Ministry of Hajj announces that the maximum the pilgrims can be charged is SR 11,890/-

Saudi Arabia: The Hajj Ministry has made it clear that the cost of Hajj this year for the pilgrims will be set in between SR 3,000/- till SR 11,890/-

The annual Hajj is divided into categories based on the number of pilgrims and the package they choose for the Hajj services. Each category is different from the other and varies between the cost, transport charges and accommodation of the pilgrims.

The e-services that the Ministry of Hajj has chosen to launch this year is expected to provide the pilgrims a chance to choose between all the services and selecting the option that serves them right. The e-services will fully support the legal and permitted ways that the Saudi Government has issued. All of the contributions will be monitored by the Ministry of Hajj itself to avoid any mishap or disorientation during Hajj. The facilitators will too be authorized and legal this year and thus the electronic system will keep all the issues in an orderly way.