:

1. Login into your Abshir account. If you do not have one, you can easily create one by going to MOI page. For more details see – How to Register for Abshir

2. Go to eDashboard

3. Then click “Details”. You will see the name of your sponsor / kafeel as mentioned in the Jawazat system.

Click eDashBoard

Click eDashBoard

Sponsor Name - Abshir eDashBoard - qSaudi

Click “Details”

Abhsir - Sponsor Name and ID

See Sponsor Name and ID