Getting the Family Visa for the first time


When we first visit the Kingdom we are bashed with new rules and regulations that are almost same as any other country except for the fact that people here tend to know little guidelines and procedures that might otherwise help them in many situations.

Knowing what you have to do, when you’re first set with calling your family to the Kingdom too has several procedures. We’ve discussed some of the basic to-do-things that will help you on your way. Keep in mind that your sponsor/company has to arrange all this for you; you may not be able to do this on your own without their help.

  1. Medical Test for the new arrivals – Your family probably has went through this step in the native country, but here again to ensure all the information and to keep the records with MOI updated, you will be asked to take your family for a medical exam. You may want to visit the clinics/hospitals of the region where your Kafeel belongs to. The examination reports can be issued within two working days and the records are updated and sent to the Ministry of Interior for further proceedings. You will be visiting the authorized and approved medical centers that provide the facility. For which case, have a look at the List of Approved Medical centers in KSA. If you have children then they will only go through a pediatric checkup at the hospital.


  1. If your visa profession is labeled as an Engineer then you will be registered with the Saudi Council of Engineers, on the contrary if your visa profession is labeled as a Medical expert then you will be registered with the Saudi Medical Council.


  1. The third step is the submission of the documents which include;
  • Your passport (Original and Copy)
  • 2 passport sized photographs of your Employer (for applying Health Insurance)
  • 2-4 passport sized photographs of you


  1. Iqama application requirements after the third step are:
  • Iqama form and other company documents
  • Medical exam report that will be sent to the MOI online
  • Medical Insurance (handled by your sponsor)
  • Biometrics/fingerprinting which is done at the time of arrival by the immigration authorities
  • First year fee is SR 500/- and for two years is SR 1000/- (handled by the sponsor)
  • HRD fee SR 150/- (handled by the sponsor)