New Look to Ministry Of Interior ( MOI ) Website, Saudi Arabia

New website is still a beta version but it’s really awesome. There are same features but in more simplified manners. I find this new look even more user friendly. One new feature which can easily be identified that new website have your own picture with your user name.Icons used to show certain departments are also very good. You can see logo of ABSHER on left side of your screen. There is one other very interesting feature in new website that if you just place your cursor on top right corner where date is mentioned that will pop down to show you both Hijri date and Gregorian date. That is cool. Now you can edit your profile and change your password easily as both icons are right in front of you with your dashboard and profile picture.


You can see eight tabs with Home tab.Going on each tab you can see pop down window where you can find all contents in that tab. I think this new look to the MOI website will be liked by every user, but if you still finds any difficulty than there is option over your user name to go back to the older version.