How to refund Saudia Airlines Ticket at Saudia Office

I had cancelled and refunded 3 Saudia Airlines tickets in different sessions at Saudia Airlines Head Office, Riyadh  and I wanted to share my experiences so that others may benefit. I went for cancellation once in May end and another time in June starting (year 2014)

Location : Olaya Street – GPS coordinates : 24.755037, 46.653541



Time taken for cancellation each time : 3-4 hours (Don’t forget to take refreshments & book for time pass – I am not joking !)



Once you reach Saudia Airlines Head office on Olaya street, the parking may be problem. You may find it easy to park on the opposite road.

The building has many entrances. For refunds, you have to enter from the enterance on the Olaya street and not from other side. Then you have to go upstairs to first floor and then go to glass partition on the right hand side. There will be a guy sitting on the reception with a PC. You have to give him your ticket. He will check if the ticket is refundable or not. If it refundable, then he will give you a token number.

If you have made payment via credit card, then you have sit and wait in the same room as the reception for your number. For me, it took 2-3 hours for my turn to come. And there were only 10-12 people ahead of me !!!

For those have made payment by cash or SADAD, then you have to go to another room behind the receptionist and wait there. Once your turn comes, the Saudia guy fills a form and gives you a copy and asks you to come after 30-40 days. You have to go to the same place after 40 days and give the copy of the form to receptionist and then after half an hour to hour your name will be called and you will be given your check.

Best of Luck

Abu Maryam


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