News – Saudi Female Lawyer Wins Custody Battle

JEDDAH: A Saudi female lawyer was able to turn the tables over a custody case by proving that the father of the girl had lied to the court authorities over a custody case that he was fighting against his ex-wife.

Bayan Zahran, the female lawyer took the case when the mother came to her and explained her details of the court incident that had happened earlier. She told her that the man had lied and deceived to the mother of the girl saying that the trails ended and the case under consideration was dropped. He further said that the woman has no need to attend the sessions and that he will take her back.

The local media reported that the mother came to the lawyer asking for a solution and help in the case. She was startled to receive the ruling from the court based on her behavior of not being present during the trail/sessions was in favor of the father and that he had won the custody rights of the child.

Bayan Zahra asked the court to reverse the ruling that was in the father’s favor and proved that it was based on a false situation that was created by the father of the girl. She won the case after several court sessions by focusing on the rights of the mother and that the child needed absolute care and attention that only her mother will be able to provide.